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Reviewing the Significance of Super Bowl 50

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There is no winner yet for Super Bowl 50. As of this writing, the game hasn't been played. But, there is a significance that will stand the test of time in the National Football League. The Old Guard versus the New Guard. And that's what is about to happen at Levi Stadium.

The Old Guard versus the New Guard

The old guard this year isn't being represented by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. It's being represented by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Both teams have been participants and winners in past Super Bowls many times. They have faced upstart teams periodically. (Seattle Seahawks come to mind.) The Patriots and Broncos have been referred to as football dynasties.

Then up comes the new guard in the form of Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. We're certainly talking about a younger quarterback, and a newer behavior. Newton has been heavily criticized for his behavior on the field. Even criticized for his regular handing touchdown footballs to children in the stands.

But let me ask you, how different is that than the Lambeau Leap? That's a crazy activity that Green Bay Packer players are allowed to do after every home field touchdown. In my view, it's very different. Newton awards an official NFL football to some lucky child. And, frankly, all Newton is doing is showing his pleasure at his team getting a touchdown.

Isn't time for us all to show pleasure in the good things?

Don't get me wrong. It would be nice to see the future Hall of Fame Player, Manning, go out big in what could be his last game as a player. But when we are talking about the old guard versus the new guard, can an old (actually very old for this sport) player really compete?

Super Bowl 50 Brings Back the Offense

The Carolina Panthers with Cam Newton as their quarterback are bringing back the offense side of football. In my humble opinion, the sport had moved heavily toward a defensive game. The sacks, the tackles for losses and the turnovers all dominated the game. With Newton, great quarterbacking has brought back the excitement to football.

What is more exciting in the game than a touchdown?

The Cam Newtons of the NFL have many years to enjoy playing. The Peyton Mannings of the NFL are on their way to retirement. It's time for the new guard to bring in a new era of touchdowns and exciting play to the Super Bowl and the NFL in general.

A Little Disclaimer

Just to let you know, I may be a long time fan of pro football, but I'm not associated with either team. Frankly, I'm not formally associated with any team other than as a fan. I'm just one of those people who has an opinion. So feel free to agree or disagree with me. 

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  1. It's hard to decide which team to cheer for this Super Bowl Sunday. As a football fan you sort of want Denver to win to give Payton Manning a great ending to his career, but Cam Newton and the Panthers are facing their first-ever Super Bowl. Whichever way it turns out, this 50th Super Bowl will be one to watch!

  2. Go Broncos! I know we are not favored to win, but with the tough year Peyton Manning has had (and tough isn't really a strong enough word), my heart just wants him to go out in a blaze of glory. Manning has always been known for his character. Win or lose, my hope is that both teams play at the top of their games, and that the best team wins (no serious injuries, no botched calls, and good sportsmanship prevails). I love my Broncos. Hoo rah!

  3. There always comes a time in every "field" to step aside to the newer generation and let them have their time. Personally, I love the idea of getting children fans involved by giving them the touchdown balls. What a wonderful thing! That alone makes me want to cheer for the Panthers. But, I have long admired Peyton Manning. This truly sounds like a game to watch!

  4. I will be rooting for Peyton Manning and the Broncos, as I would like to see him leave the sport with a big win. I do love the fact that Cam Newton and the Panthers give away the football to children in the stands. How wonderful is that!

  5. My team's out, so I don't have a preference when it comes to who wins Super Bowl L (that's 50 in Roman numerals but does look oddly out of place, doesn't it?). I'm just looking forward to an excellent game. I hope it's close. I hope there's a tie, even. I hope Cam Newton has plenty of opportunities to award footballs to little kids. I hope to hear "Omaha!" a record number of times from Peyton Manning. Mostly, I hope there's a demonstration of both outstanding athleticism (offensive AND defensive) and excellent sportsmanship. I hope that, the morning after, people will talk as much about how they enjoyed the game itself as they do about which commercial they thought was best. I hope fall football season gets here fast!

  6. I have no idea who to root for! I will be watching the ads after all isn't that what everyone will be talking about tomorrow? Oh and maybe the winners.....

  7. I'd like to see the Old Guard take one last game and that is for Peyton Manning and the Broncos sake. Then by all means the game can pass on to the New Guard. I have admired Peyton for many years. He played for the Indianapolis Colts before going to the Broncos. Peyton does so much more than quarterbacking a football team. He is so generous in the community at large. The Peyton Manning Children's Hospital here in Indianapolis does wonderful things for children. Even though Peyton no longer lives in Indiana, he is still active with that hospital, comes often to visit with the kids, inspire those kids, and help make administrative decisions for the hospital. Now that is a role model we need more of.

    That being said, I really admire young Cam Newton!! What a wonderful thing for him to do by giving those kids a touchdown football! He is doing is own thing to become a good role model as a few others have done before him. He will have his time to continue that as his career has just begun.

    No matter what the outcome of the game is on Sunday night...two admirable men will be leading their teams in a very exciting game.


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