Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reviewing Trash Bags by Glad

Ever Had A Trash Bag Fail?

Well, I haven't had one fail for a very long time but the other day while helping a neighbor do some cleaning I did. She was using cheap (very cheap) trash bags that honestly were a waste of her money and time. What an awful mess it was to clean up when her less than durable bag dropped everything out of the bottom! I am pretty picky about a lot of things and the brand of trash bags is one area that I won't scrimp on. 

My neighbor found me out near the trash container picking up the mess while swearing under my breath and she said to me, "Oh, I should have told you that you need to use two bags together. I buy these because they are so much less expensive than the name brands."

I'm not kidding there were warning bells going off in my head and I swear I heard the robot from Lost In Space say, "Warning, Will Robinson! This does not compute!" Where is the logic in buying cheap bags and then having to double them up because they so easily fall apart? How is that less expensive? Isn't it more expensive in the long run? What kind of math is she using to figure that she was saving herself money? She can't be using the math I learned in school, that is for sure. As Spock might have said to Captain Kirk, "This is highly illogical."

So, what brand of trash bags do I keep on my shelves? I really prefer Glad trash bags for my own needs. I use the tall kitchen size (13 gallon) in several places in the house and the large yard sized bags out in the garage.

glad trash bags
I can't think of one time that this brand has ever failed me. A long time ago, I purchased another brand and found I was just happier to stay with my Glad bags for my trash needs. There might be bags out there that are just as good but I prefer to just stay with what I know works for my home.

Who wants to have to gather trash in a bag over the course of a couple of days and then when you go to put it in the container for trash pick-up have it drop the trash onto the ground before it hits the container? Good golly, Miss Molly you would have to pick it all up again and probably use another bag! Not an efficient use of my time or yours.

When it comes to tools (trash bags are a tool of sorts) I tend to go with what I know is reliable. If it costs me a few cents more, I am willing to spend it. Although, in the case of my bags versus my neighbor's bags; I think I spend less money in the long run because I don't have to double my trash bags for one job.

How about you? Have you given much thought to the reliability of the bags you use for your trash? Do you feel that a bag is a bag and that they are all the same? Or are you like me and you prefer to get a bag that you know won't fail on you?

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  1. Definitely go with what you know WORKS when it comes to trash bags and a few other household products. You certainly don't save money in the long run if the 'cheap' products fail when used! You make an excellent point, Beverly.

  2. Wow! I have truly used Glad trash bags for so long, I didn't even realize that kind of "break through" was still possible! I do believe you and I must have had the same math teacher, or at least taught the same math principles. Using 2 bags every time would definitely get cost prohibitive pretty quickly. Glad trash bags definitely have be spoiled to excellence. Like Mr. Churchill, "I am easily satisfied with the best!"

  3. Okay, I'll admit it. My husband buys a cheap brand of trash bags for everyday use. We do have some heavy duty ones for special occasions, though. That said, your math is spot on, Bev, and I totally agree that it would be best to go with Glad. Perhaps I'll sneak those in the next time we need to replenish our supply. Bet my sweetheart will notice a positive difference!

  4. We always buy the Glad Trash bags, but just 2 weeks ago while shopping we noticed the off brand. These bags were much cheaper and the box said "super strong" so we bought them. Big mistake the very first bag failed, so never again, back to our trusted no fail Glad.

  5. We try to keep our garbage to a minimum, but we also use Glad Bags. One at a time and they always work.

  6. I like to buy generic items as much as possible - to save money - but you are absolutely right! If you have to use double of the item, it's not really a savings. And trash bags are one of those items!

  7. It's been a long time since I've bought trash bags, but when I do I use Glad bags. Most of our stuff is recycled or goes in the compost. I really like Glad products and your review validates why.


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