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A Mouse Review for Race your Mouse Day

Race Car Derby car with mouse cover
August 28 was chosen by Thomas & Ruth Roy of to be Race Your Mouse (Around the Icons) Day.  They created the day just for fun as a way to entertain yourself while you are waiting for a page to come up on your computer.  This wacky holiday is aimed at your 'computer mouse', but there are a few other fun 'mouse' things we shall review here. 

The House of Sylvestermouse

Most people say “Eek!” if they see a 'mouse'. But the resident Mouse-in-the-House of Review This! is a special and much loved lady known as SylvesterMOUSE

Polar Bear and Penguin Centerpiece felt kit
Polar Bear & Penguins Felt Centerpiece Kit

Sylvestermouse created the blog you are enjoying reading ~ Review This!  Our MOUSE is a multi-talented writer who shares  stories, recipes, craft tutorials, and fun facts about fascinating animals.  She's a photographer and a crafter and a wonderful friend to many.  Check out her About Me page for a list of her fantastic and fascinating sites online.  My favorite is the HOUSE OF SYLVESTERMOUSE which includes links and stories about terrific items found in her Zazzle and eBay stores. The charming polar bear and penguins centerpiece kit above is an example of the cute crafts she carries in her eBay Store.

If you are curious how Sylvestermouse got her name, read her delightful story here. Yes, it involves a real-life mouse! 

Plush Toy Mouse

toy plush mouse
Little Crochet Toy Mouse - Etsy

Little mouse, cute gift for kids, nursery decor toy.

This charming mouse will bring good mood, joy, and love to his new home!

Plush mouse can be found in the Etsy Shop of CozyToysByOreshek


A Mouse on the Table

Mouse Hot Pad in handmade crochet
Mouse Hot Pad in Colorful Crochet

For a useful and unusual hot pad for your table, how about a hot pad in the shape of a Mouse.  It's sure to invite interesting dinner table conversation. 

Cute Kitchen Combo Set

Mouse Kitchen Combo Set of hot pad and potholder
Crochet Mouse Hot Pad & Matching Potholder

The mouse hot pad is hand-crocheted in royal blue and red with yellow ears. It measures 10 inches long and 8 inches wide with a 6 inch tail. The hot pad is made double-thick of washable acrylic yarn. The body is blue, the face is red and the ears are yellow. Crocheted dark blue eyes and nose in yarn complete the features. A whimsical, happy-looking mouse for hot dishes on your table will be a novelty conversation piece.

The mouse hot pad comes with a matching blue and red potholder for your cooking chores. Crocheted of ombre yarn, the color pattern changes throughout. The back and the front have different designs. Potholder measures 6 x 7 inches.

How Did the Computer Mouse Get It's Name?

Douglas Engelbart created this special tool in 1968 to help people navigate graphics-filled computer screens.  The first 'mouse' was a small wooden block on wheels with a long cable sticking out of the back, making it look like a tail.  One of Mr. Engelbart's researchers called the tool a mouse ~ and the name stuck!  There are scientific and technical explanations for how this all works, but us ordinary computer-users are just happy that we can roam around our computer screens with a simple motion of the hand.  We'll leave understanding the technology to the experts! 

Logitech Computer Mouse
Logitech Computer Mouse

Today's computer mouse is so sophisticated that you don't even need a 'cord' (tail) anymore as the cordless mouse does the work for us through Wi-Fi. They come in a multitude of shapes, styles and colors for your enjoyment while you work and play online. 

Check out this review of a Wireless Computer Mouse here on Review This!

Have a fun 'Mouse' Day

So, put August 28 on your calendar to celebrate the many mice in our Mouseland Review and acknowledge Race Your Mouse Day!

Author: Wednesday Elf

Wednesday Elf can also be found at:

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  1. What a fun review of Race Your Mouse Day and all things mousey!

    1. Seeing mouse gifts and having a (Sylvester)mouse for a friend, makes it easy to go from 'Eek, it's a mouse, to 'awww'. :) Thanks for visiting, Beverly.

  2. What a fabulous article! You were so very sweet to write this article and include me Elf. You tempt me once again with a Mouse hot pad. I truly love mine! I think of you every time I pull her out to use. Her sister made quite a hit with my sister-in-law this past Christmas. I had to force myself to give her away, even though she was originally purchased for my sil. I still wanted to keep her. I can tell you for sure, not only are the mouse hot pads adorable, they are thick enough to really protect any table or counter, including my wood dining room table.

    The Fitz & Floyd Charming Tail you featured has always been one of my favorites. I always loved that the little baby was riding the tree. I own several hundred Charming Tails. I quit counting for fear that the truth would come out :)

    Since I believe both my brother (the giver of my mouse Sylvester) and Sylvester are in heaven, I figure he is up there tweaking Sylvester's whiskers right now.

    1. Mouse, I'm sure that your brother and your field mouse, Sylvester are both very proud of you and your accomplishments and enjoy keeping track of you.

      Knowing you liked my mouse hot pad, I simply had to make another for others to enjoy.

      Glad you enjoyed my review of You and other Mouse Gifts. :)

  3. Love the mouse gifts, love Miss Mouse!

  4. What a delightful article! You are so clever Elf and of course we all love Mouse. What a great way to bring together a posting for Race Your Mouse Day!

    1. Thanks, Mary Beth. It was really fun putting this together. And, of course, with Sylvestermouse in so many places around the World Wide Web, it was easy to find things that show off her good work.

  5. So excited to learn about Race Your Mouse Day and to read this sweet post! Miss Sylvestermouse is a very special person and very honor-worthy. Love the crochet mouse items, Elf. They're totally adorable, as is the decorative computer mouse - which brings us full circle. On Race Your Mouse Day, may the best mouse win!

    1. Thanks for your sweet remarks, Susan. Having a 'Mouse Day' makes it easy to feature our Sylvestermouse.... and it just so happened that I had a couple handmade 'Mice' to show off too. A win-win situation, with Cynthia being the BEST mouse!

  6. So excited to learn about Race Your Mouse Day and to read this sweet post! Miss Sylvestermouse is a very special person and very honor-worthy. Love the crochet mouse items, Elf. They're totally adorable, as is the decorative computer mouse - which brings us full circle. On Race Your Mouse Day, may the best mouse win!

  7. What a great article! Love your Mindy mouse, too!! I had never heard of Race Your Mouse Day so once again, I learned something new from your article.

    1. Mindy Mouse thanks you for your kind words, Carol. There are a lot of fun holidays out there... and this mouse day is one of them. :)

  8. I always learn something new when I read one of your blogs Wednesday Elf. I always wondered how the computer mouse got its name.

    1. I found that interesting, too, Linda ~ learning how the computer mouse got its name! :) Thanks for the visit.

  9. Lovely article, and I was curious how Miss Mouse got her name, now I know :)

    1. I always loved her story of her pet mouse, Sylvester. Thanks for visiting, Barbara.

  10. Love this and all the related stories to go with the "mouse" theme. Miss Mouse is a favorite of mine personally. I love the other mice in this write up too! Since the coming of computer mice, I no longer think "EEK" when someone mentions them either. Thanks for a smile and a chuckle today.

    1. You're welcome, Olivia. Thanks for your visit to my selection of Mice! :)


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