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Site Review: Heart of the Home Kitchen

Looking for Kitchen Ideas?

In most homes the kitchen is apt to be the one room in the house that family and friends gather to share both food and time together. The website Heart of the Home Kitchen honors this long standing tradition with ideas for items to use in our kitchens, ways to decorate our kitchens and even gifts for the kitchen.

Old fashioned kitchen
If we look up the word kitchen in the dictionary we find that it simply means a room or area where food is prepared and cooked. Kitchens in a home are so much more than that simplistic definition, though. At least that is the case for me in my life's journey and I would imagine it is more than just the room where food is prepared for most people. It truly is the "heart of the home", the one room where most activity takes place during any given day.

We could most probably trace this tradition all the way back to prehistoric peoples. The community fire would have been where the women were cooking the food for the clan, the children would have been close by to play and be looked after, the men would have been gathered around to stay warm and to discuss the next hunt or the new peoples who had entered their territory. It was the gathering place, the heart of the community.

What can you find at Heart of the Home Kitchen?

I love this website dedicated to the concept of the kitchen being the heart of the home for all sorts of reasons. You can find categories like: 
My kitchen has always been the hub of activity in our home as it was in my Grandmother's and my Mother's kitchens. As I was working on a meal, my children gathered around the table to do their homework and tell me about their day. It is where my friends have always gathered to share their joys, divide their grief and laugh together. Because I spend so much time in my own kitchen, I love to find sites like Heart of the Home Kitchen that have ideas for products that I can use or decorate with.

I love to bake so when I found this idea for heart shaped bakeware, I was delighted! There are ideas for cake pans, pie pans, muffin tins and even casserole dishes all shaped like hearts. Now, those would come in handy for holidays like Valentines Day but I will use them for other occasions , too. When I know the grandchildren are coming, I'll bake up some goodies and it is fun to have them shaped like a heart. The kids love it and it is just another way for me to show my love for them. 

There is even a video in the article that shows how to make cream cheese filled cupcakes that of course would be fun if they were baked in a heart shape! Yummy and fun!

My kitchen is the first room I go to in the morning and the last one to have the lights turned out before I go to bed. It is the soul of our home, the place where I feel that I can nurture family and friends with my food and my company. That is why I appreciate sites like Heart of the Home Kitchen where I can find new ideas for my kitchen and gift ideas for others who feel the same way about their special area where not just food is prepared but where family gathers. I think you will love this site, too.

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  1. Whst a wonderful review...sure makes you want yo head right to the site

  2. The kitchen is most definitely the heart of every house and the area that truly makes a house a home. To have a site where you can find many and various delightful kitchen-related items is wonderful. Excellent site review.

  3. May I just say, I do believe you captured the heart of the site! Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I really do love this site, probably because my kitchen really is the heart of our home and I love finding new things for the kitchen, for my family.

  4. A terrific review, and I love the site too; was just checking out the fun halloween aprons there! Btw, love that heart shaped pot!

  5. love the review, love the site. Love kitchens!

  6. Great review. I don't know many women who don't spend a good portion of their lives in the kitchen and want it to be a pleasant and well-equipped place to work.

  7. Lovely review, lovely site! The kitchen is my favorite room, too. In fact, we chose this house because of the important role the kitchen plays in the open floor plan. It's definitely the heart of our home.


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