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4th of July Cookbooks - Free on KindleUnlimited

4th of July Cookbooks Reviewed -
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I was recently seeking inspiration for new 4th of July food to try for our upcoming celebration. 

Grilling burgers and hot dogs are our tradition, plus my mother makes her annual 4th of July cake, which is always colorful and pretty, but I wanted something new to add this year just for a new touch of fun.

I was thrilled and amazed to discover dozens of 4th of July cookbooks that are free with KindleUnlimited, however, I was greatly disappointed to find that most did not have photos. When searching for inspiration, photos are "essential".  

I wasn't really looking for a new recipe as much as I was seeking a new presentation for our standard Independence Day fare. I don't need step by step photos, but I do want to see the actual food prepared.  In the end, I found only 2 cookbooks that met my criteria and included photos. 

Surprisingly, not only did I find presentation inspiration, I also found a few new recipes in these cookbooks that I want to try!


Fourth of July Cookbooks 

Patriotic Recipes: Full Color Version1. Patriotic Recipes: Full Color VersionCheck PriceWe think of outdoor, summertime food for the 4th of July celebrations.. Sides like corn on the cob, potato salad, skewered veggies or kabobs, french fries, etc are the norm and Popsicles are a wonderful cool-down treat.  Of course, the red, white & blue (strawberries, bananas, & blueberries) fruit salad is a necessity.

How about adding Fourth of July jello shots!¹  Simple layered gelatin and condensed milk make a lovely presentation.

Or, perhaps the Patriotic Ice Sandwiches¹ with a cheesecake center or Firecracker Milkshakes¹ would be fun and delicious to serve.

I was also reminded of my grandmother's ambrosia salad¹ . Why have I never considered serving it for the 4th of July? Just because I was raised seeing it served for Christmas doesn't mean it should be limited to December parties & meals.

4th of July Recipes4th of July RecipesCheck PriceI laughed out loud at the idea of serving Fourth of July Toast!¹  Easy to make, yet would be a totally awesome way to start the day.

Cookies, oh, yeah! Red, white and blue cookies¹ or Strawberry Graham Cracker Bites² (with teddy bear mini graham crackers) for an all day, anytime snack. 


Now I have so many new fun food ideas that I need a week's worth of 4th's in the month of July.  Plus, I am purchasing the two cookbooks instead of just borrowing them now that I have discovered them thanks to KindleUnlimited offering them for free.

¹ Patriotic Recipes by Laura Sommers
² 4th of July Recipes by Ann Sullivan

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 4th of July Cookbooks - Free on KindleUnlimited Review by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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  1. Everything you described in these 4th-of-July cookbooks sounds yummy. My favorite is brats on the grill and fresh corn-on-the-cob with dripping butter. (Yum). And a big bowl of red, white & blue fruits. I agree with you that presentation is as much fun as the foods you decide to serve, especially when you are having a large family gathering. Happy 4th!

  2. What a great idea! Sounds like you found lots of great patriotic dishes. I'll be anxious to hear which ones worked best for you.

  3. I’m with you when it comes to wanting to see photos of the finished dishes in cookbooks, even when I’m not looking for presentation inspiration. Sorry you had to “kiss a lot of frogs” in order to find these two “handsome prince” 4th of July cookbooks! Thank goodness you had Kindle Unlimited so you didn’t have to waste money on photo-less cookbooks that would have missed the mark for your needs. The two cookbooks you ended up purchasing sound as though they are chock full of fun ideas for presenting and serving your family’s traditional 4th of July favorites!

  4. Pictures for me would also be essential to me wanting to try a new recipe. Glad you could find and share with us the two that meet that criteria! July 4th is always a celebration around our house even though we aren't celebrating Independence Day, rather we celebrate my birthday. I love the fact that my American friends are celebrating right along with me. Thanks Miss Mouse for these wonderful suggestions.

  5. I'm so hungry now! Reading all the dishes you mentioned here has me drooling. Especially Corn on the Cob, and lemon cupcakes with blackberry buttercream - that gets an omg. Patriotic Recipe books also make an excellent gift - or bring one for the host of the party as a thank you gift. Love it.

  6. I am so glad you found these cookbooks! I know you like to entertain and must be a wonderful hostess. These recipes sound delicious!

  7. I totally agree I need to see photos of the finished dish when buying a cookbook. Thank you for finding these good ones for us. I think presentation and colour is important when entertaining or celebrating any special day. The recipes sound so delicious and will make 4th July very special. Even for people not celebrating 4th July it would be worth trying out some of them!


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