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McIntosh Van Gogh Fine China Tea Mug with Lid & Infuser Review

Van Gogh Mug
I love my new Van Gogh fine china lidded tea mug that my son gave me for Mother's Day this year.  Not only is it beautiful, it is quite serviceable.  

The mug came with an infuser which allows me to steep my loose tea leaves in the mug, plus a lid to cover it while it steeps. 

The infuser basket fits right inside the top of the mug. The lid has an opening that allows it to slip over the basket tab and completely cover the mug. The lid can be used with or without the basket inserted. 

The basket could also easily accommodate a tea bag, but I was thrilled to be able to simply pour my loose leaf tea in the basket, pour water over it, put the lid on, and let it steep. It is nice to eliminate the need for a tea bag. I enjoy being able to purchase loose leaf tea blends that allow me to add or mix flavors as desired.

The mug and lid are made of fine bone china, therefore it is very lightweight even when it is filled with tea. The lid could also be inverted to use as a coaster.

Previously, I have always covered my tea mugs with a saucer while the tea steeps.  It is wonderful to have a perfectly fitted matching lid with this beautiful tea mug, which I will, no doubt, use every day.


Van Gogh Designs on Fine China Tea Mugs

 McIntosh Van Gogh Almond Blossom Fine Bone China (15 oz) Tea Mug with Lid and Infuser in Matching Gift BoxCheck Price The design on my mug is the Vincent Van Gogh "Almond Blossoms".  Since blue is my favorite color, it was the perfect gift choice for me. 

Thanks to Van Gogh's style, the Almond Blossoms painting looks a lot like my favorite flowering tree, the dogwood. Thus, when I look at the lovely blue mug with the ivory blossom tree, it all represents my "favorites" to me, especially since it was a gift from my favorite son.  Okay, you got me!  He is my only son, but he is still my favorite son in the whole world.

The mug, lid and basket are all dishwasher and microwave safe.  I did wash them in the dishwasher before and after the first use without any issues.  While I may choose to wash them by hand, it is nice to know they can be washed in the dishwasher.

The mug, lid and infuser set are available in several Van Gogh designs. Each comes in a matching gift box. They are all lovely!  I do believe my son has hit on a new collection that he could add to each year for several years to come. 

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  1. What a lovely tea mug. And such a thoughtful son to find a Mother's Day gift that is both practical and beautiful. The infuser and cover make this mug so perfect for a tea drinker, in addition to showing off a lovely art work design. Your son is definitely a 'keeper'. :)

  2. Oh this is beautiful!

  3. Oh, Ms. Mouse, I adore this beautiful lidded tea mug! It’s great that the infuser insert is wire mesh with small holes that don’t let a lot of the tea leaf sediment go through, and the lid to keep the tea hot is much more convenient and attractive than using a saucer as a makeshift lid. Most importantly, I absolutely love Van Gogh’s Almond Tree and own several items printed with it, including a mouse pad and a long-sleeved, silky tee (my favorite top!). Your son certainly picked out a perfect Mother’s Day gift for you. Enjoy it!

  4. Oh what a lovely gift that is for anyone who loves a good cuppa tea! I love china mugs (no I'm not a snob), but find that they keep the tea or coffee warmer for much longer than ceramic ones. Plus as you stated they are nice and light weight (great for us older folk)! You have an amazingly thoughtful son, so that is a PLUS TWO! Thanks for sharing this grea gift idea Miss Mouse!

  5. The perfect gift from the #1 son. I would love to receive this mug. I've been thinking about how much I need a mug with a matching lid. My beverages get cold while steeping or brewing. So pretty, too. Win-win. You really scored!

  6. What a wonderful gift! Love the Van Gogh design.

  7. Cynthia, that is a gorgeous mug. I love the design. It will always hold a special memory too - I find myself reaching for the mugs my kids have purchased for me on a regular basis. When I'm missing the one who has moved away, I reach for his mug, and it's like I'm holding him a little closer.

  8. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift from your son! I absolutely love this mug, it is a gorgeous colour and design and as you say is very practical as well! You will enjoy it so much and I like the idea of adding to the collection over time. This is a beautiful gift idea.


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