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Monday, October 24, 2016

Natural Sinus Relief with Neti Pot

Neti Pot is a method of natural sinus relief and health that has been relied upon for centuries in other parts of the world. It's use in the US is increasing as more people find increased sinus health and infection prevention with regular nasal irrigation. I am convinced that my own Neti Pot use has prevented many sinus infections and headaches. In this quick review, I will outline how I use Neti Pot as an almost daily part of my health and hygiene routine. 

As the seasons change, my co-workers have taken turns fighting sinus infections and illnesses that involve pain, phlegm, and missing days of work.  I have not yet caught this round of sinus germs and I attribute that to the Neti Pot. I recommended nasal irrigation to a friend at work, and had a hard time explaining it to her. As I was searching for a "how to Neti Pot" video for her, I decided to share the information here.  I would like for everyone possible to find sinus and allergy relief. I also should add that at times using the Neti Pot has alleviated some of my migraine pain.

Sinus Irrigation as Illness Prevention

In the spring, our own Bev Owens reviewed NeilMed Sinus Rinse. She shared how adding this sinus irrigation to her daily hygiene routine has alleviated her sinus headaches. Please take a peek at her review to learn how helpful nasal irrigation has been for her.

Personally, I use a ceramic Neti Pot, warm water, and a bit of salt. Initially, I tried to learn how to Neti Pot when I was already ill.  For a week or so, no water passed through my nasal passages - that is how swollen and congested my sinuses were at the time. Thankfully, I did not give up.  

Every morning I lean over the bathroom sink and use Neti Pot.  Since I've begun this routine on a regular basis, I've only had a sinus infection/bronchitis type illness that required a doctors visit and prescription medication 2-3 times over the last decade. Historically, I'd visit the doctor for such illnesses 4 - 6 times each year!

It is very important that the water is a good temperature.  I check my water temperature on my wrist, as I did with baby's bottles. Too cold is painful.  Hot water could be damaging.  Baby bottle temperature is soothing to me. Learning to relax enough to allow the water to pass through is not an easy thing for some people. But I encourage you to try and to practice before giving up. I believe it is well worth the practice.

I prefer the ceramic Neti Pot because: 

  • it holds the warmth longer than plastic
  • it seems to be easier to clean than plastic
  • the Neti Pot (versus a nasal spray bottle) holds more water and more fully flushes my sinuses
  • the model of Neti Pot I use, has a partial top covering, which prevents me from spilling water on my face
ceramic Neti Pot

Others Who Recommend Neti Pot and Nasal Irrigation

I am not a doctor. Nor can I give trained medical advice. I highly recommend that you choose Neti Pot and nasal irrigation after consulting with your doctor. I am only sharing what has worked very well for me and has nearly eliminated my use of allergy medications and visits to the doctor for sinus/congestion types of illnesses.  

The writers on WebMD shares a brief history of nasal irrigation, comments that research proves that it works, why it works, and how to use a Neti Pot.  This is a fairly complete and concise overview for beginners.

Many hundreds of Neti Pot purchasers give 4.5 - 5 star ratings on Amazon Neti Pots. See their recommendations on the various styles

I know someone who frequently tells me that because I Neti Pot, I'm going to die from the water-born, brain-eating amoeba.  My first thought is that swimming in fresh water during the summer months is far more dangerous than using my Neti Pot. But, out of an over abundance of caution, I am including this informative video from The Doctors.  I have also begun to refrain from using tap water in my daily routine. The Doctors speak of the amoeba concern as well as demonstrate how a Neti Pot is used.

For more helpful product reviews browse articles on

opening photo design courtesy of FotoJet and Pixabay

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Antiperspirant Deodorant Review

Arm & Hammer
Why would I consider writing a review of a little thing like an antiperspirant? Because I found one that works great and I hadn't realized just how great until today.  Arm & Hammer Ultra Max solid antiperspirant deodorant does everything I want it to. And doesn't cause the problems I don't want happening under my arms.

