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Dieting is Hard Work, But Health and Wellness is So Important! A Product Review

Dieting is never easy.  Putting on the pounds happens when we aren't looking and unless you are blessed with an amazing  metabolism that burns everything (all the calories) you will probably gain some weight over the years.

Man with a measuring tape around his waist

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It seems that women in particular have a much harder time to loose the extra pounds than our counterparts.  Why?  Well let's just say that hormones have a lot to do with that excess and why we can't seem to drop those pounds as easily.

Now I know that if you have been reading Review This Reviews, you will have come across some really good articles about a diet that seems to work for just about everyone.  Margaret Schindel and Barbara Cipak Tremblay have written about their journey with weight loss using the Keto Diet!  These two ladies are good friends of mine and while I was sceptical, I did trust that their journeys using this new way of eating were in fact the truth!

Well two years ago, I made the decision that it was high time that I took on a weight loss program again.  I had done many stints with Weight Watchers and Crash Dieting (of all kinds) and had limited success!  The problem was that none of that weight loss was sustainable for me.

I was at a point in my life where my knees hurt so badly and the excess weight that I had on my frame was not at all helping me feel better.  So after looking at this "new" weight loss system, I decided to jump on board and give it my best effort.

I am happy to say that in the last 2 years I have lost over 80 pounds and the amazing part of this is that I have kept that weight off and not regressed!  Has it been easy?  NO!  Dieting is never easy but I must say that this has been the best way for me to lose these pounds and not feel like I was missing out on life.  In my opinion, this is where many diets fail.  You feel so deprived that you break down and over indulge.  The slope is slippery once you start down that road, as I'm sure many of you are already aware.

Barbara and Margaret have done a great job in making me aware of ways to cook, bake, and all the great ways to enjoy food even in company.  No feeling like you have to watch others enjoy their meals while you nibble on a plate of greens that even Mr. Bunny might turn his nose up at.

My own personal downfall is the need for sweets.  Any diet will definitely cut most of the sweets right out of the picture.  Sugar is after all one of the biggest reasons we have a weight problem to begin with.  Enter what I have found to be a life saver in my diet lifestyle!  They are called "Love Good Fats".  
love good fats packaging

love good fats package

These bars are full of nuts and good things that are on the Keto Diet.  They are Keto Certified, Gluten Free, Kosher, and non-GMO!  Made in Canada, these bars are delicious to say the least!  When I am feeling like I'm deprived of those sweet wonders that my friends are all indulging in, I make sure I have one of my Love Good Fats Bars with me!  (I actually take two or three because my friends all want to try them too).  Now I have a special treat just for me and my feelings of deprivation are not weighing me down (pardon the pun).

I would highly recommend these bars if you are on a Keto type diet, they are tasty, full of good fats, low in sugars and other hidden calorie boosters too.  

Right now in the US, you can get some of these Love Good Fats bars on Amazon, but in Canada, you can order them directly from the company! 


 I am checking into the ability for our American friends to order directly from the company as well and will update this when I have an answer for you.  I have looked into the bars available in the States and it seems that you only have the Mint Chocolate bars available.  In Canada, we have many more options.  I will update and hopefully you too can enjoy the nutty ones we are able to purchase.   

UPDATE!!!!! You can go to the Store Locator page and see where Love Good Fats are available closer to your own State!  Just follow this link:Store Locator

Just one caveat, with Keto dieting and these Love Good Fats bars, it's very hard to stop at one!  But, if you are having success with the Keto Lifestyle, then you know how to tell yourself that one is enough or to plan your meals so that your Carb counts can be within the range you need for your own personal dieting style.

I hope this Review helps you on your journey to a healthier and more sustainable way of life and that you do take the time to read some of Barbara's or Margaret\s Keto Reviews.  They are both full of excellent information that will help you on this journey through life. 

These are just a few of the many articles that I'm sure you will find interesting and very easy to follow and make yourself. and look for articles by Barbara (Brite-Ideas) or Margaret Schindel  you will come up with more information to help you become a successful Weight Loss Warrior!

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  1. Olivia, congratulations on your success on the Keto diet. I knew you were giving it a try, but did not know you had already achieved a large weight loss. Well done. I know what you mean when you say it is hard to resist sweets. It sounds as though these Love Good Fats are the perfect choice to both satisfy your urge for a sweet and stay within your diet plan.

    1. They really are amazing and filling. Both are good things because most of the time we feel that we are left hungry and missing out. Not with these Love Good Fats bars, you really feel good when you have eaten these.

  2. I had no idea you had started the Keto diet as well Olivia. Congratulations on that tremendous weight loss. Way to go!. Sounds like these snack bars would work with just about any diet or even non-diet since they are low in sugar. Sure hope your knees are feeling better.

    1. Thank you Miss Mouse, yes the knees are much better without that extra weight on them. They still aren't perfect, but, I can cope with this. The weight loss is big for me. I have tried for years to lose these pounds and have lost some and then gained them all back with a few extra to boot. Keto is a a lifestyle and it is so easy to follow. I'm glad Barbara and Margaret got me to jump on this lifestyle change.

  3. Wow, Olivia - 80 pounds total? I’m SO impressed!!! Congratulations!!! I have heard good things about these Love Good Fats bars and have been thinking about giving them a try, and you have convinced me to order some. Thanks so much for recommending Barbara’s and my posts about our experiences losing weight on a low carb, ketogenic diet and sharing links to some of our keto recipes and food product recommendations. Much appreciated! 💗

    1. Well really I'm thanking you and Barbara! Without the input from the two of you, I may never have made the leap to the Keto lifestyle. You two are the ones that made it easy for me to start and continue. I think there are many products out there that are becoming Keto friendly because this works. People will purchase their products because they have trouble finding them in regular stores. Thanks again. for the push!

  4. Olivia, omg congratulations, 80lbs gone - that is an incredible accomplishment. I've managed about 60lbs down, and am essentially maintaining. Your commitment is inspiring. Congratulations on achieving this very difficult goal (but doable with Keto I found). Keto taught me about food, and mostly, it taught me to understand carbs. My body loves to store carbs, so reducing them way down during full-blown Keto dieting helped the fat to burn and the weight to come down. Now, I watch what I eat, and am careful (most of the time) with the amount of carbs I'll consume in a day. I also intermittent fast pretty much daily - I do 16/8 most of the time (16 hours without eating, and eating within an 8 hour window) - Again, amazing accomplishment!!! Congratulations my friend.

  5. Wow congratulations on your successful weight loss, you have really done so well!! Weight loss can be very difficult especially if we feel denied tasty foods and treats! So anything that helps is always useful and from your experience these Love Good Fats bars help to satisfy a sweet treat and are filling too.

  6. Congratulations!! Olivia on your success with your weight loss. I'm so glad you found a program to fit your lifestyle. It seems like these Love Good Fats Bars would be a great and healthy choice for anyone.


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