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The Chocolate Days of July in Review

Image of chocolate candy
Source: Pixabay

The month of July is a chocolate lovers paradise. There are two official chocolate-related days to celebrate.

July 7th is the official Chocolate Day. No one knows the origin of this day, but we wouldn't be surprised if it was created by chocolate confectioners! 

It's a day to enjoy your favorite chocolate all day long.

  • Breakfast could be chocolate cereal or chocolate cream-filled donuts washed down with a little hot chocolate. If you would rather be a bit healthier, but still have your chocolate, check out Buckhawk's Chocolate Smoothies
  • Enjoy a mid-morning snack of a chocolate candy bar.
  • How about a glass of chocolate milk with your lunch.
  • Then you could eat healthy (?) and have chocolate covered raisins for your afternoon snack. This contains both vegetable and fruit. Chocolate is a vegetable. It comes from the Cacao tree found in tropical rain forests. True fact! 

Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate Covered Fruit (Source: Pixabay)

For more fruit and chocolate recipes, check out these delicious looking chocolate covered treats by Sylvestermouse, found on her Cooking for the Holidays Site:

  • Dinner would be delicious with chocolate flavored coffee.  Dessert could be your choice of chocolate cake or pie, or chocolate ice cream if you prefer.
Brenda Little (Treasures By Brenda) brings us a special chocolate cake recipe which includes MY favorite chocolate dessert - chocolate pudding.  Check out her Chocolate Pudding Cake recipe for a mouth-watering dessert.

More Chocolate Days

If you missed Chocolate Day on July 7th, never fear.  Another chocolate holiday happens on July 28 - National Milk Chocolate Day. This is not an official holiday, but it is a favorite chocolate of millions of people and is enjoyed in candies and in baking.

Many more chocolate holidays occur throughout the year, including the whole month of February, which is known as National Chocolate Lovers Month.  For a list of more chocolatey holidays, check out the chocolate section on the blog article by Wednesday Elf about National Candy Month.

                                        Happy Chocolate Days!

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  1. Oh, Elf! You know how much I love chocolate. Must you tempt me so? lol All of the recipes look and sound delicious. Actually, I have already made most of them and I know for a fact they are fabulously delicious. Thank you for including my chocolate covered fruits.

  2. Be still my heart. Where to start, where to start? Chocolate most definitely is my favorite food group. I'm so happy that it's a health food! (Don't question me on that.) All of these recipes, and holidays, sound delicious! Thanks so much for including my no-bake cookies!

  3. You hit a home run with this Pat, nothing more satisfying than chocolate. I can't even eat ice cream any more without having chocolate on it. Thanks for all of the great ideas and recipes for chocolate!!

  4. I do love chocolate. Your post has almost inspired me to make some chocolate delicacy. I think I'm about to finish up all the chocolate I've got in the house. I just may try Susan's cookies, since it's in the triple digits and too hot to bake.

  5. I do love chocolate. Your post has almost inspired me to make some chocolate delicacy. I think I'm about to finish up all the chocolate I've got in the house. I just may try Susan's cookies, since it's in the triple digits and too hot to bake.

  6. You think like I do... I can call it healthy eating when it is chocolate covered raisins! Any excuse to eat more chocolate.

  7. So there you have it, NOW I want chocolate, seriously I do - I have Chocolate Frozen Yogurt and I'm about to hit the fridge!

  8. Personally I think every day should be Chocolate Day!

  9. Chocolate is my favorite indulgence!

  10. Obviously, there isn't ANYONE who DOESN'T like chocolate! Thanks, everyone, for your chocolaty comments! :)

  11. It’s so interesting that July is the month with so many chocolate holidays, given chocolate’s propensity to melt in the heat! I adore chocolate and love being able to enjoy healthy, high quality, no-sugar chocolate like The Good Chocolate (which I reviewed here). Dark chocolate’s health benefits are a bonus! Thanks so much for this fun recap of July’s chocolate holidays.

  12. One of my favorite things in the whole world. CHOCOLATE! Now I must admit, I do like the milk chocolate better than the dark chocolate, but if push came to shove and I was only allowed one kind of chocolate, I'm sure I could make the sacrifice. Wonderful Chocolate days in July!


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