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Unique and Beautiful Watering Options for your Gardens

There are two reasons for this REVIEW TODAY! 

1. According to the Calendar of Days,  it is "Water a Plant Day" 

2.  Summer seems to be off to a fine start and I know my garden is in need of a daily drink!

Gardens are a place to rest and relax, to get your hands just a little dirty and to find something beautiful to enjoy!  Some of us have large gardens and others may have a small garden, but one thing is certain, everybody enjoys to see flowers blooming!  The garden doesn't have to do too much to make a weary soul smile. The hardiest of flowers can be enjoyed by everyone.  There is no need to be intimidated by thoughts of exotic plants (unless you want to be).  A pot full of marigolds is a beautiful sight.

Since the time of Adam and Eve, we have nurtured gardens and tried to bring some of them under our control.  With trying to control their growth, we also need to control their watering and feeding.  You can't have one without the other.

watering cans with flowers painted on the sides

Water a plant day brings up some interesting points about watering options for our gardens.  Let's for right now focus on watering cans and manual ways to keep our plants from dying of thirst!  I will leave drip irrigation methods to gardeners who really need that kind of extended watering options.  (Leave me a comment and I'll gladly discuss this with you!)

Water can be heavy, so when you are deciding on a watering can for your needs remember that you will need to carry it!  To that end, I will suggest that a watering can should hold around 2 gallons of water.  Any more than this and the weight becomes difficult to handle.  With my arthritis, I would not want to carry more than this personally.  It's also a good size when it comes to adding fertilizers to enhance the blooming of your flowers.

Now I'm going to show you one that gets a 5 Star rating and tell you why it's a good choice.

This watering can holds 2 Gallons so it's the perfect size. It has a fairly large opening to fill it and also to add any fertilizers. It is made of a light weight resin material that can be left out in the great outdoors without any problems.  It has a nozzle that makes the water fall like a shower on your plants.  The only down side to this watering can is that the nozzle is NOT removable.  This watering can is practical, but not very pretty.  If you are looking for function, this watering can will do the trick quite nicely and it's very affordable.

Now if you are looking for a watering can that does the job, but looks pretty too, there are many more options.  You can find watering cans that your children or grandchildren would love to use.  Any gardener that loves their hobby, loves to share that hobby with their loved ones too!  These watering cans would make playing and working in the garden a really fun time! Check out these lovely options in watering cans and see if one doesn't make you smile too!

Little hands would enjoy the animals that could help them, help you! This is just a little sample of the many watering cans that you can get. I just happen to love the colors and the shapes of these ones. The child in me has never really grown up!

Now here are a few practical things to remember when using a watering can to give your plants a drink.  Plants don't like to be watered with ice cold water, especially on really hot days.  It is a shock to their tender roots.  Fill your watering can and let it stand outdoors for an hour or so before subjecting your plants/planters to their daily drink.  Water your plants early in the morning rather than at high noon.  The plants will be able to drink more and be able to cope with the midday sun easier when they are well hydrated.  If you are using the watering cans to water your planters, you might also look at a schedule for fertilizing these planters.  Check out the labels and directions for your favorite types of fertilizers and use them accordingly.

girl and dog

A closing bit of advice, when you are watering your plants, talk to them too!  Plants do respond by growing much better when they are coddled!  Ask any gardener and they will agree that Watering, Talking, Primping and Pruning will do wonders for anything you are trying to grow!

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  1. Interesting to see the different and unique shapes watering cans have taken, in addition to the standard one we all know. The two gallon can is good and practical for the outdoor garden. The whimsical small animal shaped watering cans would be fun to use on your indoor plants. Thanks for the watering advice. Happy Water Your Flower Day, Olivia.

    1. Thanks Miss Elf, I love the small watering cans with their little touch of whimsy. I know my grandchildren would love to have these! Maybe I will have to get each one a watering can of their own. With all the choices it would be easy!

  2. I have several watering cans. My favorite is very similar to the one you have featured. It is plastic and lightweight, yet holds either 1 1/2 or 2 gallons (not quite sure at this point). Either way, if they are too heavy to carry when filled, I won't use them. I do like the cute watering cans for kids that you featured! Great idea

    1. That's the problem, when you buy a watering can, you look at it empty, touch it empty and see how it handles when it's empty. Then you get it home and fill it with water and you all of a sudden have a problem. Water is heavy! I like the 2 gallon size because it gives you the option to fill it right up (when you can handle it) or stop half way for those days when you can't! The smaller ones for kids just makes watering fun.

  3. Do I have to be a child to want that elephant watering can? It would make watering lots of fun. I think I would smile every time I used it.

    1. That was my thinking exactly. I love the idea of having a watering can that makes you smile. The fact that it's a little smaller doesn't deter me at all. In fact with arthritic hands that might just be an added bonus!

  4. Love the duck and little pig watering cans! Makes watering so much more fun!

    1. I have to agree with you. Those animal watering cans just made my heart do a flip! I guess I just have never grown up completely. I love little things that make people smile and watering with any of these animal watering cans would do that for me! Glad you see the fun in it too!

  5. Even though I use the hose directly to water a good deal of the time, I also use a watering can when I'm adding miracle grow to the flowers. So in my books too, a watering can is essential. Mom uses one because it's easier for her to fill a small can to water the flowers on her deck than to drag out the hose.

  6. Every gardener could use a watering can. I'm with your mom, it's easier to handle a watering can than a hose for places like the deck or a balcony! Glad you find both useful!


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