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Why I Loved The Movie, An Unfinished Life - A Five Star Review

Why I Loved The Movie, An Unfinished Life - A Five Star Review

"An Unfinished Life" follows the story of Einar Gilkyson, a Wyoming rancher portrayed by Robert Redford, whose life is shadowed by grief and guilt following the death of his son.

Estranged from his daughter-in-law, Jean (played by Jennifer Lopez), and his granddaughter, Griff (Becca Gardner), Einar lives a solitary existence until Jean unexpectedly arrives seeking refuge. 

As Jean and Griff settle into Einar's home, old wounds resurface, forcing all three to confront their painful pasts and find a way to heal their fractured family bonds. 

Set against the majestic backdrop of rural Wyoming, the film unfolds as a poignant narrative that can resonate deeply.

Setting the Scene of An Unfinished Life: Wyoming's Landscape

The rugged beauty of Wyoming serves not only as a picturesque setting but also as a metaphor for the characters' emotional landscapes. Hallström's direction captures the vast expanse and raw beauty of the countryside, enhancing the film's exploration of inner turmoil and external resilience.

Characters and Relationships

At the heart of "An Unfinished Life" are its compelling characters: Einar (played by Robert Redford), a stoic rancher haunted by past tragedies; Jean (Jennifer Lopez), his estranged daughter-in-law seeking refuge; Griff (Becca Gardner), Jean's daughter caught in the aftermath; and Mitch (Morgan Freeman), Einar's loyal friend and moral compass. 

Their intertwined lives unfold with layers of unresolved conflicts and deeply rooted emotions. These complex feelings resonate with all of us in one way or another.

Themes Explored

The film navigates through themes of forgiveness and redemption with grace and nuance. Einar's journey towards reconciliation with Jean and Griff serves as a focal point, highlighting the transformative power of forgiveness in healing old wounds. 

The narrative also delves into the complexities of family bonds, portraying love, loss, and resilience amidst adversity.

Gorgeous Cinematography

Lasse Hallström's directorial prowess shines through in his portrayal of emotional depth and character development. The use of sweeping cinematography not only captures the grandeur of Wyoming's landscapes but also underscores the characters' internal struggles and personal growth. Each frame seems crafted to evoke empathy and contemplation— for me, especially contemplation.

Impact and Reflection

"An Unfinished Life" leaves a lasting impact on viewers, prompting introspection on themes of forgiveness and the unfinished aspects of life. It encourages audiences to reflect on their own experiences of healing and renewal, resonating long after the credits roll. The film's narrative poignantly reminds us that life's unfinished moments offer opportunities for growth, redemption, and the forging of deeper connections.

Why I Loved This Movie

In conclusion, "An Unfinished Life" transcends the boundaries of a conventional drama, offering a profound meditation on the human spirit's capacity for forgiveness and starting over.

Through its richly drawn characters and evocative storytelling, the film reminds us that while life may present us with unfinished chapters, it also allows us to rewrite our stories with courage and compassion.

A healing movie, for a time that needs much healing (in my opinion).


An "Unfinished Life" is Available on Amazon Prime

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  1. This movie does indeed sound very watchable. Robert Redford just happens to be one of my very favorite actors. And I can just imagine the beauty displayed in the background of the Wyoming landscape. Thanks for your recommendation, Barbara.

  2. This one seems like a must-watch with an all-star cast. I love to see Robert Redford in anything. Thanks for the review and recommendation.

  3. I love both Robert Redford’s skillful acting and Lasse Hallström’s directorial prowess, so I’m sure I would love this film. Thank you so much for your excellent recommendation and review.

  4. This movie certainly has an all-star cast and a gorgeous setting! The emotional impact may have been a surprise for me if I had not read your review. Sure glad for the heads up. I will know to choose my time wisely before I turn on what is sure to be a movie I will love.

  5. You just know I need to see this movie! I'm always looking for something that has a real good story line and this one sounds great! Thanks for the review Barbara!


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