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The Wedding Veil Trilogy: Hallmark Movie Review

Who doesn't love a Hallmark movie Trilogy?! Welcome to the The Wedding Veil Trilogy a romcom which helps ease the way through a snowy February here in the midwest. Three tried and true Hallmark starts led by Lacey Chabert as the actor, developer and executive producer bring the mystery of the wedding veil to life and leaves the viewer eagerly awaiting each part of the trilogy.

the wedding veil trilogy banner

The story behind the mysterious vintage wedding veil is the fourth star of the trilogy as we travel along with three long time girlfriends and how the wedding veil they discovered and purchased on their annual girls trip brings future fun, intrigue and romance.

As usual with a Hallmark movie the believability of the storyline does tend to lie with the chemistry. The three movies in the trilogy have an abundance of chemistry between each of the female co stars along with their respective love interests. Movie 2 of the trilogy was filmed in Italy and the authenticity is not only believable, but gorgeous!

Hallmark fans should keep an eye out for the movies which are currently being replayed and will continue to stream on the Hallmark channel this month (and I suspect much longer due to their popularity already!)

Movie 1 The Wedding Veil Lacey Chabert & Kevin McGarry

Movie 2 The Wedding Veil Unveiled Autumn Reeser & Paolo Bernardini

Movie 3 The Wedding Veil Legacy Allison Sweeney & Victor Webster


Watch The Stars Chat about the Movies 

View on Youtube here >>

Do I need to watch the Wedding Veil movies in order?

I don't believe it is necessary to watch the movies in order! A recap of the interweaving veil theme is given at the beginning of each movie and is self explanatory. While related via the veil, the characters of each movie and the storyline can easily stand alone. 


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  1. We haven't seen any of these yet, but I'm sure Fran and I we find them soon. We are always watching Hallmark Movies. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Another fun Hallmark movie series to watch. Interesting trilogy with a theme. Thanks for recommending them, Tracey.

  3. Looks interesting. Thanks for the review and recommend.

  4. Oh, goodie! I look forward to watching this fun trilogy with some of my favorite Hallmark actresses. I haven't seen it yet, but I know I will enjoy all 3 movies. Thank you for the introduction and the recommendation. I'll be searching them out soon.

  5. This sounds like fun, heartwarming entertainment! The one set in Italy is especially appealing to me, since my husband and I honeymooned in Florence and the Tuscan countryside many years ago. Thanks for this wonderful recommendation!

  6. So much fun with a wedding veil. I like the sounds of this movie trilogy and sometimes I just want to be entertained. I was a designer/dressmaker in my past life, so I'm sure I could indulge some memories during the watching of these movies. Good things I'm sure. Thanks Tracey!

  7. I have not seen a good show set in Italy for awhile. It sounds like a good trilogy..and I am especially interested in #2 and the scenery!

  8. What a fun collection of light movies to watch during these very difficult times. I love getting lost in "mush and corn" when the world is just to hard to take.

  9. I loved these movies. I just wish Hallmark would go a little more in-depth with its movies/story lines. There is always a little missing from them. Leaving me wanting more.


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