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Summertime and Playtime Go Together For the Whole Family

For most of us Summertime is just what we need to get us moving a little bit more!  That being said, it's also a time when family's get together more often for BBQ's and some fun!

We spent the last weekend at my son's cottage and had some really good time with two of our three grandchildren.  The third one was busy at a Horse Show.  

So we made the most of the time we had with the two younger ones!  

Cottage life is so different from everyday life in the city.  It's time to relax, enjoy the outdoors and just reconnect with our loved ones.  

My son makes sure the kids have more outdoor time and less "electronic" time especially when at the cottage.  Plus sometimes the power goes out, so there is no electricity to run those hand held games.  That is exactly what happened when we were there.  No power, so we had to make our own brand of fun.  

Enter Granddad's great idea for a fun time without the need for power.  

We are always looking for things that the kids can do while at the cottage.  Things that make them think, explore, observe and best of all move out into the wilds!  Board games are great, but sometimes you just need to get some of that pent up energy released!  

We found a great way to do just that with a Badminton Set that is so easy to set up and take down again.  

No need to bang in posts or mark out where those posts should go.  Just set it up and you are ready to go! Of course I'm talking about recreational badminton and not professional status.  This is meant for fun only!  

badminton shuttlecock

Do you want to see how easy this set is?  Well I'll tell you I was impressed with how quickly this was done!  Granddad checked out the instructions just to see if there was a hidden surprise in there.  Like some difficulty that was NOT expected.  Well I'm happy to report that there were no hidden surprises of any kind and it was as advertised, easy to set up!


 The net is pressure fitted onto the frame and stands up on it's own in minutes. Just put the base together (everything slides together), attach the net and you are ready to go! Grab a racket and shuttlecock and you are ready to play.  Make up your own rules if you really want to have some fun!  (Like first one to get a rally of 10 or more hits, gets the first popsicle)  You get the idea....

The beauty is that all you need is a flat surface to set up on and when you are done, it goes back into the box as quickly as it was set up or you can make it into a self caddy.   Not only good at the cottage, but if you go camping or to the beach this Badminton set is a great take along.  It comes with 4 rackets and 2 shuttlecocks, the net and the frame.  It has instructions as well, but even a child could put this together in minutes.  

What has us so excited about this set, is that even in our apartment, we could take this set outdoors and play on the grounds around our building.  I bet that when our neighbors see us having some fun, they would be interested in joining us for some great outdoor fun and exercise time.  

Badminton when played at a recreational pace is not so tiresome that us "older" kids can't join in the fun.  It might even do our older bones some good to get them moving about!  Just think about all the stretching and bending to get our joints moving!  Of course after all this playing is done, you can relax with your favorite beverage (you deserve it now)!

Don't let this summer pass you by without making some time for some fun in the great outdoors.

playing  badminton
badminton set

badminton set

playing badminton

Play on everyone and enjoy the summer months!  

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  1. Haven't played this in years, but what a fun idea for some outdoor playtime with the grandsons. Thanks for telling me about this set that is so easy and quick to set up and play.

    1. Pat, it honestly went together in less than 5 minutes. I was amazed and if comes down that fast too. Yet while playing it stays nicely together and unless really windy, in place too! For the windy days it does have extra ropes to anchor the set!

  2. I love this Badminton set! I used to play a lot and think this is a great idea to easily set up for temporary play. It is good to get outside and exercise at any age. Thank you for sharing this great idea.

    1. It's a great way to stretch and bend for sure. I used to play back in my youth and really enjoyed the game. We are getting a set for our apartment, we have a nice flat grassy area and I'm sure I will meet more of my neighbors once we are out there playing!

  3. Wow, what a great badminton set! We played as kids and it took some effort to get the net set up. I believe there were spikes that you had to drive into the ground to hold the net in place (like a tent). My dad and older brothers always took care of the set up. I love the set your son has! It looks like it would be very easy to pop up anywhere. Very cool indeed!

    1. Miss Mouse, less than 5 minutes to set up and take down again. It was amazing how quickly it was done and it's such a great game. There are extra ropes for really windy days, but if the day is calm there is no need for the extra support.

  4. When I was a kid we used to spend summer weekends and vacations in upstate New York, where my parents had a second home on a 17-acre piece of rural property as an escape from the intense pressure of my Dad’s job in Manhattan. We loved playing badminton! It’s a wonderful family activity that’s not too strenuous for grandparents to join in the fun. A badminton set with an easy-to-set/up net is a terrific idea!

    1. It really is an easy set up and take down. I have never been so impressed with an outdoor type activity. Yes the game itself is quite easy for us older folks too! Time to get playing again!

  5. I absolutely love Badminton! Badminton, Volley Ball and Tennis were/are my fave fun things to do. I suck at all of them, but they're so much fun. When the kids were little we set up Badminton in our backyard and at my parents house as well. Such an inexpensive, fun, healthy outdoor (or indoor activity).

  6. Wow!! what a great set up idea, I've never seen one like this before. The set we had was with poles and much more difficult to set up. What great family fun!!!


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