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10 Ideas on How to Unwind When Life is Nothing But a Big Knot


10 Ways to Unwind and Destress

How do you manage this crazy life? 

I know! Sometimes we can't!

When life gets too otherworldly, we can implement techniques to bring ourselves back to earth. But sometimes, spiritually leaving earth is the break we need!

Here are Ten Ideas on How to Destress and Unwind

(1) Go For a Walk

If you're able to handle walking, in my opinion, that's the best way to try and clear your head. Health permitting, physical movement is free and something we can do almost anytime, anywhere.

(2) Aromatherapy

Choose a scent that relaxes you. I love anything lemon or eucalyptus. How about you? What is your favorite candle scent?

(3) Meditation, Mindfulness, and/or Prayer

Whatever your belief system, focus on the combined power of body, mind, and spirit. I pray all the time and everywhere. You can also try repeating short, positive reinforcing phrases whenever negative thoughts creep over you. On really tough days, I've often been in a constant state of prayer repetition. For me, I find peace when I pray for others.

(4) Sleep

Are you overtired? Have you been restless and unable to get a good night's sleep? Admittedly it's hard to sleep on demand; otherwise, you would have slept, right? Try to take a nap or two (if you can), listen to relaxing music, or use the app "Calm." 

(5) A Hot Drink - Perhaps a Flavored Tea or Other Treat

A soothing hot beverage (as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory often said, lol). It sounds too simple, doesn't it? A warm drink is comforting - he was right.

(6) A Day on the Couch, or in Bed, Doing Nothing, Watching Movies

Sometimes we just need to stop. Even when we feel we've been unproductive and don't deserve to stop, that's when we should stop. Watch your favorite movie with a warm blanket and a nice hot beverage!

(7) Drink More Water

For some people, drinking water is difficult. My mother-in-law wasn't a water drinker, so I get it. However, if you can handle drinking water, get a good six cups a day. To achieve the six-cup threshold, try to drink two cups in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two at night. 

(8) Turn Off the Negative News

We are bombarded with so much negativity these days. Be proactive with what you allow in your head. It's ok and necessary to be up-to-date and informed, but there's no need to have that news be on repeat and consume our lives. I'll venture a guess that most people in your life, directly or indirectly, are good people. The news does not reflect the life most of us are living. In the early 2000s, I was so consumed by the news that I wrote these song lyrics about the state of the planet. I proactively moved forward, and years later, followed up with this poem about Good People.

(9) Laugh! Watch or Read Something Funny

Skip movies and tv shows about crime, death, stealing, hate, and war. Don't turn those shows on when you're in a funk. Basically, turn off the ugly side of humanity. Go straight for humor. 

(10) Be Grateful - Practice Inner Truth

When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I give myself a shake and remind myself how lucky I am. I'm actively grateful for things like running water, electricity, and plumbing! Truth is a self-searching technique I use. I force myself to examine my truths, be honest with my feelings and acknowledge my imperfections and how I can be better to those around me and myself.

If you need a bit of daily inspiration, I've put together a 50-year collection of personally authored poetry that focuses on a variety of human emotions:  Soul Searching, Destiny, World and Life, Love and Heartache, Death and Loss, Humor and Sarcasm

We Will Have Morning Smiles
We Will Have Morning Smiles - Available on Amazon

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  1. Barbara, you are such a talented writer. Your poems are particularly thoughtful, insightful and caring. I just read your poem 'Where have all the leaders gone" and 'wow, just wow. So when the day or the week or life in general gets too overwhelming, your "We Will Have Morning Smiles" is the perfect companion to a Day on the Couch with a warm blanket and a hot drink!

  2. Oh Dear Barbara, I agree with all of your 10 ways and have incorporated most of them at one time or another. I do walk daily and say my prayers at the same time! It's hypnotic and peaceful and a great way to encounter the great outdoors. Swimming is my other passion when I'm stressed. Thank God for indoor heated pools! Afternoon naps are good too! Thanks for this comprehensive list of things to do when you are stressed, I know they work for me, each and everyone of them!

    1. Olivia, oh yes, I have to agree, swimming is so calming!

  3. Stress grabs us all at times and often without forewarning. It is hard for me to force myself to "calm" & "relax" when something hits out of the blue that I can't control. However, I definitely find peace in prayer and letting go of the uncontrollable to the One who is in control. Of course, I tend to take it right back again after a short respite. I love all of your ideas & tips, especially turning off the news. A walk, hot chocolate and a warm hug go a long way for sure, but laughter (when you can find it) is truly the best medicine.

    1. Time for my Funny Word Search Book by my favorite author, that just arrived a few days ago!!!

    2. Sylvestermouse, thank you so much for all your support with my endeavors, I appreciate you very much. In the funny word search book, head over to puzzle 31 "funny tooth fairy traits" lol - I had a blast coming up with funny phrases for that one, ie: "prefersadultteeth" (haha) - re this article, you're so right about relaxing on demand being extremely challenging - I've been going through this lately and have had to actively work to get my center back, then fall of track, then have to pull myself back together (rinse and repeat)

  4. All wonderful ideas to help calm down. Lately I've been drinking a lot of water, and I love the smell of pine, it takes me out like I'm in the woods.

    1. Water is so important - so simple, and such a helpful part of staying healthy physically and mentally - the smell of Pine, oh yes!!!

  5. Barbara dear, these are all such wonderful suggestions for helping to center ourselves, so we can find the inner calm and perspective to reframe our views of and attitudes towards the things that are overwhelming and stressing us out. I will be printing this out and referring to it often, my friend. Your insights and pearls of wisdom about navigating and making the most of our time here are always appreciated and inspiring.

    1. Margaret, thanks for all your support. It's been a trying time for so many, me included, so I've had to implement several of these daily

  6. These are 10 wonderful, practical ways to help us when we need to relax and destress. Thank you so much. If I am feeling overwhelmed my first choice is always to get out into nature, so a walk in the woods, by a stream, in the garden, anything like that is always helpful. If I cannot do that practicing mindfulness/meditation is very grounding and I love a warm comforting drink. I do agree that there is so much negative news these days and its available all the time. So it is good to switch off from time to time, limit news to half an hour a day, have news free days or even weeks when you need it. Also a really good funny film can give a respite from the stress and laughter is so good for us. I love reading your inspirational insights, thank you.

    1. Ms. Raintree, thank you. Going out in nature is the best - it's so cold here today, brutal actually, something like -20c - what I did was open my bedroom window, sit in bed with a heating pad and blankets and enjoyed the ice cold fresh air for half an hour - I need outside air!


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