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How to Change the Look and Feel of a Room Without Spending a Fortune

Changing the look and feel of a room
A Simple Facelift to our Washroom: A paint job,
new accessories, de-cluttering and cleaning
Total Cost: $150
If you live where changing seasons are a part of life, you know exactly what it means to 'feel the coming change in the air.'

It is hard to explain what it does to the senses to someone who's never experienced this artful conversion and how it unwittingly triggers many emotions within us.

How Changing Seasons Get Us Thinking About Changing Our Homes or, at the Very Least, Changing Our Decor

Since, at the time of writing this, Spring is on its way, typically, many urges hit us. Some of them include renewal, freshness, cleanliness, and, in the case of selling and buying a home, the urge for a new beginning. However, before you jump into the often exhausting process of selling a home, read this article to test your resolve.

So, How Can You Make Changes in Your Decor Without Dropping Big Bucks?

Here are Four simple, inexpensive decor ideas:

  1. Add an Area Rug to a Room: If you have a room with tile or hardwood flooring, changing your existing rug or adding one where one never existed can dramatically change the look and feel of the space. You may think that Area Rugs are just too expensive; however, be sure to check out these very popular and affordable rugs; you'll be surprised by the big bang you get for your buck!
  2. Clean and De-Clutter Your Space: This one change costs nothing but time and effort. Stand back from your room, take stock of what's in your room, and remove any furniture and knick-knacks that overwhelm the space.
  3. Re-Arrange Your Space: This makes the biggest change. Look at your space; look at the position of the window, the door(s),  and how the traffic flows, then change the space by keeping 'traffic flow' in mind. In other words, keep any area where people naturally walk as they enter with furniture. This small technique will visually increase your space's size and give your room a greater sense of openness. 
  4. Add Accessories to Warm Up the Room: Point number two talks about de-cluttering, but that doesn't mean you must remove every decorative accessory. The items that generally add to the 'feel' of a space are Throw Blankets and Pillows. Sparingly include these items without overdoing it, and you'll soften the space. 
There are many other ways to change the look and feel of a room without spending money, as well as an endless supply of DIY projects you can tackle; however, before you jump into these more complex tasks, start by using what you have - look around your house, re-use pieces from another room - creatively use the pieces you already own! 

Change doesn't have to involve spending a fortune!

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. You are quite right! The spring like weather definitely makes me itch to do something. All of your ideas are really excellent suggestions. If you change the furniture between rooms, like you mentioned, you might well end up feeling like you moved. For me, the decluttering and deep cleaning always bring a home back to life and sure make all of us a lot more contented.

    1. Cynthia, thank you - it's amazing how furniture that should be in a bedroom works well in other rooms - it's fun to mix things up like that

  2. great ideas Barbara, sometimes it doesn't take much to make you feel so much better!

    1. Grammie, so very very fact, I'll be talking on a project in this house in the next month I'm sure - and my goal, spend little to nothing!

  3. Barbara, these are wonderful recommendations. I'm continuing to work on de-cluttering (which may just be a lifelong project, ha ha!), and we're hoping to be able to buy some living room furniture soon and thinking about how we want to arrange it (we inherited the house from my parents and we're thinking about laying out the room a bit differently than the way they had it). We're leaning toward buying fairly neutral furniture and adding color with pillows and an area rug, just as you suggested. Great tips!

    1. Margaret, oh I would love to be their to give you hand with that! Right up my alley - I think rearranging is great beginning and using accessories to add pops of color has another benefit; if you ever tire of the design, changing it becomes a simple matter of changing the accessories - Spring is in the air at your place Margaret! lol

  4. I've already begun the 'Spring Cleaning' in my home (Spring comes earlier here in the South) and have been decluttering for some time now. My next project is to rearrange my computer & craft room as soon as I find someone to tote off a very old & heavy TV that is taking up unwanted space. All good suggestions you have here, Barbara.

    1. It's like losing weight when we de-clutter isn't it, lol. Honestly it makes me happy to get rid of stuff! lol - you must be well into getting it done now

  5. I was looking at my bathroom yesterday wondering how to update it. Changing the baseboard trim is needed and new shower curtain; but maybe a new color would also help.


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