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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Valentines Rock For Him Reviewed

A Gift For Him

valentine hearts
Hearts For Him image from
Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and I have been on the look-out for something to give that special man in my life. I would like to review a gift that I think is pretty neat for my man and might be for yours, also. 

When it comes to that special "him" in our lives it is sometimes difficult to come up with something clever and yet a little on the romantic side. At least it is for me. 

Some of you may not be old enough to remember the "pet rock" fad that swept across the U. S. back in the 1970s but I think a lot of you probably will remember. Just in case you don't recall this phenomenon, I'll give you a little history. Back in 1975 an advertising executive named Gary Dahl came up with the idea of pet rocks. For about six months these rocks were all the rage. Dipping into your wallet for around $4 you could get your own pet or one for someone else that came in a box with breathing holes and straw to keep the little guy or gal comfortable. Apparently, this Mr. Dahl was a bit of a genius because it is estimated that he sold 1.5 million of these quiet little pets that needed no extra care making him a millionaire six times over. Now do you remember? 

I've seemed to digress a little but I felt you should understand why I have picked this particular gift for my honey for Valentine's Day this year. There is some sentiment involved and some nostalgia. That was part of my quest in looking for a gift for him...a bit of nostalgia. I found this particular item that just seemed catch my eye.

I love the sentiment about my heart beating for him and that he is my rock. He truly is, you know. Always there standing firm and strong. Unlike the pet rocks of old, he does need to be fed and looked after but I don't mind doing those things for him at all.

So, what do you think? Would a Valentines Rock for him work this year? 

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Gifts Reviewed on Review This Reviews!

Treasures from the Archives of Review This Reviews!

 Gifts Reviewed on Review This!
We all buy gifts for many different occasions.  The Contributors of Review This Reviews frequently review the gifts they have purchased and given, as well as gifts they have received and loved.  Therefore, you will find a wide range of recommendations by exploring our gift reviews, for a wide variety of recipients.

Whether you are searching for gift ideas for women, men, children, friends, co-workers or even pets, you are sure to find some excellent suggestions on Review This Reviews!  

From birthdays to Christmas gifts, Father's Day, Mother's Day, anniversaries, and even gifts for communions, these gift reviews and more, are all included.  There are reviews for specific personal preferences like "Gifts for Tea Lovers" or "Gifts for a Vegan Teen" that make it easier to identify what someone will like.  

Most often, you will find the gifts we have reviewed are unique.  They are not the items you normally see listed in the gift category of many shopping sites.  Yet, they are the items we have given or received that have made a bit hit with the recipients.  We hope our reviews make your gift shopping easier and fun.  Don't be surprised if you find a few things you want yourself.

Welcome to Our Gift Library of Reviews!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Reviewing A Fathers Day Gift Idea

Hammer It Home For Dad

I have a Father's Day gift idea to share with you today and I think you might just say it nails it. Well, if your Dad, Husband or Grandfather happens to be a bit handy around the house it will work perfectly as this year's gift. Shoot, even if he isn't handy, I think he will like it. 

An engraved hammer with sentiments for Dad is unique and something that will be fun to give and I think Dad would say it is fun to receive, too.

The engraved hammer above was my most favorite pick from the options that are available. There are several options for the sentiment to be placed on this fully functional tool for his tool chest or to hang on the wall. A few options are:

  • Thank you for helping me build my life
  • We love building memories with you
  • Let's build more memories together (I plan to get this one for my husband from me for our anniversary)
  • Thank you for giving me the tools to build my life
  • My Dad can fix anything
See, there are some perfect sentiments for you to choose from and I'm telling you Dad is going to love the idea! If he chooses to use the hammer, he will think of you every time he picks it up. It will warm his heart and put a smile on his face. At least in our house, Dad will!

Last year for Christmas, my oldest daughter was struggling with an idea for my husband (her step-dad). She asked our little grand-daughter what she thought would be a good idea and she came up with the perfect gift. She said, "Well, Grandpa likes to fix things so I think a new toolbox would be nice. We could put our names on it so that when he opens it, he will always think of us." Well, we just thought that was the sweetest thing ....EVER! So, little McKenna was my inspiration when looking for a good Father's Day gift this year. I was looking for a tool that could be engraved and when I saw these hammers, my search was over. 

