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Cuddlekins Plush Red Panda Review

Cuddlekins Plush Red Panda by Wild Republic
Wild Republic Cuddlekins Red Panda Plush
My grandson, David, had a birthday coming up the end of April, so I asked his dad for some ideas for 'grandma gifts'.  The internet makes such requests so simple these days, as my son easily posted a list of 'David Wants' in a shared Wish List on Amazon.

Among the suggested gifts were a set of artist pencils (David loves to draw and is quite good), some Minecraft figures, and a plush red panda, particularly this one pictured here by Cuddlekins of Wild Republic.  I was a bit surprised that David still liked stuffed animals at age nine.  I thought he might have outgrown them by now, but my son insisted it was one of the gifts David was hoping for. 

Cuddlekins Red Panda

Grandson opening a birthday gift
Turned out, David did not expect he would get his plush Red Panda, so it was a delightful surprise for him, as you can see by the expression on his face as he opened it. 

I was particularly pleased with the quality of this stuffed animal.  It has smooth, red fur, a big bushy tail, white markings, and lifelike, highly-detailed, realistic features. It's softly stuffed and measures 12 inches tall.  

You can see that it is a wonderful, hugable armful for a 9-year-old. 

Grandson hugging his birthday Plush Red Panda

About Wild Republic

Wild Republic has been creating nature-related animals and educational toys and gifts since 1979, with their specialty being their realistic stuffed animals.  The line of stuffed animals is extensive and includes just about any animal you can imagine, including farm animals, jungle animals, sea creatures, dinosaurs, reptiles and prehistoric animals, birds, butterflies & bugs and dogs & cats. I am also pleased with how reasonably priced they are. 

Their headquarters are in Twinsburg, Ohio, but they have offices around the world and their international distribution serves zoos, museums, and aquariums, as well as retailers. 

In addition to this plush Red Panda, Wild Republic has a whole line of these cuddly wild animals which look like the real animal.  They also carry a line of gift items that are related to nature, such as jewelry, home d├ęcor and seasonal items. You can visit the Wild Republic Website here

Happy Birthday, David

Boy and his new plush Red Panda
David, Age 9

David LOVES his new buddy, the Cuddlekins Plush Red Panda.  He had a wonderful 9th birthday!

The Real Red Panda

Red Panda in a tree
Red Panda Poster by Sylvestermouse

Sylvestermouse has a delightful article all about the 'real' red panda which is filled with interesting photos and facts at Reviewing What We Know About the Red Panda.

(c) Review of the Wild Republic Cuddlekins Red Panda Plush by Wednesday Elf

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  1. What a sweet picture of David hugging his Red Panda. Happy Birthday David!

    I wasn't sure when Cuddlekins opened for business, but I do know they were around when my children were young. They were always the animals my kids wanted to bring home from the zoo gift shop. Cuddlekins are definitely a fantastic line of plush animals, even for big kids.

    1. I didn't realize just how adorable these Cuddlekins plush animals were until I saw David hugging his birthday Red Panda. Cuddlekins is certainly the perfect name for this line of stuffed animals, as they definitely are 'hugable'. :) Thanks for visiting my article, Mouse.

  2. Yes, David loves his Red Panda! Great gift! Really enjoyed the blog!

    1. Thanks, Greg. I'm so delighted how much David loves his plush Red Panda. You took great pictures and I appreciated being able to share them in this review article. It's certainly a 'hugable' plush animal.

  3. What a wonderful gramma you are and the look on your David's face says it all. This is a winner for him and for you too. There is nothing better than seeing that look of joy in a child's eyes. Good call and I'm sure there are other children that would absolutely delight in such a gift. Thanks for this review, maybe there will be one of these in my future, for my grandchildren.

    1. The Red Panda and the whole line of plush animals in the Wild Kingdom Cuddlekins line, are both adorable and affordable, Olivia. David's mom said the Red Panda's fur is so soft and the quality excellent. Thanks for your visit.

    2. Excuse me.... wrong word... LOL. That's Wild Republic! I had in mind the TV show Wild Kingdom when I wrote that comment. :)

  4. My goodness, what an adorable plush red panda! I definitely want to check out the rest of the Wild Republic Cuddlekins line based on your excellent review. Love the photos of lucky David enjoying his birthday gift!

    1. I think you'd be pleased with any of the Wild Republic Cuddlekins animals, Margaret, judging by how well made and 'hugable' this Red Panda is. Thanks so much for stopping by. David takes his new Red Panda everywhere now.

  5. I've always loved stuffed animals, and so have my kids. I don't really think there is age limit. Even my elderly mom had some on display. This one is adorable! No wonder David loved it.!

    1. It's now a year later and David still enjoys his plush red panda, Barbara. It turned out to be the perfect gift.

  6. I love that red panda! so cute. They sure sound like a quality brand. Love the list of items they make as well, I'll have to look at them especially the butterflies! that's so different!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Barbara. I love finding quality made plush animals for my grandchildren.


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