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How To Tip Toe Through the Tulips: A Review of the Ukulele

There was a blank space in our Music Room, so my Sweetie decided that it was time for a Ukulele!  Let's Review this wonderful little instrument!

His music room has space for a Keyboard, a Digital set of Drums, a Guitar, a Bodhran, an Old Chord Accordian, several Tin Whistles and Recorders and our latest aquistion, the Ukulele!  For less than $100.00 he has a Ukulele, online lessons, carrying case, picks and tuner(he opted for the one in the link below).

man playing the ukulele

 Important features for the Ukulele is the ability to tune the instrument.  If it doesn't have proper tuning pegs, like a guitar, you are buying a toy!  We don't want a toy, we want an instrument that will give us pleasure while we learn how to play.  This particular one is a bargain for a musical instrument!  Size is important too, this one doesn't take up much space at all.  It's easy to handle and very portable!  A bonus for him, especially when he's going out to the schools to see the kids!  Music and the Deacon, go hand in hand!  The children seem to love the music too!


It just so happens that today May 2nd is "Play your Ukulele" day!

Let me fill you in on a little bit about this lovely instrument.  Most people associate it with Hawaii! Hawaii's own  Israel Kamakawiwo'ole( (Oahu, 20 May 1959 - Honolulu, 26 June 1997)who played the Ukulele with style and presence. Here he is playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and this song is still  listened to by millions of people all over the world, today!

His gentle spirit, voice, the melody and the sounds of this little instrument just seem to match perfectly.  It's hard to remain in a bad mood listening to this music.  It's partly his own sound and partly the Ukulele!  In his hands the Ukulele while a small instrument, commands a big presence, as did he!

The Ukulele actually came from Portugal, but because it has been adopted by the Hawaiian Islands, it seems to have become the instrument of these Paradise Islands. A few musicians(who aren't Hawaiin) have made it's sound their own like, Tiny Tim, with his "Tip Toe Through the Tulips".  While to my ears it wasn't a great song, it seems that it was popular enough at the time to garner lots of play time on several Radio Stations. It seems to have helped the Ukulele to become a popular musical instrument at the time too!

Ukuleles are not expensive to own!  As I have mentioned before,  good one will cost less than $100.00 and for someone who is on a budget, this is much more affordable than a good guitar.  You can learn the chords and the strumming techniques and use them on either instrument.  So while learning one, you will ultimately learn more than one instrument, without a big cash outlay at the start.  This is great for parents or grandparents who would love to see their offspring develop some musical talent.  Ukuleles are also small in size, so portability is not an issue.  Even the youngest child can handle carrying a Ukulele around without any kind of difficulty.  They would love the song Lava that features a strumming of the Ukulele with lyrics that will mean so much to every audience.  Check it out right here!

                                                   I think I Lava this song!

In writing this review I found myself looking into people who are fully into the sounds of the Ukulele and guess what?  I found several people that take the Ukulele very seriously and the sounds that come out of this instrument make me stop in my tracks to admire and enjoy the sound.  I would never have thought that this instrument was truly able to be played in such a commanding way.  If you want, you can check out this amazing and lovely lovely sound right here!  With this kind of talent and ability, who would not want to learn how to play this lovely little instrument?  I think I'll be moving into the music room now and practicing some Ukulele music!

Maybe I can figure out how to play The Mother's Day Song for Mother's day!  Just to make my mother laugh and cry at the same time!  Music is a perfect gift at anytime, but today I will use it for my Mother's Day present!  Surprise MOM!  Hope you enjoy the lyrics.....I love you!

The Ukulele

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  1. Ten years ago I heard Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for the first time and have loved it ever since. My son introduced me to it when he was teaching himself to play the guitar. He learned the song and played (and sang) using a Capo high up, playing the notes near the neck of the guitar, which gives him a sound similar to a ukulele. Ever since, I have appreciated the sound of a ukulele. Enjoy yours this Ukulele Day!

    1. There is nothing like hearing Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". I think his version is the one everyone wants to hear! Glad your son was able to start out on a guitar, but for many who can't afford it, the Ukulele is a great alternative. Glad you enjoy the sounds!

  2. I've always associated the ukulele with carefree, lighthearted tunes like the welcoming Hawaiian melodies, or even "Tip Toe Through the Tulips". I'm really glad you included the video of Taimane Gardner. She certainly can change assumptions and attitudes toward the ukulele. Congratulations on you new instrument acquisition. I wish you and your "sweetie" many years of fun playing and a very Happy Ukulele Day!

    1. Me too, that lighthearted sound that comes from the Ukulele makes it impossible to stay in a bad mood! Taimane is a wonder on this instrument and makes it sound like I have never heard before. I guess if you love something, you want to take that to the next level. We are having fun playing in the meantime!

  3. I'm pretty sure you have inspired me to take the plunge and gift myself with a ukulele. Israel's rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" has a great deal of special meaning to me. Listening to all of the music here is a wonderful way to end my evening. Hope you have had a beautiful "Play Your Ukulele" Day.

  4. Oh I did so enjoy my day today! I could not help myself, I was listening to Israel's music and I also like the Lava song......they are just both so beautiful...I smiled all day long! I hope you do gift yourself with a Ukulele, maybe we can learn together...

  5. I LOVE that version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I first heard it on a movie sound track and fell in love with that voice. But I had no idea it was a ukulele! What a great article.

  6. That version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is my favorite. Love the sound of the Ukulele, it's light, fresh, and happy. No matter the song, it makes you feel like everything is going to be ok.

  7. You obviously needed a ukulele in your collection!


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