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Reviewing Susan Winget Jigsaw Puzzles

Lovely Jigsaw Puzzles To Piece Together

I love to sit down and work on a jigsaw puzzle, especially in the colder months of the year when it is too cold to go outdoors. Some of my favorites are ones that the artist Susan Winget has allowed her art to be used on. 

When the weather is warm, I love to be out in my garden. Naturally, this puzzle with Susan Winget art has caught my eye. I prefer the 500 or 1,000 piece puzzles and this one just really makes me smile!

garden gate puzzle
Susan Winget Garden Gate 500 Piece Puzzle

I just love the entire scene, don't you? Those adorable little bunnies, the watering can and various flowers. This is a jigsaw puzzle that I would love to work and then seal so that I could frame it and hang it on my walls on my back porch sun room.

I don't really know why but I have this thing about old trucks. I just think that they are so cool and perhaps they make me think of a more innocent time in my life when just about every family I knew had a truck to help with the farming. I think that is why this Susan Winget jigsaw puzzle appeals to me so much; it reminds me of being out on my Uncle Joe's farm and riding around in his old truck.

Susan Winget Puzzle
Susan Winget Country Ride 1000 Piece Puzzle

A Family Activity

The wonderful thing about working a puzzle is that it can be a solitary activity or it can be something that the family does together. Children and adults can work the puzzle together and enjoy some quality time while they do it. Some of the best conversations that I have had occurred while working a puzzle with someone that I loved. It might have been a cold and snowy day or a rainy day that we sat down and started to place the pieces together as we talked about our wishes, dreams and memories. Family time just doesn't get better than that!

Susan Winget art usually has a country theme and style and that is probably why I like her work so much. It speaks to my soul and makes me happy. She also does holiday and winter scenes that have been used for jigsaw puzzles. Like this wonderful door that is ready for Christmas. 

Susan Winget Holiday Door Jigsaw Puzzle
Susan Winget Holiday Door 500 Piece Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are both fun to give and receive as a gift, at least I think so. They are not terribly expensive and provide hours of good wholesome family time. There is almost always a table set up in our home with a puzzle in progress. It is amazing how when my adult children come home, they seem to migrate over to the table and place a piece or two.

If you love to work puzzles, I highly recommend the ones by Susan Winget. They are colorful, pleasing to the eye and just enough of a challenge to make them enjoyable to work.

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  1. I've always loved working jigsaw puzzles and really enjoy country scenes, such as these by Susan Winget. Thanks for introducing her work to me.

  2. What beautiful jigsaw puzzles. The artwork really is gorgeous! When I saw the bunnies on the first puzzle, I thought how cute they were and what a fun puzzle it would be to put together. By the time I reached the Holiday Door, I was thinking gorgeous. Do you glue your puzzles together and keep them finished, or do you break them down to put together again? I vaguely remember someone telling me that they glue theirs together and I imagined them sitting with a bottle of glue and applying it to the edges of each piece, but I bet there is an easier way.

    1. I have glued a couple to save but usually just take them apart to work again or sometimes I donate them to a Senior Center. There are special glues that you can brush on to the puzzle after it is just gave me an idea for next week's post! I'll tell you all about them, they are really pretty cool!

    2. A brush on glue seems like a much better way than what I had envisioned! I look forward to reading all about it next week :)

  3. I have never worked a Susan Winget puzzle but I do love them, especially the one with the antique red truck! Pinned & tweeted.

  4. I enjoy Susan Winget's art on all sorts of things, including jigsaw puzzles. These make great gifts!

  5. Honestly, reading this makes me one to spread one of these out on my dining room table for all of us to tackle - I really think I may do this, I know my guys would saunter in and give it a go just because they couldn't resist! thanks for a reminder of a terrific idea!


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