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Do I Really Want to Sell My Home? That is the Question in the Spring Air?

Do You Really Want to Sell Your Home? Or Do You Just
Need a Change? Heart Rug Featured Here
Don't Let Spring Push You Into Selling Your Home Just Because You're Getting that 'Fresh-Air Fresh-Start Itch'

Twenty-five plus years in Real-Estate allowed me to see first hand the many reasons people decide to sell their home. Believe it or not, boredom of environment or needing a change was one of those reasons; especially during spring time when that 'new beginning' feeling hits!

If you've ever sold a home, you've probably received the standard good advice to 'neutralize' your color schemes. The suggestions may have also included, to create a consistent flow between spaces, to repaint with neutral colors, to de-clutter, to remove large furniture in small spaces, and most of all, to limit patterns and prints where possible. Having your home professionally staged may have also been talked about ... good advice.

However, if the only reason you're selling your home is because you're feeling the need for change, then the first thing you should do to Fully Test that urge is to re-arrange a room, and if
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affordable, change it up by adding MORE color and interest

Pick colors and patterns that you and your family like. Throw out 'the house selling rule book' (to a point!), and decorate in a way that reflects your own personal likes. 

If you've never attempted to work with color and pattern, here you'll see an example of  how to choose a patterned couch with a patterned rug. It also features a handy short video on mixing color with pattern.

When spending a lot of money isn't an option, keep the room changes simple, try these five things first:
  1. Repaint the room
  2. Rearrange the furniture
  3. Create a new focal point
  4. Add accessories
  5. and sorry, clean and de-clutter
Focus on the things you like, but start first with 'the mood' you want to create; airy, fun, electric, cozy, serious ... you get the picture. Even if your existing pieces don't fit into your mood choice, use the things you add to do that task; paint, pillows, blankets, rugs, window coverings, or if you're going all out, furniture.

If you're thinking this is too much work, then think about all the time, expense, and energy it will take to sell your home. When you're just not sure what to do .. to stay or to go .. redo at least one room in the home before you make that larger choice to sell. 

Oh, and if you re-decorate that one room with neutral tones only because you think that's practical for resale, well, you're subconsciously out the door already! So resist that, and decorate that room in your own true funky fashion. Give it your touch.

When you're finally ready to sell, then go neutral-mad. But remember to test yourself with this re-do challenge, and ask yourself, do I really want to sell my home?

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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  1. Good advice. I never want to move again, but know it's somewhere in my future or I will die with two homes.

    1. Barbara I'm right there with you about moving, it's a big deal to move. Exhausting. We're about 5 years away from possibly making a move. We'll see.

  2. Funny you should mention having your home 'professionally staged', Barbara. My son just did that this week to prepare for pictures as his home was listed for sale this past Friday. But they ARE moving due to job transfer. To move just because you might be tired of your present abode can easily be tested by redoing a room with a fresh look as you've mentioned here. Good ideas!

    1. Yes, it's hard for some to understand the difference staging can make on the price you end up selling for. If it's affordable to do, it's worth doing.

  3. We've been in our wonderful new home a month shy of four years now and recently I've felt the itch not to sell, but to do some redecorating. In fact, we switched a wall mirror and a painting in the living room recently and that exercise went a very long way to satisfying my need for change. Next up may be the area rug; I do love your patterned sofa, patterned rug article that you linked to above. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Susan. And glad you satisfied your need for change with a few minor decor moves, that's wonderful. Nice to stay put and find joy in your home. You live in a gorgeous spot too!

  4. Truly excellent advice!!! I couldn't help but think as I was reading, we should consider the cost of moving if we are worried about the cost of redecorating one room. I love all of your suggestions and I have a room in mind right now that needs a bit of work in my own home. It truly is amazing what decluttering can do. We were just discussing last week (which happens every year after Christmas and a lot of "gifts" that we received) how we needed to look at each room and just take stuff out. There are plenty of places that accept and want those donations. One that I absolutely love, the Amvets, will even pick up furniture and boxes of stuff. Yes, there is a lot more to be said for spring cleaning instead of moving! Thank you for the reminder.

    1. Wonderful to donate the items you no longer use or need. We do that as well. Usually to family members first, then to the Good Will. You're so right about de-cluttering, it can make a MASSIVE difference. It also frees you up mentally! lol

  5. Oh spring time a time of renewal and rebirth, maybe in some new digs. We've been in our home for over 36 years and it's time to start thinking....or maybe just redecorating. Time will tell.

    1. Grammie the smallest changes can often satisfy our appetite for renewal can't they :)

  6. I say excellent advice! Cleaning up and some home makeovers most times are simple tasks, and give you such a feeling of accomplishment.

    1. They really do give us a sense of accomplishment, and those changes make us feel like what is old is new again, and somehow physically we even get lighter!

  7. Every move we have made has been a work transfer. The idea of wanting to move is almost unbelievable but I know it happens. Your recommendation is good advice.

    1. I know what you mean about the idea of 'wanting to move', hard to believe there are people who move simply for a change, but yep, there sure are. Transfers, moving-up rank pretty high as reasons as well.


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