So, what say you, dear readers? Is an engraved hammer for Father's Day a gift that will work for you this year?

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Remote Control Helicopters are Great Gifts for Men

Reviewing My Husband's Remote Controlled Helicopter

Over the years, I have given my husband several remote controlled airplanes, a remote control sailboat, a remote control tug boat, and I vaguely remember a remote controlled car.  Four years ago, I gave him a remote controlled helicopter and he is still flying it today.  I do believe it is his all time favorite.  He even flies it in the house.

It is true.  I wake up in the morning to the hum of the helicopter and I hear it late into the night.

I can be working online and all of the sudden a helicopter hovers over me.  It blows my papers every which way, but what can I say?  After all, I gave him the toy and he does love it!

It will never be said that I gave him a gift he did not want, appreciate or would never use.

Flying the Esky E500 Helicopter Indoors

I'll start here because the first thing the gift recipient wants to do the minute they open a remote control helicopter is to start flying it immediately, which would likely mean right there inside the home.

Flying any remote control aircraft inside the home requires a great deal of experience and real control of the rc aircraft.  It would be very easy to break a few things, so I highly recommend becoming familiar with the actual helicopter outside before bringing it inside to play.


A Few Things to Remember When Purchasing a RC Aircraft

Let me tell you in advance, when learning to fly a remote controlled helicopter or plane, there will be crashes, repairs and perhaps even a few tears.   (Yes, men do cry over their toys being damaged!)

I will never forget the first radio controlled airplane I gave my husband.  We were so excited!  We loaded up the kids, the dogs, and the plane to go in search of a big, flat area suitable for flying a remote control aircraft.  We settled on our church parking lot.  After all, no other cars were in the parking lot and it was the perfect flat area.

The family jumped out of the car and my husband promptly set up his plane several feet away from us and the car.  Anticipation was great!  We all looked forward to a fabulous air show. 

The remote control airplane took off beautifully and then promptly flew right toward us.   Anything with feet moved out of the way, but our car was left unprotected.  The plane gracefully flew right into the side of our parked car and crashed with a heart-wrenching thud on the asphalt. 

I am not sure if the tears were over the plane or the car, but I do know it was sad.   It is a good thing that replacement parts are usually readily available online.

Recommendations for the Beginner RC Helicopter Pilot

Because you will most likely experience that heart-wrenching first crash, it would be wise to start off small and inexpensive. 

 Blade mCX2 RTF There are definitely skill levels in flying any remote control plane or helicopter.  I purchased my husband the Esky E500 after he had already owned and successfully flown several other remote control aircraft.  I would not recommend the Esky E500 radio control helicopter for the beginner, regardless of what the hobby store owner says.

After consulting with my "professional" pilot husband for his recommendations, I have featured a  helicopter on the right that would be perfect for learning. You can always make your man's day with the more advanced helicopter next year.

The Blade MCX2 RTF Helicopter

  • Factory Assembled and Ready to Fly 
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Everything Included! 
  • Moderately Priced Comparatively Speaking


For Someone with Enough Experience to Fly Indoors
Still Flying Inside the House! 
In this photo, you can actually see his RC Sailboat in the background. 
It has become part of our home decor when not sailing


The Esky Big Lama E500

The Esky E500 remote control helicopter is his favorite because he can fly it inside. Therefore, regardless of the weather, my husband can play with his toys. I am sorry to say, I could not find the older, yellow Esky E500 like the one shown in the photos to feature.  Perhaps, with the name and model number, you will be able to find one for yourself.
I have yet to meet a male, young or old, who sees someone flying a remote control helicopter and doesn't want to grab the controls himself.  Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing a rc helicopter for the man on your gift list for that next gift giving occasion.

Helpful hint here though: If it is his first ever remote control aircraft, buy two.  The first one won't last long.

Oh!  And, stand out of the way!!!  You don't want to be whacked upside the head by a renegade rc helicopter.   If you must observe the first flight, perhaps a crash helmet would be the right "ounce of protection."


