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Reviewing the Fiskars Clearing Machete

Why on earth would I be reviewing a machete? There are many good reasons to own a machete. Personally, I live on a piece of land with difficult terrain. While I intentionally allow some of the lot to grow wild, hopefully as welcoming habitat for the birds, butterfly, and wildlife, these weeds quickly take over areas I do not want them in. Lawn mowers and weeders (both wired and manually operated blade) do not suffice. I am very pleased with the Fiskars Clearing Machete.

The Fiskars 15" Blade Clearing Machete

After watching many machete reviews, I chose the Fiskars. To be honest, I mostly chose the Fiskars due to price point and availability (it was available here locally and I purchased it on the day I wanted to use it for the first time). While I honestly wanted to purchase some of the other machetes that were recommended, I did not feel I could spend $100 at the time. For something that I didn't know whether or not I'd be able to use it productively. I am very pleased with my purchase.

The Fiskars Clearing Machete Official Information:

  • 15" blade (24" total length)
  • curved steel blade
  • cushioned, composite, comfortable grip
  • weighs 2 lbs
  • Full lifetime guarantee
  • Nylon sheath included
Additional things I have noted, the blade is steel and reportedly can rust, however, it comes new with what appears to me to be some heavy, protective paint. I have not yet chipped or worn down that paint and I am very pleased with the blade. I am aware that tools made of steel should be stored in a dry place and benefit from being cleaned with appropriate oils.

I purchased an axe sharpener in order to sharpen my blade. While a few online reviewers complain of a dull blade, I was aware that I'd need to do some sharpening (as you need to do with axes and such) and I have only good experience with the blade sharpening and retaining the edge while using this in my yard/woods.

I LOVE the handle. It is a longer handle so I can choke up near the blade or hold on near the very end of the handle (my usual choice due to wanting distance from the thistles I'm cutting).  The handle is comfortable and I feel protected from the blade with the shape of the handle and that "bumper" between the handle and the blade.  I like that the handle also has a hole where I can insert a rope handle.

This machete is heavier than some. Two pounds is quite a bit for a woman in her late 50s to be swinging around. Two pounds is quite a bit for a younger active person to swing for an all-day job. But.... I only use it in small bursts of time. And I believe that the weight adds power to my wimpy swings. 

Yard Care

My yard is on a small mountain ridge. The slope is steep and the ground is rocky shale - from a sandy texture to very large rocks scattered everywhere. Mowing is difficult to impossible.  I have been advised to use weed control chemicals to eradicate these weeds. I do intentionally allow the weeds to grow because the monarch butterflies love the thistle, the birds love the mullein flowers, the pollinators love the assorted wild flowers, and the deer use the cover to hide in.  The problem is that all of these invasive plants, thistle, and wildflowers grow up quickly and are a nuisance where I don't want them. 

For example, the thistle grew to 6 - 7' tall behind my house (where the meter-reader needs to walk). 

The first area I cleared with the machete (the meter is to the left)
I was impressed with being able to clear out a significant portion of that thistle patch

The thistle has also grown around the back and sides of the chicken coop (allowing more cover for predators and more scratches on me when trying to herd a naughty chicken to the coop).

A manual weed cutter is very helpful for the grass-like plants that grow up to around 6 - 
10" tall in open areas.  But it does nothing for the mullein and thistle plants. And those plants got away from me.

The Fiskars machete is perfect for the larger weeds; especially the thistle. It cuts through them like cutting through warm butter.  

Outdoor Adventuring, Overlanding, and Off-Roading

When I had my Jeep and did ORV (off-road) trails and primitive camping, this machete would have been perfect! I regret not having purchased on during that time in my life.  I could have bush-whacked through brush on overgrown trails or areas where I needed to turn around but didn't have room.  I could have cleared the green brier thorny vines in areas where I needed to pass through on foot.

Hunting and Fishing

People who hunt and fish often use trails that become overgrown. In my opinion, this is a perfect tool to attach to a backpack and have along for clearing trails or sitting spots. I'm thinking of all the times I fought the thorny vines to get to my catfish spot at North Point. This machete would have been so helpful. 

Recreational Hiking Trails 

Whether trails are very remote or fairly well-used and maintained, the thorny vines often grow across very quickly. This machete is a good choice for people whose jobs it is to maintain these trails as well as people like me, back in the day, who preferred to strap on a back pack and walk the trails where others rarely walk. I am a short woman of only 5'4" so this machete hanging from my waist is not practical. But it would have been perfect tucked into the area of my Osprey pack between my back and the pack. 

Agricultural - Crop Harvesting and Brush Clearing

I cannot speak much to agricultural harvesting and machetes. I believe I have seen plenty of clips of pineapple harvesting with machetes but I may be mistaken.  I am sure that this machete would be an excellent choice for clearing fence rows of brush and plants.  I look forward to having an extra tool (non-chemical) to try to clear away some of my rampant poison ivy vines. 

I am quite sure that I am not covering most of the uses for a good machete in agriculture and forestry industries. 

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  1. This clearing machete by Fiskars looks like the perfect yard tool for your mountain property, Dawn Rae. Nice that you wish to keep parts of your land in a 'wild' condition to benefit the butterflies, birds and other wildlife, so being able to clear selected areas rather than mow it all down makes this tool very helpful. Thanks much for mentioning my Fiskars Long-Handled Swivel Grass Shears review. Fiskars makes good gardening products!

  2. Anyone who gardens, even a little, knows that Fiskars has long been a trusted name for utility tools, blades, & scissors/shears. They also make a lot of great tools for crafters & everyday household scissors. It has been my own experience that Fiskars will outlast other brands, which makes it worth a bit more in initial cost. It does sound like the machete is financially more reasonable than other brands and was the perfect tool for your brush & weed whacking chore.

  3. I think I am going to need one of these machetes. Just this morning I was thinking I needed to clear some tough weeds along my country lane. Already discovered a weed-eater won't get the job done. I need something rugged and this machete should be just the right tool. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Seems like you found the perfect tool for the job. The corner behind my garage gets over grown quickly this time of year. I believe you just recommended the right tool for me. Thanks Dawn

  5. What a wonderful, thorough review of your new Fiskars clearing machete! Having grown up in Manhattan and then having moved to the Boston suburbs in my 40s, I find the both the rural homesteading lifestyle you have chosen and your reviews that share what is involved in creating and maintaining that way of life fascinating. Fiskars is a brand that I, too, have known and trusted for six decades as a crafting enthusiast, and it seems their blades for clearing stubborn, tough weeds are just as good as those on their sewing and crafting tools. Sounds like you made a great choice for your needs!

  6. You have so much experience with the outdoors and homesteading - so impressive! The before and after picture of the machete clearing is noticeably better. Reading this, I was thinking how satisfying it would be to clear grass and brush this way - almost therapeutic!

  7. It sounds like the Fiskars clearing machete is perfect for maintaining the grounds around your home. I love that you allow the thistles, wildflowers and plants to grow naturally for the benefit of the wildlife and appreciate that you do need to control it as well. Your photographs clearly show how effective this tool is for the land and I understand how an appropriate gardening tool can really make all the difference!

  8. Dawn Rae, I'm sure that your clearing blade is going to get a great work out. I think I need to get one for my son's cottage too. There are areas in there that just need a really good sharp blade to take care of business. Thanks for this review!


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