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USB Jewelry for Personal, Business or Medical Use

16GB to 32GB of Storage Available

USB Jewelry - Necklaces & Bracelets

USB Jewelry can be used to store personal items such as photos, business documents, or medical information.
They come in multiple designs and styles including necklaces and bracelets.
Go a Little 'James Bond'
Wear incognito Jewelry just for the fun of it, or because you have a need. 
These days we tend to share photos via our cell phones, but that doesn't mean we can't have a necklace conveniently stored with a ton of photos either. 
They're useful when heading to a friend or family's house where you want to share pictures without the hassle of dealing with your cell phones to do it. 
Just pull your necklace apart and load the photos onto their computer. That's it. You're done; no muss no fuss.

How About an Hello Kitty USB Necklace for the Young
8GB to 64GB of Storage

An original gift idea for little girls or even woman who happen to be a fan of Hello Kitty.
She's heading to grandma's for the weekend and you want to send photos that can easily be transferred to Grandma's computer, well isn't this a creative way to do it. Of course you could just store them on a plain rectangular boring USB too, but this way your little one gets to feel involved, and best of all, like a Spy as she pulls apart her necklace.
Maybe Grandma can store some photos back on her necklace to take home to you.
Medical USB

Medical USB Bracelets - A Necessity for Some

This is a terrific way for anyone with serious health issues to store their emergency medical information. 
If a loved one is required to take a lot of medication, the Medical USB Bracelet is a useful data storage device to have in emergencies. 
It's especially valuable for seniors who take a lot of medication and aren't able to provide a list of their meds, or just don't have the memory to recall it.
It's also helpful for family members who often get asked what medications their loved ones are on and don't know.

Choose One for a Child

It's hard enough being a parent, but to have to worry about your child's medical condition each time they leave the house is something no parent should have to face.
Although it's just a bracelet, knowing that their USB has the critical medical info is a practical solution to reduce the worry.
Put your child's medications, allergies, contact info and other data that you feel is pertinent for their safety.
Note: Always be sure to check that the USB piece you select is compatible with your computer device - Windows 8, Windows 7 and so on.

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  1. For some time now, I have admired the USB jewelry, but I had not considered them for storing medical information. That is ingenious, especially for school age children! It is hard to remember the names of medications when you are stressed so having them right there on you with a ready reference could truly be a life saver. I really do love the bracelet idea for medical use.

    1. for medical use they're a terrific solution - I used to have a doctor print out a relative of mines prescription list so that when I had to give the info in an emergency I could, but this bracelet would provide instant access to emergency personnel if I was there

    2. meant to say 'wasn't there' oops

  2. What a unique idea. I've never heard of USB jewelry until now, but it's such a clever way to store, and transport, information, photos, etc. Love the variety of choices in jewelry too.

    1. someone I know used to carry all their important docs that was on their business computer on a USB necklace, that way, they could conveniently update files at their convenient and always have a back up personally on them

  3. Never thought of it for storing medical info. We carry ongoing lists for my husband's meds, but a little bling would make it nicer :)

    1. would be easy to do for sure, scan those lists and upload them - I would keep the lists in my purse (that's what I did) as well.

  4. That's a fun idea, I didn't realize you could have your USB in the form of a piece of jewelry.


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