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Review of Winter Snow Scene Photography

Winter Snow Scenes

Winter is a Great time for a Photographer 

Photographing winter scenes is a wonderful way to pass your time on a snowy winter day. The snow covers all the dullness of the winter scenery and gives a beautiful field of white to everything you photograph.
I have found that I don't have to go any further than my own backyard to find some great photographic subjects. The birds outside my window always lend to some nice photos and if I want to wander a bit further away, a walk around the neighborhood will produce lots of trees covered with snow.
This page was created to showcase my winter photos and to present them on some of the Zazzle products I have designed. I hope you enjoy your tour through my winter wonderland!
Intro photo is" Ice on wild Geraniums" taken in my front yard

Winter Snow Scene

Snow Laden Evergreen

I photographed this tree while taking a walk in my neighborhood just after a big snowfall. The tree had a lot of houses and other things in the background so I put it in Photoshop Elements and use the impressionist brush to smudge out the background. I like the effect it gives showing just the tree as the center of the scene.
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Winter Scene Note Cards

Winter snow scenes make wonderful note cards. Keep in touch with friends and family and write your own message inside. This photograph was taken from my front porch on Christmas evening. I used a flash to illuminate the small Japanese maple tree that was laden with snow. This effect highlighted the tree and kept the black background.

Christmas Snow Scene Cards

Winter Snow Scene

Snow scenes make beautiful Christmas cards. You can create your own from your photographs. I recommend sights like Zazzle and CafePress to use your own photos to make quality looking greeting cards.

Christmas Wreath

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Birds in the Snow

Birds make great subjects in a snowy background . I have a bird-feeder in my backyard and in snowy weather I will sit by our patio doors with a telephoto lens on my camera and photograph the birds in the snow.

Birds in my Backyard

I think the male Cardinals are particularly pretty in the snow. Their bright red feathers look stunning against the white snow. We have been having several male and female cardinals visiting our bird-feeder in the snow.

Male Cardinal

Majestic Cardinal

Female Cardinal

Pansy peaking through the Snow

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  1. Lovely photographs, as always, Mary Beth. You are right - scenes taken with snow as a background are beautiful. That's one 'good' use of winter snow! :-)

  2. I love all of your photos Mary Beth! The snow really does make a beautiful white background, especially for those gorgeous bright reds and yellows. I love the look of the face of that female cardinal on the post! That is exactly the look on my face when I wake up and see ice on the ground!!!

  3. Beautiful, while I dont really like the cold of winter, you make it look magical! I do love the birds and your pictures of the cardinals always makes me smile. They are beautiful for sure. You really have a great "eye" when it comes to capturing a great winter picture.

  4. Thanks for the beautiful tour Mary Beth, as always your photographs are outstanding!! I do wish I had just some of your talent for photography.

  5. Lovely photo cards and enjoyed the birds in winter

  6. I love winter photography. And you do it so well. I tend to have struggle with too much white (I believe it's called burn out ...or burnt out) LOVE your cardinals.

  7. All your shots are beautiful, but I especially like your pansies peeking through the snow. The snow is a great background for nature shots, but I'm still glad I don't have any here.

  8. All your shots are beautiful, but I especially like your pansies peeking through the snow. The snow is a great background for nature shots, but I'm still glad I don't have any here.


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