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Sobriety Rings for Men Inscribed with the Serenity Prayer

Choose from These Men's Sobriety Rings
If you've ever journeyed through the pit of addiction with a loved one, you know how profound, and deeply consuming it is. There isn't very much in this life that compares to this kind of hurt.
The pain of this plight, this horrible plight, can only be understood when you've personally held the crushed and broken soul of someone you love raining mountains of tears as they wonder how they can ever, IF they can ever, fight this all consuming demon.
This men's sobriety ring is inscribed with the well known Serenity Prayer: God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.
I can't think of a more appropriate gift for the brave, the very brave, who have fought, and are still fighting for their lives. Wearing this prayer holds more power than a quote in a wallet or a quote displayed on the wall. There's a common saying we've all heard, 'we are what we think'. Certainly a sobriety ring inscribed with the serenity prayer gracefully reminds the bearer that these powerful words are worth repeating multiple times a day, each and every day.
  • One single ring (photo shows two stacked on each other so you can see much of the inscription around the ring)
  • Can be For Men or Women
  • Comes in Many Size Choices
  • Sobriety Ring Inscribed with the Serenity Prayer
Sobriety jewelry, is jewelry like no other; it holds a forever meaning and like taking that first step, represents the ongoing battle with self.
I would like to take a minute and dedicate this song to those who cried, hoped and held the heart of a loved one suffering from addiction. The moment I heard it, I broke down in my parked car, screaming inside for God to help me help my loved one. The words say it all, "I'm just trying to reach you, 'cause I don't want to lose you, why won't you let me get close to you, 'cause there's nothing I wouldn't do". 
Blessings to all of you trying to reach someone you love. Stay with it, persistence gets you closer every day.

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  1. A special prayer for an important reason. What a wonderful reminder (this Sobriety Ring) for the person fighting each day to be brave and succeed in their quest to be free of addiction. And a sweet reminder for loved ones that they are 'trying their best'.

    1. Pat, I can imagine that wearing this reminder is quite powerful

  2. I understand the desperation expressed in the song and the pain you have described. I have seen the effects of addiction and the intense desire of loved ones trying to help, you could even say save a life, but the addict being belligerent, in denial and refusing any help because they scream they don't need help. I have always loved the Serenity Prayer and I think it is the perfect gift for someone who is on the winning side of fighting an addition. I also think that prayer is applicable to the ones trying to help an addict. Oh, and great song btw. I don't think I have ever heard it before.

    1. Cynthia, it's hard to witness someone go through this battle, probably the most helpless feeling in the world. This song by Carolyn Dawn Johnson (Canadian Country Music Artist) is one of my faves, glad you enjoyed it too.

  3. I have family members who have fought this battle and have finally been clean for years. One was especially heartbreaking, since her youngest son who was five when she went to prison felt she had chosen drugs over him. We despaired that she'd ever get clean, but then the Lord intervened through a prison ministry. She had been going to church for years, but had never really developed a personal faith. She has now been doing well for years, but we still pray, since we know the old temptations never completely go away. Her son required years of counseling before he could forgive her, and he's still feeling the effects years later. I wish I had known about these rings years ago. I wonder how you buy a ring for someone you want to surprise who lives over 200 miles away and you don't know their size.

    1. Barbara that's a heartbreaking story with some light at the end. Prayers that she continues on her new path and that mother and son can continue to grow their relationship forward. Yah, it would be tricky to buy a ring when you don't know their size - would be great if they made adjustable rings somehow..hmm...maybe that's a new invention waiting to happen if they haven't already happened!

  4. A ring would be such a wonderful, ever-present reminder of the serenity prayer for anyone who would wear one. Looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry, too.

    1. Very true Susan, it's a prayer for anyone - makes a good gift for sure.

  5. A ring would be such a wonderful, ever-present reminder of the serenity prayer for anyone who would wear one. Looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry, too.


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