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Remote Control Helicopters are Great Gifts for Men

Reviewing My Husband's Remote Controlled Helicopter 

Remote Controlled Helicopter photo by Sylvestermouse

Over the years, I have given my husband several remote controlled airplanes, a remote control sailboat, a remote control tug boat, and I vaguely remember a remote controlled car.  Four years ago, I gave him a remote controlled helicopter and he is still flying it today.  I do believe it is his all time favorite.  He even flies it in the house.

It is true.  I wake up in the morning to the hum of the helicopter and I hear it late into the night.

I can be working online and all of the sudden a helicopter hovers over me.  It blows my papers every which way, but what can I say?  After all, I gave him the toy and he does love it!

It will never be said that I gave him a gift he did not want, appreciate or would never use.

Flying the Esky E500 Helicopter Indoors

I'll start here because the first thing the gift recipient wants to do the minute they open a remote control helicopter is to start flying it immediately, which would likely mean right there inside the home.

Flying any remote control aircraft inside the home requires a great deal of experience and real control of the rc aircraft.  It would be very easy to break a few things, so I highly recommend becoming familiar with the actual helicopter outside before bringing it inside to play.

flying a remote control helicopter indoors photo by Sylvestermouse


A Few Things to Remember When Purchasing a RC Aircraft

Let me tell you in advance, when learning to fly a remote controlled helicopter or plane, there will be crashes, repairs and perhaps even a few tears.   (Yes, men do cry over their toys being damaged!)

I will never forget the first radio controlled airplane I gave my husband.  We were so excited!  We loaded up the kids, the dogs, and the plane to go in search of a big, flat area suitable for flying a remote control aircraft.  We settled on our church parking lot.  After all, no other cars were in the parking lot and it was the perfect flat area.

The family jumped out of the car and my husband promptly set up his plane several feet away from us and the car.  Anticipation was great!  We all looked forward to a fabulous air show. 

The remote control airplane took off beautifully and then promptly flew right toward us.   Anything with feet moved out of the way, but our car was left unprotected.  The plane gracefully flew right into the side of our parked car and crashed with a heart-wrenching thud on the asphalt. 

I am not sure if the tears were over the plane or the car, but I do know it was sad.   It is a good thing that replacement parts are usually readily available online.

Recommendations for the Beginner RC Helicopter Pilot

Because you will most likely experience that heart-wrenching first crash, it would be wise to start off small and inexpensive. 

 Blade mCX2 RTF There are definitely skill levels in flying any remote control plane or helicopter.  I purchased my husband the Esky E500 after he had already owned and successfully flown several other remote control aircraft.  I would not recommend the Esky E500 radio control helicopter for the beginner, regardless of what the hobby store owner says.

After consulting with my "professional" pilot husband for his recommendations, I have featured a  helicopter on the right that would be perfect for learning. You can always make your man's day with the more advanced helicopter next year.

The Blade MCX2 RTF Helicopter

  • Factory Assembled and Ready to Fly 
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Everything Included! 
  • Moderately Priced Comparatively Speaking


For Someone with Enough Experience to Fly Indoors


flying a remote control helicopter
Still Flying Inside the House! 
In this photo, you can actually see his RC Sailboat in the background. 
It has become part of our home decor when not sailing


The Esky Big Lama E500

The Esky E500 remote control helicopter is his favorite because he can fly it inside. Therefore, regardless of the weather, my husband can play with his toys. I am sorry to say, I could not find the older, yellow Esky E500 like the one shown in the photos to feature.  Perhaps, with the name and model number, you will be able to find one for yourself.
I have yet to meet a male, young or old, who sees someone flying a remote control helicopter and doesn't want to grab the controls himself.  Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing a rc helicopter for the man on your gift list for that next gift giving occasion.

Helpful hint here though: If it is his first ever remote control aircraft, buy two.  The first one won't last long.

Oh!  And, stand out of the way!!!  You don't want to be whacked upside the head by a renegade rc helicopter.   If you must observe the first flight, perhaps a crash helmet would be the right "ounce of protection."


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  1. Oh, my goodness, you certainly write as the wise voice of experience! I got my husband an RC helicopter a few years ago and it's still intact, but he doesn't fly it very often. Now that he's retired, I guess I should get that out and remind him he has it. The weather outside is perfect for a flight!

  2. Boys (and men) and their toys! :) I've known several friends who enjoy this activity. And I can actually (mentally) picture your hubby standing behind the room-flying helicopter with his remote control. Obviously he has learned to have good control of its movements if he easily 'buzzes' you at your computer desk. :) Fun review!

  3. OMGosh my husband would LOVE this helicopter.
    But I am scared, very scared, LOL.

  4. Having so many sons, you can already guess that we've owned a few of these over the years -- the boys loved them, but yes, be careful with them, cause those crashes do happen!


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