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Back Packs or Rolling Totes!

little boy carrying a backpack

For many of my friends and family, the time is drawing quickly to a close when summer holidays are a done item and the back to school craziness is again upon us.

Along with all the clothes shopping that needs to be done, there is also that list of items needed for the start of the new school year, and that list seems to grow every time you head out to the store.
There is just that one other new thing you just know will be perfect for your scholar. Whether it's a new backpack, lunch bag, pencils and pens or notebooks, you are sure that you will need them all.

So Will it be a Back Pack or a Wheeled Tote?

The answer will depend on the child....read on! When kids come home from school, their back packs or rolling totes, seem to be the most important item they will have. After all you need something strong and sturdy to carry home all the books and journals/notebooks that are the sign of a new school year.  Their backpack will need to be large enough to contain all their "things" and at the same time, be manageable for youngsters to either have on their backs or roll home.

Now, I know that many parents seem to be divided when it comes to the "type" of school bag, their kids are going to be using.

Young kids in grades 1 through 3 seem to like back packs that go over their shoulders and hang down their backs. These types of bags do tend to make the children stand up straighter, but sometimes the weight is a little too much for their growing bones to handle.   So,  instead of them standing up taller, they slouch in a way to make the weight lie across their backs a little more evenly. Either that or you have children that have sore backs from carrying the weight of all those books, or the bottoms of their bags are falling out, because they are dragging their backpacks home.  You will have to keep an eye out on your child's behaviors when dealing with their back packs and moving them back and forth.
Having a carrier that has good straps and functional pockets is half the job, the other half is being ergonomically designed so that filled with books, it is still easy to have on your back and not make you tired or sore.  If you are finding that your child is dragging their backpacks along the ground, it just maybe too heavy for them to handle.  In that case a rolling tote is a much better answer.  You don't want your child to arrive at school already tired from the load they are carrying.

If your child is wanting a rolling pack for school, there are also lots of choices.This is just one of the styles available and suitable for school aged children. The only down side to the wheeled packs would be, winter where lots of snow, would make pulling this, just a little cumbersome.

Which ever way you choose to for your youngsters to get their books and gear back and forth to school, I'm sure that there is a fashionable and fun way to do just that.

For every child there is a Back Pack or Rolling Pack to suit their tastes and needs.

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  1. My children are grown, but I remember well the excitement, anticipation, and sometimes fun around preparing them for the new school year. Choosing a new backpack was not an annual event for us. They used they backpacks for a few years before they would need to be replaced, but selecting a new backpack was always fun. Actually, it still is. They both have activities were they need their backpacks. Well, truthfully, I guess our daughters "pack" is more of a fabric briefcase these days, but it is still always filled with books, papers & files.

  2. From Kindergarten to College ~ and beyond ~ backpacks and rolling totes are a necessity. Whether needed to carry lunch and crayons or college texts or laptop computers and other necessary electronics for the business world, backpacks and rolling totes fit the bill. My 8th grade grandson uses a laptop for all his school work, supplied by the school - no books needed - so he needs a pack to carry it in, along with lunch and other school stuff!

  3. rolling totes and backpacks are awesome for school and traveling both!

  4. So many beautiful backpack choices! Hopefully parents will take a few minutes to adjust those new backpack straps properly and instruct their children in the proper way to carry them. Book are so heavy and it seems the kiddos get so much homework these days. I really like the idea of the rolling backpack.

  5. I wish these had been available in my school days. Are we had were our arms, and walking a mile or more home carrying a stack of books was no picnic. I would have loved one of those rolling totes in high school. Do they fold up for locker storage?

  6. When my kids were younger, they had junior-sized rolling totes that had the backpack straps as well. They refused to use them as backpacks, but I disliked them using the totes because they pulled them instead of pushing (which was pretty much impossible, the way they were designed.)

    In choosing a wheeled tote, parents should look for a sturdy design that is balanced well enough to allow for the tote to be pushed. If the child pulls a heavy tote to one side all the time, it can lead to back injuries.


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