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If Your Back Itches, Scratch it Yourself: A Back Scratcher Review

If Your Back Itches, Scratch it Yourself: A Back Scratcher Review
My Back Scratcher
© B. Radisavljevic
There comes a time in every person's life when his or her back itches, and there is no one around to scratch it. It always seems to itch in a place we can't reach. It can drive us nuts. It doesn't just happen to people who live alone. Anyone can be alone when it happens, at home or in an office cubicle. Who wants to call a colleague over to scratch one's itchy back? I have the answer for that itchy back. If your back itches, scratch it yourself with this wonderful bamboo back scratcher.

I lived a long time without this particular back scratcher. I acquired a cheaper, less efficient model decades ago in Chinatown. It was shorter and it had a very small “hand.” It did the job as well as I expected it to, since it could reach the parts of my back I could not reach with my own hands.

When we moved “temporarily” to this house to accommodate our medical needs, I neglected to bring that old backscratcher. I'm not even sure now where it is. I was going crazy without one. I was trying to use the handle end of a shoehorn and even a chopstick, which was not really up to the job. Kitchen utensils simply weren't designed to scratch backs and neither were shoehorns.

I finally decided enough was enough. The next time I needed to make an Amazon order, I looked for a back scratcher to add to it. I found my wonderful bamboo back scratcher you see in these photos.

This new back scratcher turned out to be an improvement over the old one I had purchased in Chinatown. My new one is longer (17.5 inches long) and smoother. It is also easier to use, since the handle is much wider. It feels better in my hand and I have more control as I seek out the itchy places to scratch. The photo below shows it a tiny bit smaller than it actually is.

If Your Back Itches, Scratch it Yourself: A Back Scratcher Review
My Back Scratcher, © B. Radisavljevic

If Your Back Itches, Scratch it Yourself: A Back Scratcher Review
My Back Scratcher's "Hand," © B. Radisavljevic
The hand on the new one is also twice the size of the hand on my old one. That means it's easier to find the itchy place faster and scratch it. The hand is actually a bit bigger than it appears here.

Why suffer any longer with unrelieved itching? Get this wonderful and inexpensive bamboo back scratcher today while you are thinking about it. Get another one for someone you love while you're at it. Even shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime, and you can try Amazon Prime thirty days for free. Why wait? Order your back scratcher and  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. You'll have your back scratcher in a couple of days with no shipping charge. Enjoy.

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  1. I have a back scratcher now and couldn't manage without it. It helps so much when that one particular spot on my left shoulder blade starts itching. This bamboo back scratcher looks perfect!

    1. I have certainly found that to be true. It's one thing I will never put in the closet after a while and never use. I use it every day.

  2. One of the handiest aids in my home is my wooden back scratcher! I have had mine for decades and I honestly can't remember where I got it, but I do know I never want to be without one. The one you are reviewing looks very much like mine. Excellent suggestion and review Barbara. Anyone who doesn't have one, should definitely consider getting the one you have featured BEFORE they actually need it.

    1. These wide wooden ones really do work well. I was at Walmart the other day and saw one of the cheap aluminum telescoping ones I also saw on Amazon, and up close it really did look small and flimsy in comparison to mine.


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