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Protective Apparel for Motorcyclist

protective motorcycle apparel
I have wanted to write this review on protective apparel for motorcycle riders for a long time.  I have hesitated because I am not an expert on motorcycle gear, but I am an expert on loving a motorcyclist.  Therefore, I have a vested interest in buying and wearing the best apparel when riding a motorcycle.

The day my husband brought home his first "married life" motorcycle, I threatened divorce.  Not because of the money, but because of the dangers associated with motorcycling. 

Of course, I recognize how much fun it is to ride a motorcycle, to feel the freedom associated with the wind blowing through your hair (if you have any!)  I know it feels like you are blowing the cobwebs from your mind and experiencing nature.  I sincerely want everyone to be allowed to enjoy life and adventurous activities, but I would like for them to do so as safely as possible.

Whether you are riding a motorcycle in busy city traffic or bouncing a cycle on off-road trails, there is the danger of injury.  I have seen firsthand what those injuries look like on the way to emergency care facilities.

Therefore, my best advice, and what I can live with for my own motorcyclist, is to wear protective apparel.  This apparel provides a double layer of protection for my husband.  His skin, bones, and brain are better protected in the case of an accident, plus he is protected from my verbal assault each time he tries to sneak out alone with his girlfriend (of course, I mean his motorcycle).


Protective Motorcycle Apparel
Both Driver & Passenger Need the Same Level of Protective Apparel

These recommendations are based on my own personal experience as well as my husband's shared experience.  He has tried a greater variety of items and I had the benefit of his expertise when making my own motorcycle apparel selections.

#1: Helmet -  From birth as a motorcyclist, we all know a great helmet is imperative for protection, as well as the law in many places.   There are a lot of considerations and options when selecting a helmet.  To start with, you may prefer an open face helmet to a full face helmet.  Plus, size matters!  I highly recommend visiting a local cycle shop and trying on several helmets, even if you plan to seek out the best deal online.  In doing so, I found I could not tolerate a full face helmet myself.  I personally chose the Shoei J-Cruise Helmet.  It is lightweight to wear and I love the retractable inner sun visor (goodbye sunglasses).  The top ventilation allows air on my scalp which keeps me from sweating.

 Shoei Neotec II Helmet (X-Large) (Wine)Check Price Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet (Medium) (Blue Metallic)Check Price


 KLIM Induction Touring Motorcycle Jacket Men's Medium Hi-Vis - Monument GrayCheck Price#2: Armor Plated Jacket - Many motorcyclists don't consider how vulnerable their backs, elbows and shoulders are to severe injury if they happen to lay down a bike.  In fact, those injuries could take you out of the motorcycling world for a long time, if not forever.  You need your back, shoulder & elbow strength for driving a motorcycle.  Therefore, we wear and recommend motorcycle jackets with removable armor, which allows you to wash the jacket.

I would also note that I recommend a jacket with high visibility strips or contrast on the back so automobile drivers are more likely to see you.  

Other reasons I selected my Tour Master Pivot Motorcycle Jacket shown below, I love the ventilation, the wrist velcro that allows me to tighten around my gloves, and the removable quilted liner that makes it all-weather wear.

My husband has several motorcycle jackets (all with armor), but his favorite motorcycle jacket is the lightweight KLIM Induction Touring Jacket shown below because it is cool enough to wear in the summer.  

In summer, all jackets get too warm off the cycle, but some, like the recommended KLIM, are comfortable when riding.

 TourMaster Women's Pivot Textile Touring Motorcycle JacketCheck Price TourMaster Women's Pivot Textile Touring Motorcycle Jacket (Back)Check Price


#3: Pants - Pants with protective armor in the knees and abrasion resistant fabric to protect legs is truly imperative.  I see a lot of riders wearing jeans, but they are no match for asphalt or gravel.  Missing that trip to the ER over asphalt burns or ripped skin with embedded gravel will make this purchase well worthwhile. 

I chose the Tour Master pants for myself mostly because I wanted the pants that would zip to the jacket giving my center body complete protection.  However, there are several reasons why they make a great choice including the removable liner, adjustable velcro waist, and zipper pockets.

My husband also prefers his Tour Master Caliber 2.0 motorcycle pants.

 Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Women's Textile Motorcycle PantCheck Price Tourmaster Men's Caliber 2.0 Motorcycle PantCheck Price

#4: Protective Motorcycle Boots - When I see a rider wearing sandals, all I can say is "seriously!".  Please value your feet and ankles enough to cover them with protective boots made for motorcyclists.  You use your feet constantly.  Give them the needed support and protection they deserve.

I chose the Oxford Valkyrie leather boot with a bit of a heel.  As you can see, they have a more feminine appeal with their attractive stitching, but they do provide the needed protection with a reinforced shank and ankle.  Plus, they are waterproof!

The Firstgear Kilimanjaro boots are made of durable leather and have comfortable, waterproof, & breathable lining.  Plus, lots of protective reinforcement in the shin, ankle, toe and heel.  That makes them a great choice for safety and function.

 Oxford - Women's Valkyrie Waterproof Leather BootsCheck Price Firstgear Kilimanjaro Waterproof Boots (11) (Black)Check Price



 KLIM Inversion Pro GlovesCheck Price#5: Gloves -  Please, please, please, protect your hands!  Bicycle gloves are not motorcycle gloves.  

