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Affordable Good Quality Bed Sheets

Affordable Sheets that Feel Good

If you're looking for an affordable set of good-quality bed sheets, be sure to give these a second look.

Deep Pocket Sheets in Multiple Colors

These bedsheets fit our very thick mattress with two foam toppers. So if you have a standard oversized mattress minus the toppers, these should fit your bed without a hitch. The sales page indicates that these sheets accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches in depth.

Brushed Microfiber Material

The material is soft and comfortable, however, for me, they are not the highest quality compared to other sheets I've purchased, but for the price, they're perfect, they'll certainly do.

Multiple Colors to Choose From

What I like the most about this particular brand of bedsheets is the wide selection of colors. You get nineteen various choices. We went with navy blue, and it's lovely. I have to say the purple drew me in, but unfortunately, it wasn't a match for the room.

Available in Seven Sizes

These sheets come in the standard choices; King, Queen, Twin XL, Twin, Split King, Full, and California King. Of course, the deep-pocket option is available on every one of these size choices.

What I Liked Most About These Sheets

That's easy, the price. In Canada, bedsheets can sometimes be expensive. Typically, in Canada, sheets tend to range on average from $75 to $200, depending upon the quality. Recently a family member of mine purchased a set of king-size sheets for $165; however, theirs were an upgrade from the ones I bought from Amazon.

I kept my eyes open on Amazon for good-quality sheets on sale. There are better quality sheets; however, for the price, these are great.

After washing them, they went on the bed wrinkle-free.

These bedsheets are comfortable, especially considering the price.

What I Liked Least About These Sheets

They're not a top-quality set of sheets. However, the softness and price help to overlook that fact. As a backup sheet set, they're ideal.

Here They Are on Amazon:

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  1. Softness in a sheet is what I look for, Barbara, not the highest of quality or cost. We once splurged and purchased 100% Egyptian cotton sheets because everyone told us how special they were. Another time I bought a very inexpensive set of sheets from Big Lots that was 100% Polyester. Have to tell you, I find the Egyptian cotton sheets stiff and scratchy compared to the incredible softness of the inexpensive polyester sheets. So these affordable, good quality, sheets you feature here from Amazon look to be exactly what I like in a bedsheet, as well as being in my price range. Thanks so much for telling me about them.

    1. Ms. Elf, my mom gave us some top quality Egyptian Cotton Sheets, and my hubby hated them. To him they were noisy and crunchy, and wrinkly too. I thought they were ok, but he absolutely couldn't stand them.

    2. Yep - besides feeling NON-soft, my Egyptian cotton sheets wrinkle like crazy! And, they ARE noisy! I still have them, but never use them for myself. I put them on the guest bed... LOL.

  2. What a fabulous recommendation! I can't tell any great improvement in sheets that cost more. Over the years, we have certainly purchased expensive linens only to be disappointed in the longevity. I wash our sheets often and I expect them to last more than a few months. I also purchased some inexpensive sheets on Amazon that look exactly like the ones you have featured. Thus far, they have worn well, washed well, and lasted for years. I liked the first set so much that I purchased two sets for every bed in the house. None have needed to be replaced and no one has complained about them. Maybe we are all thick-skinned, but I love them!

    1. Sylvestermouse, it seems to me that inexpensive sheets (some) can be just as nice as the big buck sheets

  3. We have a king-size bed and, of course, king-size sheet sets are the most expensive. I love nice linens, but we have a mix of higher-end and moderately priced sheets. Like you, I can tell the difference and prefer our higher quality, higher thread count sheets, but our less expensive sheet sets are also of perfectly acceptable quality and allow us to rotate and launder our bed linens more often without breaking the bank.

    Thanks for recommending a nice quality, soft sheet set at an affordable price!

    1. Margaret, having a mix of two quality of sheets is pretty much what we have here as well - I do appreciate our other higher quality sets as well, but these low end ones are also a good choice for a guest room or perhaps a child's room. If saving money is paramount, these sheets aren't too bad.

  4. Good sheets are great to have and I enjoy having nice linens on my bed. When we have company come and stay overnight, I love the idea of putting nice sheets on the beds in our spare room for our company. Thank you for this recommendation for nice quality sheet sets at a price that doesn't break our bank.

  5. There is nothing that I like better than nice, soft comfortable sheets on the bed. We always have extra sets of sheets, and always try to look for bargains. These sheets are a great price for what you described. Thanks for the recommendation.


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