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A Decorative Safety Handrail for Front Porch Steps

A Quality Handrail for the Front Porch

We should have installed a handrail for our front porch steps decades ago!

When we were younger, we could manage the stairs without an issue, but as we've aged, not so much. Also, the handrail provides additional safety during those long winter months.

We noticed our neighbor installed a handrail; of course, we liked it and thought it would also match nicely with our home. They informed us they acquired it from Amazon and forwarded the purchase link.

7 Features That Make This Handrail Awesome

Anodized Aluminium Handrail

  1. It is Anodized Aluminum which makes it more corrosion resistant than regular aluminum
  2. The satin black color matches our existing black porch railing
  3. It was a quick delivery from Amazon (for our home location)
  4. It meets commercial strength building codes
  5. My husband appreciated that the brackets pivoted to align with the studs, which according to him, made the installation a lot easier
  6. There's an anti-slip vinyl insert that installs underneath the round top part of the railing giving the railing an excellent secure grip when holding on
  7. We required the 4ft railing to extend down from the top of the porch to the bottom of the third step, and it did so perfectly!
Handrail for Front Porch

As you can see from the above photo, the 4ft handrail easily extends from the top of the porch to the bottom third step. I was surprised it extended this far down because we simply eyeballed the measurement. 

Here's another angle for you to view the look of the railing. It fits very nicely with the rod iron porch railing my stepson made for us!

What Do I Like Most About This Handrail?

What I like most is the shape, the round shape. 

Without even realizing it, I grab the railing to go up the stairs almost all the time. Since the shape is round, it's perfect for wrapping your hand around it and holding for a solid grip. 

Note that the bottom has a flat ridge where the vinyl gripping slides in, so it's not entirely round.

We purchased ours through Amazon Canada here. For those of you in the USA, I found the 2ft railing here, but no luck finding the 4ft railing at Amazon USA yet.

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  1. A handrail would be really handy on porch steps, especially in winter when steps tend to be icy. This one you chose is perfect in size, shape and looks as it blends in nicely with your porch rail and looks really nice against the brick wall. BTW, your front porch is really lovely.

  2. The older and more accident prone I become makes handrails an absolute necessity. Nice to know that they are readily available for any installation! Thanks Barbara! P.S. Your front entrance looks very inviting!

  3. What a beautiful porch & surrounding area you have, Barbara! I bet you have spent many lovely hours resting there, contemplating life and just enjoying nature. A handrail is certainly a necessity around stairs. I don't have a wall by my back stairs. I would need a separate free-standing rail, but I sure wish I had one. I've taken a few slips and falls on those stairs. A handrail would have either prevented the fall or at least allowed me to take an easier "seat" instead of fall.

  4. This handrail makes so much sense. It is also very attractive and blends in so well with your decor.

  5. I don't have walls out of my kitchen door either, but a hand would surly be handy as we get older, espeially in the winter months. By the way your walkway and porch are beautiful.

  6. What a great idea for the front porch! I think a handrail where there are steps makes good sense for anyone. It looks really natural there like it has always been there and sounds like it has some good features. I love your porch area and your flowers are beautiful!

  7. Your new porch steps handrail looks lovely, seems very sturdy and comfortable, and coordinates beautifully with the wrought iron railing your stepson made for you. (I’m a huge fan of wrought iron, BTW. What a wonderful gift from the heart!) Your porch looks so lovely!


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