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The Best Memorial Gift for Cat Lovers - A 3D LED Cat Crystal Ball

A Unique, Thoughtful Memorial Gift for Cat Lovers

My friend recently celebrated another birthday, and finding her a special gift is as much fun for me as it is for her to receive!

My friend is a cat lover. Actually, that's putting it mildly; she adores cats to the depth of her soul! Unfortunately, she recently lost her beloved pet and has been grieving for months. Cat lovers, and pet lovers, will completely understand how hard it is to lose an animal, and how choosing a gift is a delicate process.

My friend and her kitty were family for eighteen years (or something like that), so needless to say, kitty's passing was brutal for her. She's still crying over her loss.

I Found An Appropriate Cat Gift to Honor Her Beloved Pet

I wanted to give my friend a gift that celebrated her kitty, but I also didn't want to give anything that would trigger a negative emotion.

After spending a few hours searching online, I came across what I thought would be the most loving memorial gift, a crystal ball LED rotating music box featuring a cat and a lighted ceiling projection of a lotus flower

Well, I was right to choose this gift! She absolutely loves it. In fact, the other day, during a power outage, she turned on her LED Cat Crystal Ball and sent me a photo of how beautiful it was!

Here's the Crystal Ball Kitty

This photo doesn't really do this product justice. When you visit the product link featured below, you'll get to watch a video and see the music box in better lighting. Be sure to check it out; it's worth it!

This is the size of the Lotus Light on the ceiling!

Features of the 3D Cat Music Box:

  • The K9 Crystal Ball features 3D inter-engraving technology that engraves the pattern into the crystal ball
  • When the room is dark, and the lighted crystal ball is turned on, it features 12 LED lights that evenly disperse the light through the crystal ball onto the ceiling, where a lotus flower is featured
  • Rotate the bottom of the crystal ball to play lovely, soft music - the music is featured below
  • The battery is built in and can be connected to computers, mobile phones or mobile power supplies for charging - Charging time is two to three hours, lighting time is eight to twelve hours
  • Includes a gorgeous gift box!
  • The crystal music box measures 3.94 by 2.76 by 4.72 inches and weighs 31.22 ounces
What Music Does This Ornament Play?

This gorgeous lighted cat music box plays Castle in the Sky. If you're wondering what that song is, I've included a YouTube video. If you don't see the video below, you can link to it here.

This Crystal Music Box Comes in Other Design Styles as Well!
  • A Clover
  • A Prince
  • A Deer
  • A Panda
  • A Rose
Of course, this gift isn't restricted to being a memorial gift; it makes a unique, thoughtful gift for all cat lovers for any occasion.

You can find this lovely gift here on Amazon.

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  1. Wow, that is a beautiful and very thoughtful gift indeed, Barbara. I can see why your friend loves it so much. Very unique.

    1. Thank you, it took a while to decide to get it, and I was so grateful that it was exactly as advertised.

  2. What a unique and thoughtful gift idea Barbara. I'm so glad your friend loves it. Seem to be a perfect memorial gift. I wonder if they make them for other pets also.

    1. Hi Sam, thank you. I'm not sure I've seen other pets, just what I listed, but I could be wrong?

  3. What a lovely & thoughtful gift, Barbara. I'm so glad your friend loves it. It is excruciatingly painful to lose a constant companion, which is what most pets are to pet owners. The cat crystal ball is a lovely way to celebrate, or commemorate, life.

  4. Barbara, this is such a special, unusual and thoughtful gift, especially as a memorial gift to a bereaved cat owner! I have never seen or heard of anything like it before. I’m not surprised that your friend loves it and finds it comforting!

  5. What a lovely idea and I'm sure that your friend is really happy with this gift. That really is a nice idea for anyone who is missing their beloved pet!

  6. What a beautiful and very thoughtful gift. It is so hard to lose a beloved animal companion. It is good to hear your friend finds it comforting. It is a lovely gift for anyone who loves cats. I wonder if they will do it for other pets as well.


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