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Pouring Chute Accessory for Stand Mixer Mixing Bowl Reviewed

pouring chute
I love my Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer!  It was a gift many years ago from my daughter and her husband.  Prior to that time, I had never owned a stand mixer and I was most grateful to receive the gift.  It is a real workhorse.  I've only had one issue with it and I suspect it is a common issue for any stand mixer.  It is hard to slowly add flour, eggs, milk, etc to batter when the mixer is mixing.  

Because the "planetary mixing action rotates the beaters" around the stainless steel bowl instead of only mixing in the center of the bowl, I found myself waiting for the beater to get to the back of the bowl before I added ingredients while mixing.  It was perfect when my timing was right, but would splatter me if I missed that optimum moment.  

I went in search of a solution and found a universal chute accessory that fits my standard size 3.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl.  It works like magic!  I can easily add ingredients at any time during the mixer rotation without having flour, eggs, or milk tossed back at me.

Sometimes, the simplest things are just so cool and exactly what is needed!

Stand Mixer Mixing Bowl Chute

The chute that I found years ago was made of a hard plastic and works great, but I am always afraid it will break at the cut-out slot where it fits onto the bowl.  That is the only reason I have not recommended it in the past.  However, I recently discovered a stainless steel mixing bowl chute and was thrilled to get this inexpensive upgrade.  Plus, I love the baking quote options engraved on the side.

I opted for the engraved quote: Baking is a work of Love.  The word love is not there.  It is replaced with two hearts as you can see in the photo.  That slogan expresses what I have always believed.  Baking and cooking for my family is definitely a work of love.  I've even commented many times that my grandmother's or my mother's special ingredient in a recipe was love.  Without the love, the food just doesn't taste as good.

I have noted that many of the newer stand mixer models include a pouring chute, but those don't have the sentimental slogan.  Therefore, I think a new pouring chute would make a lovely gift for the baker in your life too.


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  1. I once had a stand mixer and remember how hard it was to add ingredients. This pouring chute accessory looks to be the perfect solution. And how nice that it comes with a choice of a sweet saying engraved on it.

    1. I really like the stainless steel version with the engraved saying, Elf! I don't hesitate to put it in the dishwasher like I did my original plastic chute, which I was afraid would get brittle and break.

  2. I have the same problem with our KitchenAid Stand mixer. I often turn it off to add ingredients so I don't make a mess. This bowl chute seems to be the answer. Thanks for the recommendation and review.

    1. Me too, Sam! I've often thought how a stand mixer should have a pause button. So many ingredients need to be added to a cake batter a little at a time and mixed thoroughly a little at a time. Now that I have the chute, I don't stop or pause for anything. Funny how such a little thing can make such a big difference

  3. I have a very similar attachment for our KitchenAid stand mixer and it makes a huge difference when adding dry ingredients to a batter! So glad you found a universal model. The engraving makes it really special!

  4. That's a handy little gadget to solve a problem - I would say that's a nice little token gift to add to a kitchen gift accessory basket for someone who has a mixer. So many cool solutions to problems out there today.

  5. Wow, that is an impressive little addition to a stand mixer! Like others, I have the same problems you have mentioned. What a great solution and they really are cute with all the different quotes on the underside! Great Find there Miss Sylvestermouse Cynthia!


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