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Sleepy Time Gifts for Kids - Review

Wolf on a rock looking at the moon

Everyone is familiar with the Aesop Fable about a 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'. Well, how about a grandson in wolf's clothing. 

Boy wearing wolf pajamas

Grandson David loves everything to do with the theme of wolves. His bedroom is decorated with wolf pattern sheets and bedspread. He requested a handmade plush wolf from his grandma who crochets, along with his birthday wolf toy to put on his headboard. And he is quite the budding artist and created his own website for his wolf-related pencil art work he calls Art Wolf.

Image of pajamas with a wolf design

Therefore, when his mom told me that suggestions for Christmas gifts included new pajamas, naturally I sought out Wolf-themed PJs

Animal Related Sleepwear

In addition to wolves, children love animal themed pajamas. Probably the most popular animal among the youngest children is dinosaurs. I know David's little brother Tyler LOVES dinosaurs! 

Dinosaur pajama sets
Dinosaur Pajamas

Disney animals are also favorites. Little girls love Marie, a favorite cat from the Aristocats movie.

Disney cat pajama set
Disney Girls Aristocats Pajamas

Dogs and Cats are beloved by children. This puppy pajama set would delight any little girl.

Puppy pajama set
Puppy Pajamas

And, of course, you can never go wrong with bears – the most popular animal of all.  Any bear from teddy bears, cartoon bears, panda bears and that favorite Winnie-the-Pooh bear would please any kid to wear to bed. 

Winnie the Pooh pajama set
Winnie-the-Pooh Pajamas


Family Christmas gift image - grandson wearing new wolf pajamas
David in his Wolf Pajamas

So, any time you need a gift for a child, just remember that pajamas are always appreciated by mom, and favorite animal designs please the children.  David was delighted with his (grandma-sent) wolf pajamas this past Christmas.

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Sleepytime Gifts for Kids Review written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. Oh what lovely pajama sets these are. I can imagine that any child would love having a set or two of these. I happen to love the "Pooh"jamas myself! Sometimes it's hard to find funky neat things for boys, but you have done that for us. Thanks Pat! All of these are so nice I really would have a hard time picking just one set!

    1. Thanks, Olivia. If you're buying PJs for kids, picking their favorite theme (like a favorite animal) is always a good choice.

  2. Ah,Pooh! Sure hope the Pooh pjs come in adult sizes. I love all of the featured pajama sets. I must agree with David about the wolf. He is awesome and David is quite handsome modeling the wolf pjs too. My son, on the other hand, would have agreed with Tyler. He has always loved dinosaurs. My daughter adores cats, so you have her covered here. As for the puppy, will I guess their daddy will have to sport the cute puppy with the daisy eyes.

    1. Glad you enjoyed these animal pajamas, Mouse. David loves his wolf PJs.

  3. Each of these cute PJ sets is cuter than the next! Those wolf pajamas are very sharp and definitely enhanced by their very handsome and talented model, David). The dinosaur, puppy, kitty and teddy bear pajamas would also appeal to lots of kids. Pooh holds a special place in my heart! My niece has suggested getting PJs featuring the boys’ then-current favorite interests or characters as Christmas gifts for her sons a few times and they have always appreciated them. Thanks for such terrific recommmendations!

    1. One can never go wrong with new pajamas for kids, Margaret. And choosing designs that reflect the child's favorite interests or characters is always a hit, like David and his wolf PJs.

  4. Ms. Elf, these are super cute and so is your grandson :) - I love that your grandson has 'everything wolf' for decor and his PJs. What a terrific theme to work with - not to mention, you get to think about wolfs, including pajamas, every time you shop for the young fellow. The jammies are lovely; the kitty ones are my personal fave :)

    1. Thanks, Barbara. David has had his 'fandom' for wolves for 3 years now and it seems to be his favorite. Having pajamas with a wolf design was the perfect gift for him.

  5. These PJ sets for children are wonderful! Love the wolf set, that is very cool for your grandson. All the animal related ones are so cute. PJ's are always a great gift idea for Birthdays and other special occasions.Thank you for a lovely selection.

    1. I agree that pajamas make the perfect gift for kids because they grow so quickly, so PJs are always needed. Having so many favorite designs to choose from makes it easy to please the child you are gifting.

  6. What a wonderful selection of PJ set for the kids. Your grandson David is the perfect model sporting those wolf PJs. Our granddaughters are all about Unicorns, especially PJs.

    1. Unicorns would be really cute as a design on PJs, Sam. Glad you enjoyed seeing David enjoy his wolf pajamas. Fun to follow favorite themes our grandchildren like when we buy gifts for them.


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