Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cafe Bustelo Espresso Style Coffee Reviewed

For Those Who Like A Strong Cup of Coffee

Rich dark coffee
If you are a fan of espresso or just like a good flavorful strong cup of coffee, you might be interested in the Cafe Bustelo line of coffees. I recently tried the Espresso style from this company and I really like it! It is bold, it is rich and it satisfied my taste buds!

The advantage to using the k-cup version is that you can opt to have a closer version of espresso depending on how much water you use in the brewing process. If your brewer allows a 4 oz cup of coffee, you will get pretty darn close to a real espresso. Selecting the 8 oz brew will give you a good strong cup of coffee which is a little watered down from what a true cup of espresso would be. I have tried it both ways and loved both. It kind of depends on my mood.

You can trust the Cafe Bustelo brand for an authentic Latin American type of espresso. Back in 1928, Gregorio Bustelo immigrated from Spain to East Harlem, New York. He was quite taken with the type of coffee found in many of the Latin American cities that he visited; especially in Havana, Cuba. He began to save his money to get his own roaster and eventually became a very prominent name in the Latin coffee community. As they say, the rest is history.

I tried the k-cup version of this coffee and I love it. You also have the option to purchase ground coffee if you prefer brewing your coffee in a pot. My guess would be that with the ground version you will be able to achieve a truly good shot of espresso especially if you have an espresso machine.

So, if you are a fan of good strong coffee; I highly recommend trying Cafe Bustelo Espresso style coffee. It is now one of my favorite brands to choose for my morning cup of coffee.

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to Cafe Bustelo! Both my husband and my daughter enjoy espresso. I would be the wimp of the group that would require the 8 oz cup of coffee. I really do love k-cups. They certainly make it possible and easy for everyone in the household to enjoy the brand and strength of their preferred morning coffee.

  2. My son loves espresso. I'll have to show him this review article. I'm afraid MY preferred coffee is much weaker than espresso, so I will have to pass, but glad to know about the Cafe Bustelo style of espresso for family members who like strong coffee.

  3. I'm not a coffee drinker but I certainly will keep this in mind to serve guests. I like to have a variety of k-cups on hand.

  4. Coffee for me is my elixir of life...A really good strong coffee is even better. Thanks for this great Review. While I don't use K-cups it's nice to know you can use the ground version, with the same results.


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