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Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer Reviewed (Model 63325)

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer Reviewed
I love my Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer! 

For many years, I was tempted to buy a stand mixer, but I simply couldn't justify the multi-hundred dollar cost of the one I thought I wanted.  Every time I entered a department store, I would mosey over to the kitchen appliances and allow myself to be mesmerized by the beauty of a shiny new stand mixer.   

Several times my husband offered to buy one for me, but I refused to let him spend that much money on a mixer.  He even ordered one online as a surprise for me once and I cancelled the order myself citing the ridiculously high price was just too much.  I told him if it ever went on a 70% off sale, we could talk.  Of course, that never happened.   

However, my daughter and son-in-law did the unthinkable without my permission a few years ago.   They gave me a stand mixer for Mother's Day.

The Gift of the Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer
I should note that the children were smarter than me.  They knew I needed a stand mixer, but they didn't choose the shiny and pretty model I was entranced by in department stores.  They looked at a durable, dependable, yet lightweight beast.  

I confess, I hadn't even considered the weight of the "beauty" I thought I wanted.   It's a good thing they thought of the weight though because I do have to move my stand mixer (11 lbs) each time I use it.  I would never have been comfortable lifting and moving the "beauty" (26 lbs).  Lifting my "beast" and carrying it from counter to counter is almost effortless for me.

The first time I used my Hamilton Beach stand mixer, I stood back and watched, amazed at how it did that work for me.  I definitely appreciated everything about it.  

You might think that being lighter weight would cause the mixer to hop around on the counter while mixing.  It does not.  It has nonslip feet and they definitely work!  

I also thought I wanted a glass bowl, but the Hamilton Beach stand mixer has a stainless steel bowl.  As it turns out, the stainless steel bowl is fabulous!  It is also much lighter than a glass mixing bowl, plus it won't break if I drop it.  Now, I have to tell you, I am thrilled that it came with stainless steel instead of glass.

Features of the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer, Model 63325

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer Reviewed (Model 63325)
  • 6 Speeds
  • 3 Attachments:  Flat Beater, Whisk, & Dough Hook
  • Head tilts up and locks into place to easily add ingredients 
  • Beater has excellent bowl coverage - very little need for scrapping sides
  • Nonslip Feet
  • Lightweight (11 lbs)
  • Mixer Unit Wipes Clean
  • Attachments and Bowl are Dishwasher Safe
  • Inexpensive by Comparison 

I want to take a moment to address how well this stand mixer mixes.  When I make a German chocolate cake, I do stop and scrape the sides of the bowl to make sure it is getting completely mixed.  That truly may be more habit on my part than necessity.  However, heavier batters, like my carrot cake, do not require scraping the sides of the bowl at all.  The flat beater does an excellent job of scraping, stirring and mixing.

The only advantage I now see to the beauty over the beast is that you can purchase separate attachments like a food grinder, pasta maker, ice cream maker, etc. that work by using the motor of the stand mixer for power.  If I ponder that for long, I realize I'm not likely to ever buy or use either of those separately purchased attachments.  If I want either of those things, I can buy the individual machine that is made for that specific purpose with it own motor.  

In case I forgot to mention, the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer (the beast) costs almost 1/4 of the price of the one I thought I wanted (the beauty).  Ironically, that even beats that 70% off sale I was waiting for before I would make a purchase.

Thank you again to my daughter and her sweet husband for giving me what I really needed, the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer. 

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  1. I had a stand mixer given to me as a wedding gift and I loved it. Eventually the motor wore out (many, many years later) and the glass bowl got broken, but I truly enjoyed the multiple uses over a long period of time I got out of it. This Hamilton Beach Stand Mix looks to be the perfect replacement.

    BTW, you shouldn't make my stomach growl by showing off that delicious looking German Chocolate Cake when I haven't eaten yet. Yum. :)

    1. That is my husbands favorite cake Elf! I make it fairly often and we are definitely welling to share.

      I had never owned a stand mixer before the kids gave me one Elf. It has greatly improved my baking experiences by taking the hard work out of mixing.

    2. The stand mixers really do take the work out of mixing! And German Chocolate Cake is my daughter's favorite cake too -- in fact, she never wanted a regular birthday cake -- she just wanted a German Chocolate one for her birthdays. :)

  2. Sometimes it's all about the marketing and not the reliability. I go for the one that gets the job done, with as little outlay of my pocketbook. It's a brand name too. I would shy away from something with a name I haven't heard before. Good choice I think, and the weight difference is significant too! Thanks for a great review.

    1. You are so right Olivia! It is easy to be drawn in by the marketing. I also agree with you about the name brand. Hamilton Beach has proven over the years to be very dependable. I am relying on it!

  3. What a wonderful review! Almost 40 years ago, I invested in a stand mixer. I had my eyes on the "beauty" that I am pretty sure you are talking about. I couldn't afford that one at the time and still can't. I did, oddly enough, purchase the version of your "beast" that was available at the time. My beast still works! That poor monster has been used a lot! Back when I purchased it, I needed something powerful because I baked cakes for people and decorated them for a little extra spending money. I no longer do that but I still pull out my mixer from time to time. It isn't working like it used to and I have thought of replacing it...after this review I think I will stay with what I know will do the job and last a long time the Hamilton Beach has never let me down and it sounds like a new one would be just as dependable.

    1. 40 year dependability!!! Wow! There is certainly no greater recommendation. I do hope mine will serve me well for that long too Bev. Very happy to know that your mixer is also a Hamilton Beach. Booya!

  4. I used a hand mixer the first 40 years of my marriage. Now that I have a stand mixer I wonder how I did without it. I have a less expensive brand and it works great for me. I like that it is not so heavy that I can't easily get it from the cabinet.

    1. I have had that exact same thought Mary Beth! How (and why) did I ever do without it.

  5. I have the "beauty" you refer to and it is so heavy that I leave it out on the counter so I won't have to move it. Not a problem as I have the room and it is pretty. But a lighter stand mixer would definitely be my preference now. However my son gave me mine so not going to switch! Great review that made me think about it for a minute though!

    1. They are beautiful Heather and quite the temptation for sure! I remember your review well ( It was probably the first time I seriously considered buying the beauty instead of just admiring her. For me, the weight would definitely have been a determining factor if I had even considered it. Since mine was also a gift, I am grateful the kids did the research for me. I do have to move mine to use it. Since yours was also a gift from your son, I agree with you. I wouldn't dream of switching it either.

  6. Sounds like a great mixer for a good price. Thanks for this wonder review.

  7. I've never owned one, but wouldn't mind having one. It sounds ideal for baking. You're intro into the Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer has me intrigued. Actually my mom likes Hamilton Beach products so it doesn't surprise me that the Stand Mixer is good. Mom has the mini-chopper and it's lasted a long time.

  8. It took many decades before a stand mixer entered the kitchen - love it! Great info for those looking to purchase (never too early for Christmas!)

  9. I'm trying to figure out how you lived so long without a stand mixer! I would be lost without mine when baking. I've never had a Hamilton Beach, so if I ever need a replacement, I'll remember to come back here to get it. I'm glad you finally have one you love!


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