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Pride and Peppermint NovelTeaTins on Etsy Reviewed

For Mother's Day last year, my daughter sent me a Pride and Peppermint Novel Tea Tin, which came with a Mr. Darcy bookmark. What an awesome gift for a Pride and Prejudice fan who loves tea. Plus, the peppermint tea is fabulous!

The Jane Austen books, Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility, have long been my favorites.  In fact, the two movies based on those books are my favorite movies. I have often thought the movies made me more fond of the two books because they brought the characters to life.  They provided faces to the fictional characters. 

My daughter and I spend many wonderful afternoons watching the two movies together when she was in high school. Those memories are another reason why I love the movies so much. Just hearing the opening theme songs beckoned us to the television. It was almost worth being sick just so we could take a day or two off to watch. Whenever I watch either of the movies, I think of my daughter and our precious time together.  

Sending a related gift that evoked those wonderful memories was the perfect Mother's Day gift from a beloved daughter who now lives in a different state. 

Pride & Peppermint Novel Tea Tin

NovelTeaTins on Etsy

The tea comes in a collectable tin. I love collectibles which is just one more reason this was the perfect gift for me. The tea tin keeps the tea fresh and dry. It could also be washed and reused if you are careful to not mess up the label while washing

The blend is a loose tea, so you either need a disposable tea bag, a separate tea infuser, or a mug that comes with an infuser.

Peppermint tea has several benefits for some tea drinkers. Those benefits include easing digestive issues, headaches and even sinus problems. Some claim it even improves their energy level.  These benefits are enough to recommend peppermint tea, but it is also delicious and smells wonderful.

The tea is a blend of rooibos, peppermint & camomile. It is caffeine free, therefore you can drink it anytime.   

Loose Tea refills are also available by clicking here

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  1. How delightful to have a favorite tea blend presented in a very favorite novel and movie theme. Your daughter's gift is a lovely reminder of a shared time. I think the best gifts are not the most expensive, but the ones which evoke memories of favorite shared times together. Such a thoughtful daughter you have, Mouse.

    1. Thank you Elf! I have been blessed with a wonderful & thoughtful daughter. I miss our movie watching times together, but I am glad to have the memories. And, the tea is delicious! The perfect gift for booklovers.

  2. Oh what a lovely idea! This is great for any occasion, Mother's Day, birthdays or just because!

    1. It is a wonderful gift, Olivia! I love it: the collectable, usable tin and the delicious tea.

  3. I love Jane Austen's books and films! How lovely you have these precious memories of time with your daughter. What a lovely idea to have these tea tins and tea that would make a lovely gift for Birthdays, Mother's day and many other occasions!

  4. I am a huge fan of Jane Austen novels, the film adaptations, and Republic of Tea teas. I also have been drinking more of the brand’s herbal teas over the past few years and have found a number of new favorites! Both your children have inherited their parents’ thoughtfulness when it comes to gift giving (among other things). This sounds like a perfect gift for us herbal tea-loving Austen fans!

  5. What a clever gift. I have not read Jane Austen, but I think I would enjoy those books as they are in my style. And peppermint tea really does make you feel better.

  6. What a lovely memory reminder for you and your daughter. I felt like I was a part of your movie watching day just reading this. I have this kind of memory with my boys too with other shows, and so many with my mother. Not being blessed with a daughter I'll not be able to know this feeling from the mother perspective, but I'm excited to know that potentially I could share times like this with our grand-daughter. I love these movies as well. I'm craving peppermint tea right now (I'd love to try it!). Like you said, what a great gift idea for fans of Sense and Sensibility.


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