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National Hamburger Day Review

Image of a hamburger
Image Source: Pixabay

Date Celebrated:  May 28

Memorial Day and the 4th of July wouldn't be the same without a juicy hamburger, so it is appropriate that a national day has been set aside to celebrate this favorite picnic food. There is no official origin for 'hamburger day', but we are glad someone picked out a day to celebrate it. 

Cook your burgers on an outdoor grill or fry them up inside.  Add your favorite fixings and enjoy!  If you add cheese, you suddenly have the popular cheeseburger, which has it's own day (National Cheeseburger Day ~ September 18).

Five Guys Restaurant
(c) Wednesday Elf

If you don't want to cook your own, or are out-and-about on “Hamburger Day”, then stop by a local Five Guys Restaurant for a tasty burger fixed in a homemade style. 

A Few Hamburger Facts

  • The hamburger was originally created in Hamburg, Germany (thus the name), but eating a hamburger on a bun is an American idea.
  • The hamburger was originally made from ground up meat scraps from cutting up other meats.  First it was made with beef, but today it can be found in other forms, such as ground chicken and ground turkey for those who prefer a non-meat burger.  Other meats, such as Buffalo Burgers, have also become popular. 
  • Seymour, Wisconsin has a 'Burger Fest' each year and in 2001 they made the largest hamburger ever – weighing 8,200 pounds. Burger Fest is held each August and includes a parade, a hot air balloon rally, and, of course, lots of hamburgers to eat. Check out their website Home of the Hamburger for details.
  • Americans eat about 50 billion burgers every year, which equals approximately three burgers a week for every person in the U.S.

Handmade Hamburgers

The title of this paragraph indicates that here I will give you a lesson in making the perfect hamburger patty – so I will.

hamburger patties ready to cook
Image courtesy of Pixabay
Take a ball of meat the size you wish your burger to be.  Some like them big served on large hamburger buns; some like them a bit smaller.  The choice is yours.

Press the meat into a patty, pressing down in the middle and patting in from the sides as you turn the burger around in your hand.  Continue until the patty is even and uniform.  It needs to be a solid disk of meat that is compacted tightly

A tip I read online at EATS – How to Make Hamburger Patties said to prevent the cracks around the edges as the burger cooks (caused by shrinking due to the cooking process), slightly depress the center of the patty when you are finished shaping it to make it thinner in the middle than it is around the edges.  The depression tends to push a little extra meat towards the edges, making an even patty once it is cooked.

More Handmade Hamburgers

Now, since I am a craftsman of handmade items, I shall continue a bit with my 'Handmade Hamburger' theme and show you a few clever handmade items representing this favorite food.

Hamburger Cookies

Hamburger shaped cookies
Homemade Hamburger Cookies
Mona Flood of Orlando, Florida makes homemade cookies.  Her Hamburger Cookies are adorable and perfect for a picnic-themed party or to celebrate Hamburger Day in a fun way. Each cookie is roughly 3 inches in size and is individually packaged in a FDA compliant clear cellophane baggie and heat sealed to ensure freshness and a safe arrival. 

They are a made with a Shortbread cookie recipe, a rich buttery cookie that melts in your mouth.  

The ingredients list is in the listing in her Etsy Shop called Merci Bakery.  Each cookie is individually decorated. 

Hamburger Apron

Handmade hamburger design apron
Handmade Hamburger Design Apron - Etsy
This hamburger design apron is perfect for those backyard BBQs, especially when burgers are on the menu.  Handmade by a crafter from Clare, Michigan and featured in her SweetApronzNCupcakes Etsy Shop, this is an adult size apron made of a black fabric with large hamburgers on it. Some of the hamburgers are singles, others are double deckers, some have bacon on top, others have lettuce and tomatoes.

Hamburger Playfood Crochet Toy

Hamburger/cheeseburger play food in crochet
Crochet Amigurumi Hamburger/Cheeseburger Play Food

Kimberlie of Redlands, California created this cute hamburger/cheeseburger play food 7-piece toy for kids who love to play in a pretend kitchen. The set contains 7 separate play-pieces to stack the perfect burger.  They include the Top bun, Tomato, Lettuce, Onion, Cheese, Patty, and Bottom bun. 
All the pieces are soft and squishy, especially the top bun, which has been stuffed with polyester stuffing. 
The entire stacked burger measures about 3.5" tall, and about 3.5" wide. 

It can be found in Kimberlie's Etsy Shop she calls ShopKimberlie.

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Cheeseburger potholder set in handmade crochet

Handmade Crochet Hamburger/Cheeseburger Potholders Tutorial

And for my fellow crafters, here is a free tutorial to crochet a set of potholders which look like a hamburger or cheeseburger when stacked together. 

Hamburger Month

In addition to May 28th being a DAY to celebrate the humble hamburger, The entire month of May is is known as National Hamburger Month. 

So get those burgers grilling, pile on the condiments, and enjoy National Hamburger Day and Month with a tasty hamburger! 

(c) National Hamburger Day Review by Wednesday Elf

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  1. Wow a whole month for hamburgers! Especially love them thick and juicy on the grill!

    1. On the grill is the best way, Mary Beth. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your next burger party. :)

  2. Nice blog! Gotta try Epic Burger in Chicago and the best burger in Kansas at the West Coast Saloon in Lawrence

    1. Greg, I remember the burgers in Lawrence. Yum! The Epic Burger in Chicago is probably more than I could eat. I've seen your pictures! LOL.

  3. Okay you have me hungry now and I should be getting ready for bed.....hamburgers are one of my favorite food groups, so you have hit a home run with this review for me! Thanks for this juicy review.

    1. Unless you're a vegetarian, I don't know anyone who doesn't like hamburgers. LOL. There are so many ways to fix it too.

  4. LOL at the hamburger crochet toy, that's so cute. I had never really put Hamburg Germany and the Hamburger together, but of course that's logical. Fun article, and now I'm hungry again.

    1. Barbara, Hamburg, Germany is how hamburgers got the name... LOL. I liked that hamburger crochet toy too.

  5. A nice juicy hamburger sounds very good right now. I appreciate the hint for getting rid of the bulge in the middle that develops when cooking. Why didn't I think of that?

  6. I love hamburgers and Five Guys is AWESOME!!

    1. I agree with the 'awesome' for Five Guys, Dawn Rae. In fact I ate there just a couple days ago (again). Just bought some Bubba Burgers at the grocery store for the first time and am interested in seeing how they taste. They may be my next 'burger' review. :)

  7. I love a great hamburger and Five Guys does a wonderful job making delicious hamburgers. The crocheted hamburger is adorable. You know how much I enjoy my crocheted potholders.

    1. Nothing like a juicy hamburger on the grill. In lieu of that, a Five Guys burger will fill in nicely. :) As long as I can have my 'burger'

  8. I celebrated early this year. Made a hamburger for supper last night. Sure seemed like comfort food. Those hamburger crafts and cookies you shared are cute. I love creative people who come up with things that are out of the ordinary.

    1. Any day can be Hamburger Day ~ they always taste good. I'm having mine topped with an onion and a slice of tomato all wrapped in bacon and broiled tonight. One of our favorite ways of fixing it.


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