Sweat in General

I am not a sweat expert. But after doing some research in an attempt to determine why Arm & Hammer Ultra Max works so well for me, I have found the following information:

  • sweat alone does not smell bad - it is the bacteria that joins it
  • deodorant and antiperspirant are two different things. deodorant is meant to mask or neutralize the odor and antiperspirant is meant to stop the sweat
  • menopause and pre-menopause can cause hot flashes and sweating
  • health issues such as smoking and being overweight are found to increases the severity of heat flashes (and sweating)

My Sweat Experience

I've always been the type that sweats a lot.  I like to sweat when I'm working out or doing physical labor. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. And so refreshing to take a shower afterwards.  But the older I get, the more I sweat.  Even when I'm doing very little.  I imagine that is about my increasing age and weight.

I respond with keeping an antiperspirant or deodorant with me at home and at work.  I typically bought what was on sale. My only thought was to try to avoid many of the over-powering scents. Recently, I noted that I had - for the first time in my life - developed arm pit stains on my clothes! I was mortified and sad. I assumed it was just about my age. I accepted it as the new normal for me. 

The big news is that after switching to Arm & Hammer Ultra Max, the sweat stains are gone! The shirts that I had put aside, expecting to have to treat them again, were not stained. In addition to already having noticed that it seemed to work better at helping me feel drier and fresher, I have less work to do with my laundry.

Antiperspirants and Aluminum

Apparently, antiperspirants are considered to be more along the lines of a "drug" in that they change what your body does. Deodorants are considered to be along the lines of a cosmetic in that they just mask or neutralize the smell. With antiperspirants, aluminum is the active ingredient that helps stop the pores from sweating.  

Active ingredient - Aluminum 

In relation to stains, it is thought that the sweat mixed with aluminum is what causes the stains.  I am not sure if I fully believe that since I am familiar with folks whose sweat stains bed sheets. And I'm quite sure they aren't using antiperspirant on their entire body. But I am aware that whatever brand I grabbed from the shelf last time is what caused noticeable stains.

While Arm & Hammer Ultra Max contains aluminum I have no stains since starting to use this product. I guess I should according to reports on the internet. But I do not.  And all other factors are likely the same: same shirts, the heat of the summer continues, same diet, and etc. In fact, it has been very hot over this past week or two. All that has changed is the antiperspirant brand I am using.

What a great feeling to not have to spend extra time on my laundry today because I've found something that works well for me. That excitement is what caused me to consider sharing my good armpit news with you.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay - Creative Commons

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reviewing Neilmed Sinus Rinse

Nasal Hygiene

Do you suffer from nasal allergies like I do? You might find that using a nasal irrigation product like Neilmed Sinus Rinse a great help in relieving your symptoms. I know that since I started using this product I am experiencing far less problems with my sinuses. 

For most of my life, I have suffered from sinus problems. Headaches from sinus pressure would sometimes be almost debilitating for me. During the spring and fall I experience allergies from pollen and molds that result in watery eyes, sneezing and a almost constant runny nose. It isn't pleasant, as you know if you suffer from allergies, too. Life can be rather miserable when those symptoms take over your life for weeks on end.

Personally, I don't like to take medications of any kind. The allergy relief medications make me drowsy and the time released non-drowsy products make me hyperactive and jittery. When I discovered this natural way to irrigate my nasal passages, I could hardly wait to give it a try. It has become a part of my daily hygiene routine: nasal rinse, brush teeth, and shower.

I have not experienced a sinus headache since I began to use the Neilmed saline rinse and while most people are complaining about their spring allergies; I am symptom free. I believe it is due to using this saline rinse every day. It keeps the irritants out of my sinus passages. It keeps the interior of my nose moisturized and I am breathing so much better without any blockage.

This sinus rinse has worked well for me. As with anything that pertains to your health, you should consult with your physician before using this product. It is a natural saline solution and should be just fine to use but your doctor will know best as to whether it will be beneficial to you and not react to any condition you might have or medications that you might take. 

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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