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Summertime is a Great Time to Learn Something New ~ A Product Review

Many times families find that the summer months are not that easy to get through as the rest of the year!  But summertime is when the living is supposed to be easy (or so the song lyrics say!).  Oh it may be easier in that the kids are getting dressed in whatever they want to wear without worry.  Usually swim suits or shorts and a T!  There is no mad dash to get out the door for school and prepare your book bag and lunch, so that truly does make it easier.  But there are many hours in the day to fill with some kind of activity.

My youngest grandson has just turned the big 10 years old.  So toys are no longer the go to thing for him to wish for.  So what happened?  Well, he, in his 10 year old wisdom decided that this would be a good year to learn how to tell time (the old fashioned way) and to learn how to play the guitar.  His mom and dad got him an analog watch for his birthday.  So now he is learning all about the different ways to tell time.  Digital watches have made those lessons obsolete, but he wanted to know what it meant when it was quarter to ten and what that looked like.  Next thing you know he'll be wanting to learn about telling time on a 24 hours watch.  Oh well, learning is learning and when they want to do that, it is much easier.  I'm sure he'll have it worked out before too long.

So what are grandparents left to get this youngster to mark his 10th birthday?  Well let's just say that it was pretty easy for us this year.  The guitar was already in place (his uncle left one at the cottage the last time they visited), so that was taken care of already.  What he doesn't have is a good book and some guitar accessories to make playing this instrument a better experience than just plucking at the strings.

We are so thankful for Amazon Prime, where you can get just about anything you want or need.  That's where we found our little gift for him!

This kit has everything that he will need for the first little while. It's really hard to learn how to tune an instrument when you have never done it before. Having an electronic tuner will make it that much easier for him. I don't know about you, but if an instrument is out of tune, there is little joy in playing it. Even an untrained ear can hear that the guitar is not in tune.  Once he knows the sound of a properly tuned instrument, he can choose to tune by ear or by use of the tuner in this kit.

Contained in the kit are all the things he will need, a guitar strap, picks, tuner, kapo, and a cleaning cloth.  And it comes in a nice case to keep all those little parts in one safe and neat place.  It's a win-win situation for sure.  

So the next thing he'll need is some guitar lessons or a great book so that he can practice on his own. This one is a "Best Seller" on Amazon with a 4.8/5 star rating. So that is the one we went with.  The reviews of this How To book are all very positive.  Contained within are 30 songs that are great for singing along with and easy tunes that everyone will recognize.  I can just picture the family sitting around a campfire and the strumming of the guitar on the evening air.  I'm sure this will be a wonderful summer for my grandson as he learns how to play.  

The beauty is that he can even share this with his sisters and mom and dad.  Music is a wonderful way to enjoy the time and it's a great time to learn when the pressures of school are not pressing down on him.  And the other beauty is that he can pick it up whenever the need arises.  Oh this will be such a good time summer for my grandson Blake!

Happy Birthday and Rock On!

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  1. What excellent ideas for birthday gifts for your grandson, Olivia. The gift of music... and the TIME to enjoy it both figuratively and actually. Well done. And, Happy Birthday to Blake. Ten is a wonderful age.

    1. It was his idea to learn how to play the guitar and I'm so happy that he is interested. Music is a gift that lasts a lifetime and it's so much easier to help them on the journey when they show the interest first.

  2. As someone who taught herself to play guitar when she was in high school and loved being able to play and sing, both for myself and for/with others, I’m sure Blake will live your thoughtful gifts! I never had an electronic tuner (just a tuning fork), but I can imagine how much easier it will make keeping his guitar in tune. Great idea!

    1. I agree with you Margaret, I think one of the hardest things is tuning an insturment especially when you are new to it. Hubby got one for his Ukelele and it made a world of difference in the sound. I'm sure the same will happen with the guitar. Thanks for your comments.

  3. First, Happy Birthday Blake! I think learning how to "read" a clock or watch face is an awesome summer endeavor. I had no idea that telling time was no longer part of the school curriculum. I also love the idea of beginning guitar lessons (or any musical instrument) which would allow time without the interruption of school activities and homework. Great ideas!

  4. I agree with you Miss Mouse. Yes, analog clocks are a thing of the past, yet we still see them everywhere. He has a digital watch, but really was curious when mom and dad were discussing when to be ready for something and overheard them say that "at quarter to ten" everyone should be ready. He could not make sense of those words. I applaud that these are his ideas for learning something new this summer. So we will help him in whatever way possible. Thanks for your comments.

  5. These are such wonderful gifts! Music in any form is a delight and to learn to play a musical instrument such as a guitar is wonderful. I had no idea telling time was not taught in schools anymore and while I can see it is not strictly necessary with digital, analog clocks are still everywhere and I think its great your grandson wants to learn that skill. Happy Birthday Blake !!

    1. I agree with you Raintree Annie, it was his ideas to learn both the analog clock and how to play guitar. Now we will do whatever we can to help him!

  6. I think I know what to get, then the time comes to buy gifts, and I'm searching forever. I appreciate idea posts like this (especially from people I know!) - thanks for the suggestions

    1. When your cute little granddaughter gets just a little bigger, she'll be looking for something musical too! Glad you like the suggestions!

  7. What perfect gift ideas these are. Both of our grandsons are playing the guitar and both of them love music. I'll be back to buy both of these items for them. Thanks for the recommendation.


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