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Metal Wind Spinners For The Garden Reviewed


Metal Wind Spinners
Metal Wind Spinners For The Garden Reviewed

I wanted to buy a wind spinner to place in our garden for some time. I have admired them in others people's gardens and a few months ago we bought two!

How Metal Wind Spinners Add To A Garden

I do like a wind spinner in the garden. In this review, I am covering Wind Spinners that stake into the ground. There are also those we can hang up. They are a joy all year round. In the winter they are a lovely sight when perhaps there is not so much interest in the garden and when the sun shines on a cold frosty day they really do look gorgeous

In a storm or even just when windy they do spin round and provide lots of movement for a sculpture. In Spring they seem to compliment the emerging bulbs and fresh green shoots and spin more gently in the breeze.

In summer they may be calmer and with perhaps less breeze a more static feature but beautiful and providing height and a lovely focal point. In autumn we have the breezes picking up and the wind spinners back in action shining out as the plants start to retreat. 

If a garden needs a sculpture or a little drama and movement or even just in winter when it may be a little lacking in interest a wind spinner can provide a little colour and drama to the space. 

Metal Wind Spinner spoons
Cup Or Spoons Metal Wind Spinner

If the garden is full of colour a natural bronze or silver wind spinner can calm and ground the space complimenting the flowers while they bloom and be a constant in the ever-changing bud to bloom to fading process. Or a fun colour Wind spinner can simply add to the riot of joy!

The weather can be dull, windy, rainy, snowy or bright or golden sunlight and a wind spinner or two can really shine out in the garden and give it a beautiful constant focal point. 

Metal Wind Spinners leaves
Leaf Metal Wind Spinner In The Breeze!

Ours are two bronze metal wind spinners. I wanted ones that are robust, long-lasting, beautiful and timeless.

I also wanted ones that really spin fast in the wind and have a reference to nature so a natural shape and feel to them. 

Ours have integral long stakes that you simply push into firm soil. I love the way the metal shines when it is sunny and gives a gorgeous bronze glow.

They certainly do spin well in the winds yet have not fallen over or become damaged even in a recent storm. 

Metal Wind Spinners stake
Metal Wind Spinner On Stake

Where To Site A Metal Wind Spinner

Keep them in a place clear from other vegetation. If they are too close to the other plants the plants can become tangled up in the spinner and that is not good for the plants or the wind spinner.

They do need to have a firm anchor in the ground. This can be into the soil itself or into pots  I have mine in pots on the patio and the stakes are firmly deep into the soil. You do need to test that they are firmly anchored and secure.

I also find watching our wind spinners very relaxing. A gentle breeze and they turn around slowly almost meditatively and in a storm they really spin round with energy! 

We have them in sight of our windows so even on a very windy cold or rainy day we can watch them in comfort. I think it is good if you can see them from a window so you can enjoy them all year round whatever the weather. 

Wind spinners take up little room and would be totally suitable for a large garden to a small patio area as long as they can be securely pushed into the ground.

 I have not noticed any particular noise from ours but some do emit a gentle sound when they spin. 

Leaf Metal Wind Spinners
Leaf Metal Wind Spinner On Long Stake

Wind Spinners And Wildlife.

Much as I wanted a wind spinner, I was a little concerned at first that our local wildlife might not like them and stay away from our patio. 

I had read that they can scare birds away and even that they can be useful as a benign deterrent if you want to keep birds off fruit or vegetables or freshly sown seed. 

However, I need not have worried as our garden birds took no notice of them at all! 

The sparrows still come in small flocks to pick grit from our wall, flying straight over one wind spinner, the blackbirds visit the patio for food in the pots happily kicking out the soil to look for food in even the pot I had spiked the wind spinner and nothing seems to mind in the slightest. We currently have small birds scoping out the bird boxes and sparrows noisily debating over who gets the best place in the eaves this year.

Even the neighbour's cat is not remotely afraid of the wind spinners as he calmly sat watching them while washing his fur the other day.   

Bronze Metal Wind Spinner
Leaf Metal Wind Spinner In Bronze

However, I must remember that our garden birds are very used to us and to us moving things around on our patio. They have never been hurt or afraid. It is pretty much their garden, we just visit it from time to time! In fact, during the breeding season, we often get chittered and scolded for daring to be in their garden! They are wild birds but very confident around us. 

I do however keep the wind spinners away from the bird feeders and the birdbath and any known nesting sites in the shrubs just in case they find it distracting.

If you are concerned about scaring the birds but want a wind spinner simply place it in an area where either you know birds do not frequent much perhaps close to the house and monitor it. If you do have seeds, fruit or plants you want to protect from birds a wind spinner placed nearby may act as a deterrent but I can't promise it. Success with that may depend on how your birds view you and your garden! 

