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Favorite Utility Gloves Review: Ironclad Gloves

One of my absolute favorite finds for working around the home, lawn or garden are my Ironclad Utility Gloves. When I needed to replace my garden gloves last year I visited my local Ace Hardware store and found these fabulous gloves in the garden/utility glove section.

ironclad gloves

It is pretty rare to pair fabulous with gloves so this is probably an indication of how happy I am to have found these gloves! They have become a go to staple for work around the house, garage, lawn and garden. So versatile, so comfy, affordable and practical.

Comfort And Fit

The Ironclad Gloves are sized which I think make ALL the difference for a comfortable fit. No more swimming in garden gloves. True to fit. The gloves have velcro straps around the wrist to ensure a solid fit and keep out all those stray yard clippings and dirt from gardening.


Yes! The gloves are washable! I used these gloves for gardening with wet spring mud and the gloves washed beautifully. But the gloves must be hung dry!


One of the best features of these gloves is the nimble feel for using with power tools, rakes and shovels. Particularly with power tools that require you to hold down a button while pressing another button to operate the tool. The gloves allow you to easily and comfortably operate small buttons or levers on power tools. 

Strength & Durability

So strong, so durable yet so lightweight. The Ironclad gloves are first and foremost  utility gloves that I happen to also use in the garden. If you have any type of plants with thorns, prickers or sharp edges these gloves work wonderfully.


I highly recommend the Ironclad Gloves for the home and yard. You will not be disappointed in the quality and versatility of these gloves. 

Where To Find Locally

My first stop to shop local is always my local Ace Hardware. This is where I originally found the gloves and their recommendation was spot on.

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  1. Gardening/utility gloves are a necessity for heavy work around the house and yard. Having a pair that fit well and perform the way you want is important. For such items, I agree Ace Hardware is the best. Having worked at 2 different ones, I can definitely attest to the quality of their products. Thanks for mentioning my Ace Hardware Review, Tracey.

  2. I wear gloves a lot when gardening and DIY as I have very sensitive skin. Also I have a lot of roses with thorns so I need to be protected when working with them. So I am always looking out for a good pair of gloves. These gloves sound wonderful and good quality with all the great features you mentioned especially the fitting, nimble and lightweight. Thank you for sharing this review with us!

  3. Sounds like a great find

  4. I've had some leather gardening gloves for over a decade that work great on those tough jobs. They have a drawstring closure at the wrist, but I would much prefer the velcro closure on your gloves. The Ironclad gloves sound like a must-have for both me and my husband.

  5. My husband does most of our yard work and also works on his 1973 Buick Centurion convertible and many of our household repairs. His poor hands always bear the brunt and he often comes away with cuts and scratches. Even when he remembers to put on his work gloves, he often pulls them off midway through the project because they interfere with his dexterity. I’m planning to share your review with him.

  6. I need to show these to my son. He has a ton of work to do at the cottage after a fierce day of winds, which took down a few pine trees. Now the clean up needs to begin. These gloves will surely be an item he will be interested in. Thanks Tracey, your timing is perfect!

  7. I could use a good pair of garden gloves - a very timely recommendation, thanks - I'll take a look at them


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