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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

You’ll Love These Insanely Comfortable Memory Foam Slippers

Now that I am semi-retired and work from home, I wear slippers a lot. Especially since we have a large ivory antique Turkish rug in our living room, I prefer not to tramp around the house in shoes that have been worn outside. However, finding comfortable, machine-washable slippers with a memory foam foot bed and a sturdy but flexible sole has been a longstanding quest, especially since most slippers are too narrow for my feet.

For decades, I made do with the Acorn Spa Wrap slippers that are very popular for people with foot problems. Then, I finally found my “holy grail” slippers last year.

Here is my product review of my wonderful Landeer memory foam slippers, which I wear every day and love, and which Amazon buyers with both narrow and wide feet also rave about.

Ultra Comfortable Memory Foam Slippers With Flexible Rubber Outsole

I first discovered these slippers about a year and a half ago while putting together a Christmas wish list, which my husband's parents request from both us every year during the holiday shopping season. Since my old Acorn Spa Wrap quilted terrycloth slippers with a memory foam foot bed (a popular model that I had worn and periodically repurchased for decades) had gotten quite "long in the tooth" and the memory foam had eventually lost its resilience, I decided that new slippers would be a good, affordable wish list item and a gift I would appreciate and use daily.

Since I have wide feet, the selection is pretty limited. Even though the Acorn slippers came in a wide width option, were machine washable and had a Velcro closure that accommodated my high instep, I didn't love them. They also had a very thin rubber outsole that wasn't ideal for, say, walking outside to the mailbox (especially given our New England weather).

After researching memory foam slippers with a sturdy, non-slip rubber sole that would fit my wide feet comfortably, I decided to put these Landeer indoor-outdoor slippers on my Christmas wish list. Since they were from Amazon, I knew they would be easy to return if they didn't work out. Fortunately, they turned out to be great!

What I Love About These Landeer Memory Foam Slippers

I much prefer these Landeer Memory Foam Slippers to my old, tried-and-true Acorn Spa Wrap ones. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Extremely comfortable, well cushioned and lightweight. These are by far the most comfortable slippers I've ever worn! The memory foam foot bed is substantial and has held up extremely well over time, much better than that of my old Acorn Spa Wrap slippers. And, unlike many indoor-outdoor slippers with a sturdy rubber outsole, these are also very lightweight.
  • Breathable fabric uppers. These slippers have uppers made of a breathable knitted fabric. My feet stay comfortably warm while wearing these but don't become hot and perspired.
  • Plush fleece lining. The soft, plush fleece lining feels so good against my tender feet!
  • Flexible, sturdy, waterproof rubber outsoles for good traction. The much thicker rubber outsoles have deeper treads for better traction and absorb the impact when I'm walking on a hard surface, like our kitchen laminate flooring, bathroom floor tiles and uncarpeted areas of our wood floors. Despite their thickness (just over an inch at the heel and tapering down slightly at the toe), these waterproof rubber outsoles are also flexible enough to bend in half. And although they are not marketed as indoor-outdoor slippers, I and many other Amazon customers who have reviewed them find these slippers suitable to wear on a cement patio, walkway or pavement, if desired.
  • Machine washable and durable. Being able to toss these into the washing machine is especially important for the (admittedly infrequent) occasions when I wear them outdoors. (I wish we could do that with our regular shoes, lol!) I'm pleased to say that these have held up well after repeated machine washing.
  • Fits both regular and wide width feet (not recommended for narrow feet). If you have been unhappy with the limited options for wide slippers, I recommend giving these a try. Even though I wear a size 7 or 7.5 extra wide shoe, these slippers fit me perfectly. Based on the many Amazon customer reviews I've read, buyers with regular width feet love them, too!

    Note: I found that they run a bit long and, after wearing the Women's size 7/8 slippers that my in-laws bought me two Christmases ago for a while, I eventually bought myself a pair in size 5/6, which fits me perfectly. However, the majority of customer reviews indicate that they fit true to size, so I would recommend ordering your usual size and then exchanging them if you find them too long for your feet.
  • A wide choice of colors. As of this writing, there are 14 color choices for these Landeer mule slippers: Moonlight (a pretty aqua, and the color I chose), Navy, Olive Green, Purple, Red, Wine Red, Apple Green (a lighter olive green), Dark Gray, Light Gray, Pink Orange (a light peach shade), Rose Red (actually a bright medium pink), Pink (pale pink), Black and Yellow. Something to suit everyone, both men and women.
  • Very affordable price. The list price for these slippers on Amazon is $29.99 as of this post's publication date. As I write this, there's currently a 33%-off deal, so you can snag a pair (or two) for just $19.99. (I don't know how long it will last, though, so if you want to try a pair at this great price, don't wait to order!)
Feet wearing Landeer memory foam slippers
Sitting with my legs stretched out looking at my feet in my ultra comfy Landeer memory foam slippers

Backless "Mule" Slippers Are a Mixed Blessing

I appreciate that backless mule slippers are quicker and easier to slip on and off than styles that enclose the heels. Fortunately, thanks to the long uppers that cover the entire instep, these Landeer slippers stay on my feet without my having to grip the insole with my toes (like other backless styles I have tried on in the past).