Spoon Metal Wind Spinners
Spoon Or Cup Metal Wind Spinner In Bronze

A Wide Choice Of Metal Wind Spinners

I think they make a beautiful gift for anyone who loves their garden and would like some added interest. Wind spinners are available in such a wide range of choices there is something for everyone. 

Ours are bronze look and one is a leaf shape and one is a spoon or cup shape.

 There are wind spinners of plain colours or many vibrant colours and everything in between. Many have gorgeous shapes and either beautiful colours or natural tones, all equally stunning.

 There is a wide range of sizes and prices from affordable to high-end. 

I would certainly buy more wind spinners for our garden and buy them as gifts. I love our bronze wind spinners and the next time we buy one it may be a cheerful brightly coloured one for fun. It was hard to choose just four for this selection but I have tried to show the variety available.  

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  1. A wonderful article on wind spinners.This will certainly enhance my garden.The metal ones look really cool.Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the article. I love metal wind spinners, they do look great in the garden.

  2. Oh I love wind spinners too. In my garden we had at least two of them and they did indeed give a nice focal point for an otherwise dull part of the garden. They are lots of fun to watch and depending on the type you get they can be quite hypnotic. Great for sitting in a garden and contemplating life! I love this review Raintree Annie! And I love wind spinners!

    1. Thank you! Metal wind spinners can certainly brighten up a dull part of the garden. I agree they can sometimes be mesmerizing especially in a moderate wind and relaxing too!

  3. I too love wind spinners. I have two in our yard, one in the front and one in the back garden. I also have given them for gifts. Thanks for the interesting review.

    1. Thank you! Yes I do think metal wind spinners make good gifts as well. I am glad you enjoyed my review.

  4. I've always admired wind spinners in neighbors gardens. I particularly like your bronze ones featured here - a nice earth-tone nature color. Such an interesting review of wind spinners, Raintree Annie. Loved your description about how your birds consider your garden THEIRS and just allow you to visit now and then. :) You obviously have a very friendly garden.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed my review. Yes I do love the natural tones of the bronze wind spinners, they do look gorgeous in the garden. Yes its true these birds in our garden do consider it theirs, we just visit now and again lol! We have made our garden very wildlife friendly and do enjoy it ourselves too! :)

  5. I'm so glad you found wind spinners that you love! My sister gave our parents a wind spinner and sadly they do not have enough wind (thanks to they beloved trees) to make it spin. It will turn a little but not with the full delightful rotation. That may have something to do with the intricate design of the spinner she chose too. Your wind spinners seem to be a basic windmill design and I love the leaf shape!

    1. Yes I think the design of the wind spinners we have mean that even a little breeze does turn them around. We do live in an area where from autumn to early summer we do not have a shortage of breezes and strong winds! However in summer it can be quite still, but I do like the wind spinners even on still days as a garden ornament to admire. Yes I agree the leaf shape is gorgeous! Thank you

  6. I adore the look of the wind spinners you chose! They're both wonderful and I love the beautiful bronze finish to add a subtle touch of color to your garden. (I bet a raw copper wind spinner would develop a lovely patina after being exposed to the elements for a while.) I'm especially fond of the one with the gracefully curving leaves you chose. Even though the shortage of direct sunlight on our front yard (and the steep slope of our backyard) mean that we aren't able to do much flower gardening, I think a wind spinner (or two) might add a wonderful, kinetic, decorative accent to our front or back yard. Our house is atop a hill, so we do get a fair amount of breeze and wind when the weather is of a mind to provide it. Thanks so much for the wonderful review, photos and recommendations!

    1. Thank you, yes I love the bronze colour and the shapes of our wind spinners. I agree being exposed to the elements would only enhance a copper wind spinner. I like the more brightly coloured ones too perhaps for a dull area of the garden. I think a couple in your garden would look really lovely and quite a perfect location for them. I am happy you enjoyed my review!

  7. The leaf wind spinner is beautiful. Yes, I would put one of these in my front yard - if it discouraged squirrels and raccoons that would be an added bonus - it's a regular bugs bunny show in our yard with all the trees - this is a lovely idea for a housewarming gift as well.

    1. They are lovely, thank you. I had not thought of raccoons and squirrels! We do not have raccoons but do have occasional visiting squirrels though I have not seen them near the wind spinners yet. A wind spinner would be lovely in your front yard I'm sure and that is a good idea to give one as a housewarming gift!

  8. What a delightful addition to the garden. We have little windmills that we add to our potted plants for our deck in the summer. I like your selection especially the one that looks like spoons. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I think they add to the garden too. Your windmills sound lovely! The one with spoons is especially good at catching the wind so spins even with a slight breeze. Both metal wind spinners are very sturdy and well made.


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