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Reviewing Reusable Foldable Shopping Bags

Reusable, foldable shopping bags
Foldable Shopping Tote
Have you seen the range of reusable foldable shopping bags that you can get?   I used to have a cute black nylon fold up shopping bag that I absolutely loved, it lived in my handbag ready to be used if I saw something I just had to buy.

Unfortunately my little bag got lost when I was on holiday which means I'm looking for a new one.

I am amazed at the range that are available in an array of different colors as well as a few different styles - my mother even has one of the cute reusable shopping bags that are shaped as a strawberry!

I'm looking to replace my original which was a foldable nylon shopping bag - the nylon bag was very sturdy and perfect for impulsive purchases.   The bag not only folded up, but it also had a zip which meant that it looked like a zipped up wallet in your bag when not being used.

Why Do You Need Reusable Foldable Shopping Bags?

I'll answer that question with another question - do you know why there's more jellyfish around these days?   I see so many of them floating around in the sea near me and I hear about more people being stung by them around the world.   Jellyfish have very few predators and it's main one is the sea turtle who's numbers are in decline around the world and one of the reasons for this is plastic bags.

As a community we humans send so much plastic into our waterways as rubbish that we should hardly be surprised that it is messing up our marine life.   Plastic bags in particular can look very much like jellyfish to a poor unsuspecting turtle - but I won't go on as we're supposed to be talking about shopping bags!

Now nylon isn't the most environmentally friendly material to make a bag out off, but having one of these bags and reusing it time and time again over a period of years is definitely better than using several different plastic bags every week and then throwing them away.

Foldable Nylon Shopping Bags - Part of My 2 Pronged Attack on the Plastic Bag Army!

These bags are part of a two pronged attack on the use of plastic bags in my household.   Now I'm not perfect I do use plastic bags sometimes, but I also take steps to reduce how often I use them.   Step one is my little foldable shopping bag for impulsive buys.   Step two is reusable canvas bags - I keep a few in the boot of my car as well as the boot of my husband's car for when we do the grocery shopping.

This is the closest foldable shopping bag that I can find to my original, it's made from a nylon polyester which I'm sure will mean it'll last the years that my first foldable shopping bag did.   A tote style of bag it comes in a pack of two - blue and gray.   This means that I'll have a back up which is always a great idea.

Reusable Grocery Shopping Tote
Reusable Grocery Shopping Tote from Amazon

The other thing I love about these foldable shopping totes is that they can also be zipped up - again like my original bag.

So let me ask you a question - what are you doing to stem the tide of plastic bags marching towards our waterways?   Make a small step in the right direction by getting yourself a foldable shopping bag to pop into your purse when you go out.

Foldable, reusable nylon shopping totes for your shopping needs.

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  1. I always have at least one in my bag at all time, for the same reason you stated. You go shopping without intent to buy anything and see it! You have to have it. So that little fold up bag is just there for that emergency....It is an emergency. You can't pass up what you found and now you don't have to. Thanks LouAnne!

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one to have these emergencies!

  2. This is something I need to start doing myself! I use the tote bags for a world of things, just haven't started using them at the grocery store yet. What a wonderful environmentally friendly habit!!! Our daughter uses a tote bag a the grocery store, but I have simply been lazy about that. Of course, in my case, I would need a lot of tote bags! Still, I do need to start carrying reusable tote bags. Excellent review, a fabulous suggestion and a very responsible habit.

    1. I do have a lot of canvas tote bags in the boot of our cars for grocery shopping - one would definitely not be enough for our groceries either!

  3. I love bags. Not purses. I really dislike purses. But I love bags... grocery bags, beach bags, tote bags. Love them. And I like this foldable bag...I'd never again forget to take my bags to the grocery.

    1. I like both bags and purses I must admit :)

  4. Great review, something so simple and helpful. We have re-usable grocery bags, but sometimes forget to take them with us to the store. I really need to keep them in the car!! Thanks for the facts about sea turtles that is something I never knew.

    1. I do love sea turtles and it was after watching a documentary about their decline that galvanized me into becoming more accountable in reducing the use of plastic bags in our household.

  5. I think it's about time I get one of these. Having it in my purse would mean I'd be covered when I forget to bring my cloth bags in from the car.

    1. Yes, it's a lot easier to have something in your purse that's why these foldable grocery bags are ideal for me :)

  6. I think it's about time I get one of these. Having it in my purse would mean I'd be covered when I forget to bring my cloth bags in from the car.

  7. I've known for some time why plastic bags were not environmentally friendly, but didn't know that sea turtles think they are (jellyfish) food! Certainly makes sense when you think about it. I live near the Atlantic Ocean and DO know about the larger number of jellyfish (and their stings!) around these days!

    I use canvas totes for the grocery store, but definitely need a 'shopping tote' for my purse! My son frequently does his grocery shopping at a place where you 'bag' your own groceries and he brings several canvas grocery bags with him each trip for this purpose. What if ALL grocery stores did away with plastic bags and everyone used fabric, reusable tote bags for every shopping trip? An interesting idea you have given me. :)


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