Even as a passenger, I wear my motorcycle gloves. I chose the Cortech Heckler Gloves.  They provide excellent protection & warmth while being attractive.

Let's face it, your hands or head will most likely take the first contact with the ground in an accident. 

My husband prefers the Klim Inversion Pro Motorcycle Gloves. They have goatskin leather palms, high tech padding on the back of hand and fingers, and wind-stopper liner to keep your hands from getting cold.


The items shown in this article are our motorcycle protective gear choices.  I hope this helps you select your own riding apparel.  Have fun, but above all else, stay safe!

Motorcycle Protective Apparel
Cynthia Sylvestermouse & Her Mr. Motorcycle Mouse

House of Sylvestermouse

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  1. Ah, ha.... Mouse and Mr. Motorcycle Mouse. Great picture and fun times you two are having. I agree that anyone riding motorcycles needs protective gear. My BIL (sister's hubby) had a motorcycle 'way back when' and they would take short rides together. They DID "lay down" the bike on a shoulder one day and my sister ended up with a badly scratched up leg from gravel which left a few permanent marks. No protective gear except helmets. That was the end of their shared hobby. So, protective motorcycle gear is an absolute must. You never want to learn the hard way.

    1. Thank you Elf! We have definitely had some fun rides with the sidecar. I am not comfortable on the backseat of a motorcycle and the sidecar allows me to share my husband's activity.

      I am really sorry to hear that the accident ended your sister and her husband's shared hobby, but I completely understand why. Once hurt, you aren't quick to want to jump right back on, especially if it isn't a passion of your own.

  2. What great picture and fun times for sure. I know first hand how important all of this protective gear is. I my younger days I had a motorcycle. I was out riding one day wearing jeans, when I got home and got off the bike my leg hit the exhaust pipe. Well, I'm you know how hot they get. It burned right through my jeans to my leg. I should have had those pants.

    1. Oh, man! I definitely know about those exhaust pipes. They are one of the biggest reasons I don't like riding on the same seat behind my husband. For a cycle to fit his height, I would feel like I was hopping off the cycle no matter how much he leaned it for me and I have been afraid of the exhaust pipes since I was a child. Never got burned myself, just heard others talk about how horrible the burns are.

  3. Sounds like some great advice. I still have a scar on my leg from hitting the exhause pipe the only time I rode on a motorcycle (over 60 years ago). I remember the ride was fun.

    Have fun and enjoy your rides. Love your photo and your big smile!!

    1. Thank you Mary Beth! We have had a lot of fun with the sidecar which eliminates the concern of the exhaust pipe for the rider.

  4. Sylvestermouse, my husband loves riding his motorcycle and I feel exactly the same way about that as you do about your husband's love for it. (The difference is that I'm too chicken to ride with him unless we're somewhere remote enough that there are few other vehicles around, lol!) When we started dating, I let him know in no uncertain terms how uncomfortable I was about the dangers of riding a motorcycle and insisted that, at the very least, he invest in more protective attire. I remember well our first outing to shop for an armored leather jacket and appropriately padded and protective gloves. I persuaded him to invest in the jacket he really loved, which was more expensive that what he had hoped to spend but which was comfortable, very well armored and showed off his slim waist and broad shoulders to advantage. (I knew that if he felt great in it, he would be more likely to wear it consistently.) That was more years ago than I can count and he still loves it! And I definitely feel less stressed and worried when he goes out for a ride knowing that he is as well protected as he can be for that activity.

    It's great that you have also been able to find comfortable and protective motorcycling gear for yourself when you accompany hubby on his rides, especially a good helmet. I hate wearing helmets, but when he bought us a pair of Segways, he found me a helmet that is protective but also lightweight, comfortable, not completely enclosed and, like yours, has a magnetic removable sunscreen that I really like.

    Thank you for encouraging more people to invest in, and wear, good quality, protective gear for their motorcycle rides. It's so important!

    1. In my opinion, motorcycle protective gear is essential. It doesn't surprise me that you and I are like-minded on this, or any, issue.

  5. Wow, I would never have guessed that Mr and Mrs Mouse were into motorcycles. I love it. My son had a motorcycle when he was just turning 20 and it scared the heck out of me. He was into the racing bikes and I would not let him get on it until he had at least purchased clothing to protect himself. He was a great bike driver, but I can't say that I was sad when he gave up the bike for a car. My heart started to beat a little more normally after the bike was gone. He sold the bike and gear and managed to get his money back out of it. So, all in all it was an experience. I could not agree with you more about protecting yourself and your body. You only have the one and it should last till your 70's, 80's and beyond!

    1. lol, Olivia! So true about only one body and it needed to last us. To be honest, I can't say that I am "into motorcycles". Certainly, my husband loves them, but I only ride to be with him. Without the sidecar, you wouldn't catch me on one unless it was a real emergency and the only form of transportation. I also admit, I am so grateful that neither of our children inherited his affinity for cycles.

  6. Oh my, this equipment is imperative! I'm so glad my boys never got into this sport, because it was hard enough with the other sports! The equipment is extremely attractive though. Committing to this sport (I know I call it a sport when it's technically not if done for leisure) takes a great deal of responsibility. Dressing safely is essential, and you look good too!

    1. Obviously, I agree with you Barbara about the protective apparel being imperative (love that word, btw). Motorcycles don't play well with cars & trucks and skin/bones don't play well with pavement. I know for a fact the right apparel can save skin, bones and even lives.


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