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3 Ways to Light Up Your Yard Without Using Electricity

By now we're all pretty familiar with solar string lights for the backyard, however there are additional creative ways you can incorporate solar lighting.

Here are three creative ideas to help you light up your yard at night by using the power of the sun during the day:

Table Umbrella with Solar Lights Via Amazon

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1. A Table Umbrella with Solar Lights 

In the evening, your backyard celebration will surely include people sitting around a patio table either chatting, eating, playing games or just relaxing. 

Most of the time we light a table using candles (sometimes bug candles). You can still light up that bug candle to keep those bugs away, however, a solar patio umbrella is a better way to naturally light up the entire table. Although lights attract bugs, we've battled that very effectively by putting a huge mosquito net over our patio umbrella. We've used this net when we have a sit-down dinner outside in our backyard as well. 

The top of a solar umbrella has a rechargeable solar panel that charges all day. At night, your umbrella will light up via an on/off switch. On average you'll find most solar umbrellas have approximately 24 to 40 lights. Of course that will vary depending up the size and manufacturer.

If you haven't heard of Luci Inflatable Solar Lights, you're going to love their many multiple uses and applications.

These compact solar lights that deflate to approximately 1" in size make them ideal for not only backyard gatherings, but also to take camping, hiking, as emergency lighting, pool lights, indoor mood or night lighting, and much more.

In terms of backyard gatherings, these waterproof inflatable solar lights are a great way to provide lighting in a pool at night. Just toss a bunch of them in the water and your pool will have multi colored night time funky lighting!

The goodness doesn't end there: The lights are made by USA based MPOWERD, a socially-conscious company who aims to provide lighting to poorer countries around the world where access to electricity is non-existent or limited. One example of their mission is the difference they've made providing portable inflatable solar lights to the victims of the Nepal earthquake in 2015.

If you're looking for a funky way to light up your backyard patio table and are especially eager to add colorful interest, then you're going to love these little gems!

They're appeal are the colors they emit at night and of course, the lovely mosaic glass also looks decorative during the day.

You can set this crystal glass mosaic solar light to single color mode or set it to cycle through all colors. You can also set it to emit a clear light through the funky colored mosaic tiles to give off a lovely constant pattern as you see in the photo displayed here.

Again, like all things solar, they charge during the day in the sun, and have an on/off switch for you to use it or not use it at night.

There you have it, three ways to light up your yard at night without flipping that electricity switch.

Happy Summer Savings :)

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  1. What an interesting idea for outdoor lighting without having to plug into electricity. The patio umbrella and the solar table lights are attractive, as well as useful. Very enLIGHTening review! :)

  2. Pat, lol on the play on words :) - yeah, those Luci inflatables can be used anywhere for just about anything too

  3. I like all three of your product features, Barbara, especially the solar patio umbrella. What I really love is the idea of using a large mosquito netting over the whole area so you can dine outside. It's the bugs that drive us nuts and I never would have thought about a mosquito net. Brilliant! (Another play on words. Did you catch that? LOL )

    1. Susan, lol - we've used a large net and it works great for keeping out the bugs

  4. Barbara, I love them all! Since we often sit at our outside table in the evening, I would love to have the umbrella with solar lights. I often laugh and remark about us sitting in the dark, but we don't want the big flood lights turned on while we are outside. That solar light umbrella sure would be the perfect solution. However, since we recently purchased a new umbrella, I guess I will need to wait until it needs to be replaced. I am so glad you offered alternatives. The mosaic glass solar table light sure is pretty! We also need a mosquito net. It seems like the perfect solution to the annoying bug problem for those of us who are night owls and like to sit outside.

    1. The mosquito net is absolutely worth every penny, that way you can enjoy your backyard in the evenings

  5. Barbara, what an absolutely illuminating idea. Love all of your suggestions and I also love the "glow" that comes from solar lights instead of the harsh lighting that is hard wired. Great ideas, thanks.

    1. Grammie, lol on the play on words all over the comments :) - couldn't agree more about harsh lighting, in fact, the light in my dark room at the moment is very dim

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I can see how these lights would make any outdoor entertaining more festive.

    1. Barbara, for sure, and the small table ones can be used anywhere all year long, so long as there's sun for charging

  8. All three are amazing ideas, I especially like the umbrella. I have heard of the Luci lights but have never tried them. Thanks Barbara for the net ideas :)

  9. I really love the mosaic solar table light, it would be perfect on my small table on the balcony.

  10. Love that mosaic solar light. It's chilly here when we sit outside but we love to do it. The light would be nice.


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