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Telephone & Address Books Are Not Outdated

old personal phone book
I recently heard an adult say they did not know their spouses cell phone number because it was saved on their cell phone. They had never bothered to memorize it and had no clue where or how to find it without their cell phone.  I found that very interesting.

In many cases, children can no longer tell you their home phone number (if they have one) or their parent's cell phone number.  I find that frightening.

I remember a time when I could rattle off my home phone number, my closest friends phone numbers, family member's phone numbers, work phone numbers, and even the local theater's phone number. I can't do that now, but I do have my husband's cell phone number memorized, as well as our children's number.  Frankly, the rest are saved on my cell phone.  However, I am still a firm believer in keeping my physical address book up to date.

In the past, when I carried a purse, my address/telephone book was always part of my handbag contents and I carried it with me everywhere.  Since I no longer carry a purse, I do rely on my cell phone for friend's numbers if I am away from home, but my physical address book is still safe and available at home.

Times have certainly changed. The phone company no longer prints phone books for us. Therefore, keeping a personal telephone & address book should not be outdated

Let's face it!  If you lose your cell phone, or if the phone simply dies, you literally lose the ability to call anyone even if you can borrow a phone.


Telephone & Address Books

Having a specific place for phone numbers & addresses is extremely helpful.  Just the other day, I watched my own husband frantically search scraps of paper and notes for a friends phone number.  He did find it, but it would have been so much easier for him if he had it written in an address & phone book.

For me, having a telephone & address book is a necessity. Most likely, I would be bald if I frequently had to search for a specific slip of paper.

If you don't already have a telephone & address book, perhaps you should consider purchasing one and writing important numbers in it. After all, you don't want to lose contact information along with a cell phone.


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  1. I am at an age where having everything 'digital' still isn't normal or comfortable, so I still have that 'old-fashioned address/telephone book. Besides needing a backup if your phone were lost, there are times when having the physical pages in front of you is very handy. For instance, when addressing Christmas Cards. Unless you have taken the time to input all this information, the only data in your phone is a name and a number. One still needs addresses, and even access to email addresses, for a variety of reasons. So, definitely Mouse, this is a necessary and wise product to have.

  2. Like you there was a time when I could rattle off many phone numbers of so many different places and family members. Now I now the important ones of family members. I do keep a notebook with with all of my different passwords and addresses of family members.

  3. I have found that address books are a great place to keep passwords. I just put them under the alphabet letter that corresponds to their name and it is now easy to find the password.

  4. The last time my cell phone died unexpectedly, it was a nightmare recreating my address and phone book. I have since entered all my contacts into my Gmail contacts list so I can access it from any browser or mobile device, but I probably should also copy them into a physical address and phone book for times when there is no internet access. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Cynthia, they are not outdated, you're absolutely correct. I still have one. It's a nightmare if you don't have things backed up and you lose all your contact information. I'm always checking my contact list on my cell phone making sure it backed up in the cloud in case the phone breaks or I get a new phone. It is convenient having it on your cell when you're on the go - but I wonder if there's a product that somehow you could take that cell phone list and put it in a nice book format for the house - you know, I bet there's an APP for that!

  6. I totally agree! I have always kept a phone and address book. It is a sensible back up and you never know when tech may fail you or you lose/damage your phone. I just would not feel comfortable without that written record.


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