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Clear Bathroom Countertop Tray Review

clear trays
When Barbara (Brite-Ideas) recently reviewed her cosmetic storage holder, I was reminded of my own difficult search for a clear bathroom countertop tray. Over several days, I looked at different products seeking the right size. I was surprised at how hard it was to find a simple countertop tray deep enough to hold bottles & containers.

I wanted something clear because I wanted it to compliment any decor changes I might make.  Plus, clear won't discolor if it gets wet and I can easily see the contents at a glance.  

Since I wanted to place hairspray, lotions and cleaners in it, I needed higher sides than most bathroom countertop trays have.  I wanted to simply be able to pick up the entire tray with contents when cleaning the countertops without spilling or dropping anything.

When I finally found one, I was so thrilled with how much easier it made my cleaning life, I purchased a tray for my husband and our son.  They need to be able to keep their daily used deodorants, shave cremes, aftershave, and colognes handy too without making cleaning a harder task.  It is so easy to just pickup the tray and wipe underneath everything all at once.

The trays I selected are listed as drawer organizers.  I have no doubt they make excellent drawer organizers, but they are also fabulous bathroom countertop trays.  The 2" sides are just tall enough to keep the contents stable when I pick up the tray, but short enough that intentional removal is easy.

The iDesign Clarity Organizer Tray

 iDesign Clarity Plastic Drawer Organizer, Storage Container for Silverware, Utensils, Kitchen Gadgets in Pantry, Cabinets, & CountertopsCheck PriceThe trays are available in several sizes, but I chose the trays that are 12"W x 4"D x 2"H.  

This size is perfect for my hairspray, daily face cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and a few other hair and make-up items.  The tray is long, which is really nice, but slender enough that it is pretty much out of the way, leaving a neat, open countertop appearance.

The trays are also easy to wash or wipe clean when needed. 

There are many places throughout the house where these trays would be handy, not just the bathroom countertop. I'm sure they would be wonderful home office organizing trays, kitchen trays, or even craft room organizers. 

This clear bathroom countertop tray would be the perfect companion for the cosmetic storage holder previously recommended by Brite-Ideas here on Review This Reviews.

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  1. Love items that help us get organized and keep things neat. These clear trays you found appear to work beautifully as countertop organizers in the bathroom. Well done, Mouse.

  2. his looks like a wonderful solution, Mouse! It certainly would make cleaning easier. Clever of you to have found drawer organizers to suit your purpose!

  3. Looks very versatile

  4. What a great storage idea for the bathroom, but I can also see it would have lots of other applications too. Thanks for doing my homework for me! This will make it real easy to get one or two when the need arises.

  5. Great idea! I like the idea of being able to easily pick everything up around the sink to clean

  6. Thanks so much for the mention! I had never considered using one of these to make cleaning easier, and of course, choosing clear to blend with any change in decor is also and excellent idea. I could use one of these. Very handy to have on hand. I love the makeup drawer sorter I purchased, and this would be a nice compliment to it.

  7. This is an excellent idea to keep everything organised and clean in the bathroom. It is also a great idea for everyone to have their own and keep products tidy! I think it would make cleaning the bathroom so much easier, thank you for this great review.


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