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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sobriety Rings for Men Inscribed with the Serenity Prayer

Choose from These Men's Sobriety Rings
If you've ever journeyed through the pit of addiction with a loved one, you know how profound, and deeply consuming it is. There isn't very much in this life that compares to this kind of hurt.
The pain of this plight, this horrible plight, can only be understood when you've personally held the crushed and broken soul of someone you love raining mountains of tears as they wonder how they can ever, IF they can ever, fight this all consuming demon.
This men's sobriety ring is inscribed with the well known Serenity Prayer: God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.
I can't think of a more appropriate gift for the brave, the very brave, who have fought, and are still fighting for their lives. Wearing this prayer holds more power than a quote in a wallet or a quote displayed on the wall. There's a common saying we've all heard, 'we are what we think'. Certainly a sobriety ring inscribed with the serenity prayer gracefully reminds the bearer that these powerful words are worth repeating multiple times a day, each and every day.
  • One single ring (photo shows two stacked on each other so you can see much of the inscription around the ring)
  • Can be For Men or Women
  • Comes in Many Size Choices
  • Sobriety Ring Inscribed with the Serenity Prayer
Sobriety jewelry, is jewelry like no other; it holds a forever meaning and like taking that first step, represents the ongoing battle with self.
I would like to take a minute and dedicate this song to those who cried, hoped and held the heart of a loved one suffering from addiction. The moment I heard it, I broke down in my parked car, screaming inside for God to help me help my loved one. The words say it all, "I'm just trying to reach you, 'cause I don't want to lose you, why won't you let me get close to you, 'cause there's nothing I wouldn't do". 
Blessings to all of you trying to reach someone you love. Stay with it, persistence gets you closer every day.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Gifts for Father's Day Reviewed

Father's Day Gifts
About this time each year, I start searching for a Father's Day gift for the most wonderful man in the world.   It needs to be something really special and something unique.  Something he will really enjoy.

I frequently seek recommendations from people who own a particular item before I buy it.  I depend on reviews to help me make my selection.

Dad is not really hard to please.  He is actually a pretty easy going fellow that has a wide variety of interests, and always appreciates whatever gift he is given.

Truthfully, it is not the man that is hard to please, it is me.  I think he deserves the best gift I can possibly find.  After all, his best is what he has always given our family.

Each article, review or recommendation below is linked to it's place of origin. Simply click the blue text link in the content of this article to visit the referenced review.

For His Car

I guess all men love their cars, and my father is certainly no exception.  Few things are more annoying than the first few scratches on a new car.  We all want our cars to stay as perfectly beautiful as they were the day we drove them off the dealers lot.  As the car ages, we may tolerate certain imperfections, but none of us wants to see obvious scratches on our cars.  For as long as I can remember, I have watched my father take excellent care of his cars and keep them as pristine as humanly possible.

A few weeks ago, Barbara, our own Brite-Ideas contributor here on Review This, recommended this Scratch Removal Compound for removing scratches from cars.

I think my father would love to receive a gift basket full of car care items starting with this awesome scratch removal compound. 

A Vacation
Once he has his car all scratch free and shiny,  I would love to be able to give him a little vacation.  Something not too far away.  Somewhere he and Mom could drive just to get away for a few days.   A little trip to Savannah, Georgia would be perfect!

Dad has always loved any place with water.  As a youth, many of our family vacations were spent near oceans, rivers, or lakes where we enjoyed a variety of activities that included boating, fishing, water skiing, sailing, rafting, swimming and more.

Savannah would be an awesome vacation destination for Mom and Dad.   Dad would enjoy the day trips to Tybee Island, Hilton Head Island, and the beaches of St. Simon Island.  Mom would appreciate the romantic charm of Savannah described in Wednesday Elf's article.

Or, maybe I could set it up for them to go to Rhode Island where he could have an all new experience as described by Mary Beth in her article, "You Too Can Be a Lighthouse Keeper"!  I feel certain he would love staying overnight in an actual lighthouse.  I can easily imagine him standing at the top of the lighthouse, binoculars in hand and scanning the surface of the ocean, spotting things he would never be able to see with the naked eye.

