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The Enemy and Miss Innes (Tales from the Highlands Book 2) Book Review

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Almost a year ago, I reviewed the first book in the Tales from the Highlands series by Martha Keyes.  I truly loved The Widow and the Highlander book and I hated it when it ended.  I was saddened even more when I realized that the second book in the series had yet to be released.  Even though I did not want to, I was forced to move on, at least for a little while.  

As soon as The Enemy and Miss Innes, the second book in the Tales from the Highlands series, was released, I added it to my Kindle Paperwhite.  Unfortunately, the release wasn't the best timing for me, but the book waited there patiently.  I started reading it a week ago and was, once again, pulled back into the drama of the Highlands of Scotland in the 1700's.  Back to the days of kingdoms, lairds (lords), and a ruling hierarchy with limitless power. 

I was not disappointed!  This was a book well worth the wait.  The Enemy and Miss Innes is another fabulous book by Martha Keyes.  While it continues the series started with The Widow and the Highlander, it could be an easy stand alone book for historical fiction fans. Just because I have enjoyed this series so much, I would recommend starting with the first book in the series.


The Enemy and Miss Innes Synopsis
Tales from the Highlands Series - Scotland 1762  

 The Enemy and Miss Innes
(Tales from the Highlands Book 2)
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Malcolm MacKinnon is once again ordered to do something he does not want to do by Angus MacKinnon, the laird of Benleith. Since his mother and younger siblings are also dependent on Angus, he has no choice.  It is a well known fact that Angus is ruthless, even murderous, when he wants something. He does not hesitate to threaten Malcolms' family when faced with the least resistance. Now, Angus seeks revenge on the Innes sisters.  Since the eldest has a protector in her husband, he sets his sights on the younger sister, Elizabeth.  Her willingness to speak her mind and publicly degrade Angus has made her his latest target. 

Angus wants Malcolm to get Elizabeth to fall in love with him (Malcolm) so he has a way to get at her to exact his revenge. This "idea" doesn't appeal to Malcolm but he knows he has to at least give the appearance of trying to carry out Angus's plan.

Elizabeth Innes has been by her sister's side throughout her recent widowhood and subsequent difficulties. She is her outspoken defender and doesn't hesitant to take on anyone face to face, including Angus MacKinnon and his "second in command", Malcolm MacKinnon.  

In an effort to keep Elizabeth focused on work and out of trouble, her sister, Christina, asks her to remodel Glengour Inn, which was recently damaged by fire.  This is a task Christina readily accepts.  When she arrives at the inn to discover the innkeeper has hired Malcolm MacKinnon, she is determined to keep an eye on him. She believes he has a different agenda separate from working on repairs to the inn. 

Neither Christina nor Malcolm are happy with the current situation, but they are both determined to carry out their projects at the inn and tolerate each other.  They do not expect to end up on the same side and caring for what happens to one another.

I am thrilled to see more books have been added to this series and I am so excited to read the remaining books!

 The Widow and the Highlander (Tales from the Highlands Book 1)Check Price The Enemy and Miss Innes (Tales from the Highlands Book 2)Check Price The Innkeeper and the Fugitive (Tales from the Highlands Book 3)Check Price The Gentleman and the Maid (Tales from the Highlands Book 4)Check Price


You may also be interested in reading my previous review of The Widow and the Highlander.

The Widow and the HighlanderThe Widow and the Highlander Book Review
The Widow and the Highlander - excellent book. When Christina's husband dies, she is sole heir. His family is not willing to let her have the estate and are determined to regain control of the estate one way or another.

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  1. This sure sounds like an interesting read. I do love historical fiction, and this seems to be one that I would like. Thanks, Cynthia for the great review and recommendation.

  2. Sounds very interesting. It is so nice when you wait for a book and it was worth the wait. I always find your reviews give us just enough to whet our appetites. Thanks.

  3. Sylvestermouse, this series sounds captivating. I am so into Scottish historical fiction right now. I can't wait for Outlander (tv series to start again!) - I find myself looking for movies with a Scottish and Irish storyline. This book series is something I know I could get lost in - I rarely read fiction books, but honestly, I'm considering audiobooks like most people do. Lately I'm in need of a good distraction, and picking up this book would work for me!

  4. Oh another book for my "to be read soon" pile. I do like historical novels and this one sounds just as good as the first book from the same author. Thank you for this push to get back into the historical novels that I love so much!

  5. Sylvestermouse, I loved your earlier review of The Widow and the Highlander and am so happy to see that the second book in this series is just as wonderful as the first. It’s also great to see that even more books in this series have been published, for those of us who will likely get hooked on it! Thanks for another terrific review of historical romantic fiction.

  6. This is not a genre I generally read, but since my ancestors came from Scotland, I have a feeling I would really enjoy this book. I am particularly fond of book series, so knowing that this second book has now been published in the 'Tales From the Highlands', I will definitely be checking them out. Thanks for your review and recommendation, Mouse.


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