Plus, I know the perfect gift box for either of these vacations!  In lieu of a basket, I could place his travel plans and reservations in new Luggage, which he could also use on his vacation.  The handle and spinning wheels on the luggage recommended by Heather426, would make this the perfect new suitcase for Dad as he tours from place to place.  Why lift luggage when you could simply pull it along behind you?

Books to Read

Whether he is on vacation or staying at home, Dad loves to read.  He is constantly in search of a good book or a recommendation for a book that he will enjoy reading.  BarbRad recently reviewed the book "Detective" by Arthur Hailey and I immediately thought of my father.  He seems to really like detective stories, especially one with twists, turns and surprising endings.  This sounds like a great choice to add to his library of books.

Books For His Kindle

Dad does own a Kindle and he does frequently use it when he is reading instead of grabbing the printed book.  Bev recently reviewed 11/22/63 about John F. Kennedy which also sounds like a book Dad would enjoy reading.  My father was an adult with children when JFK was assassinated and I am quite certain he has his own opinions about what actually happened that day, but I don't know if he has ever read a detailed accounting of the weeks before the assassination.  I think he would find that very intriguing indeed.


Movies and Goodies for Movie Night
A Good Marriage is also based on a Stephen King book.  Since I, myself, have seen and reviewed A Good Marriage, I know Dad will enjoy watching this movie.

It is an excellent suspense thriller that is written from the perspective of the wife of a serial killer.  I personally found it to be well considered and the characters realistically fleshed out with several unexpected reactions.

It is not just a run of the mill serial killer movie.


Chocolate & Coffee

With a movie, we also need a gift basket of chocolate.   Not only does Susan Kennedy recommend a great gift basket for Father's Day, she also explains how dark chocolate is actually good for us.  I definitely want my dad to stay happy and healthy.  Therefore, an excellent movie, a basket of chocolate and a cup of coffee sounds like the perfect gift for my father when he wants a relaxing evening at home.



For the Garden

One of the Small Gardens in My Parents Backyard
I would tell you that my father gardens because my mother makes him, but in all honesty, I am not sure that is completely true.  He enjoys working outdoors, and playing in the garden gives him an excuse to be outside.  It also gives him an excuse to play with a few new gardening tools.  The tools that Olivia recommends definitely look like gardening tools my dad would love to own, especially the Hori, Hori.  Dad just might dream up the excuse of needing to divide the hosta lilies with that tool!  That would make both Dad and Mom happy.

I am equally certain he would enjoy having his own Composter.  We all get tired of paying for fertilizer.  That can get quite expensive when you have a large garden. Thankfully, Coletta recommended an excellent composting system that I think would be perfect for their yard and would not draw unwanted criticism from neighbors.

To beautify the lawn area in his yard, I think he would also like some Mosaic Stepping Stones for his backyard.  Dad has always liked brightly colored ornamentation and  Mickie_G's recommendations would certainly fit that bill.  I also think he would love the mosaic pots she features in her article.

An Insulated Mug

After Dad works in the yard, he is going to need a nice, cold drink.  As a matter of fact, I can well imagine he would take the Man Mug that Dawn Rae recommended,  fill it with ice and water, and carry it right out back with him.  Not only could he stay hydrated while working, he could sit back in a lounge chair with his Man Mug and admire his work when finished.

The Amazon Echo
I had not heard of the Amazon Echo until Susan Deppner reviewed it here on Review This!

Susan's description of it's various functions, as well as her suggestions for games, sold me on the Amazon Echo immediately.  Not only do I think my father would like it, I think it would be a great gift for our children to give to their dad.  I love the idea of getting the news and weather forecast by just verbally requesting it.  I also know we will all love being able to start playing music by simple verbal request.  That sounds like a pretty cool gadget indeed and one the whole family will enjoy.

Just don't tell Mom you are moving "Alexa" into their home to play with Dad without letting her see Alexa's picture first!



More Father's Day Gift Ideas

Just in case you are shopping for your dad for Father's Day and didn't see exactly what you wanted above, we have created a board just for you with this easy way of shopping by looking at the catalog of images.


Pinterest Board is hosted by Sylvestermouse, 

You may also want to check out the entire
for a collection of safe and reliable websites for online shopping.

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