On the other hand, they can also come off more easily in situations when I'd rather they didn't, such as when I'm going up and down our treacherous old basement steps, which are very steep and have narrow treads that were built long before the current codes were established.

Designed for Both Women and Men

I was delighted to see that these Landeer memory foam slippers are sized to fit both women and men. Because of the width of the size selection boxes, the size decriptions are truncated until you click on a box to display the full description, so at first glance it might appear that there are only women's sizes. However, when you click one one of the size selection boxes, you will see that each size includes corresponding men's sizes for each of the women's sizes, e.g., "9-10 Women/7-8 Men."

The Amazon product listing also includes helpful size charts that convert U.S. women's and men's sizes to European sizes and foot lengths in both inches and centimeters, as well as instructions for how to measure your foot length correctly.

Makes a Thoughtful Gift

After having put them on my Christmas wish list and worn them since Christmas 2021 (including ordering a pair one size smaller after a few months), I can't say enough good things about what a terrific gift these Landeer memory foam slippers have been.

I think they would make great gifts for men as well as for women, and especially for people who work from home or are retired or bedridden. I'll bet someone who requires an extended hospital stay would also appreciate these soft, easy-on and easy-off slippers with a sturdy rubber outsole that provides good traction.

The price is right, especially if you can snag a pair during the 33% off deal on Amazon. Why not pick up a few pairs and get a jump on your birthday and Christmas shopping?

Finally, don't forget yourself! If you don't love your current slippers, I highly recommend giving these a try.

Landeer Memory Foam Slippers - Selected Colors

You’ll Love These Insanely Comfortable Memory Foam Slippers by Margaret Schindel

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Friday, November 19, 2021

Lazy One Fuzzy Feet House Slippers Reviewed

Lazy One Fussy Feet House Slippers
It seems I am cold all of the time, even in the summer.  That is in large part due to the fact that my husband prefers cooler temperatures. Because I can always layer clothing, we keep our home cold.  At least "cold" by my definition.  Therefore, warm fleece lined house slippers are the perfect gift for me!

When my parents visited Yellowstone National Park, they discovered the Lazy One Fuzzy Feet house slippers and decided they were exactly what I needed.  When my mother spied the slippers with the brown bear fabric, she knew those slippers were made for me.  There was only one pair available and fortunately, they were in my size.

To say I was thrilled with this gift would be an understatement.  I have worn them every day since I received them.  The first thing I do in the morning is slip them on before I leave the warmth of our bedroom carpeting.  The last thing I do at night is slip my Lazy One slippers off and leave them at the side of the bed for when I awake.

Our bathroom has tile flooring and can give quite a jolt to bare feet, but not to my feet when they are protected by my beautiful camping bear slippers.  The slippers also have a nonslip sole which keeps one foot firmly in front of the other when walking across smooth tile or hardwood floors.

I was recently discussing how much I love the slippers with my mom.  After I left that day, she decided to try to find me a second pair so I would have them if and when I wear out my original pair.  She even tried calling the Yellowstone gift shop, but was unsuccessful in obtaining a replacement pair.  Being my mother and relentless in a search for something for one of her children, she started searching online, which is a tremendous challenge for my mom.  She doesn't really like computers, therefore she would never be called computer savvy, but she is tenacious.  

Would you believe she found my beloved slippers on Amazon?  Of course, she ordered them immediately. I now have a back-up pair of my Camping Bear Lazy One Fuzzy Feet house slippers hidden away in my closet for the time when the originals need to be replaced. 

Lazy One Fuzzy Feet House Slippers

 Lazy One Fuzzy Feet SlippersCheck PriceAfter Mom discovered the house slippers on Amazon, I had to check out the other designs available.  The collection is so vast, it would seem there is a design for everyone.  I love my brown bear and do not desire to replace him, but I must say there are some really cute slippers that would be quite the temptation.  Plus, there are a few holiday designs.

Because the slippers can be washed on cold and tumble dried, they stay clean in spite of the fact that I might follow Merlin, our Labrador Retriever, out onto the patio on a chilly morning without changing from my slippers to shoes. 

The price is also right! Finding a gift that is less than $20 is difficult these days.  I know I will be looking closely at the Lazy One collection when buying Christmas gifts.  Perhaps, I should pick out a pair or two for my mom.  She tends to stay cold too!

 Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


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Friday, January 4, 2019

Handmade Crocheted Slippers by DawnRaeCrochet Reviewed

Handmade Crocheted Slippers by DawnRaeCrochet Reviewed
One of my favorite gifts that I received this year for Christmas was a pair of handmade crocheted slippers from DawnRaeCrochet on Etsy. 

It is true that Dawn Rae is a fellow contributor here on Review This and she is a gifted writer.  I have always thought we were very blessed to have her on our team.  However, she is equally gifted as a crocheter.  I can now personally attest to her exceptional crochet work.

I did not purchase the slippers for myself.  They were a surprise gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  After working with Dawn for more than 5 years, I consider her a dear friend.   Our friendship makes the slippers even more meaningful to me.  I know her hands lovingly touched and crocheted every stitch that makes up the slippers.  That is much like the bounds of friendship that are strengthened by each thread of conversation, experiences, hardships, laughter and fun.

Handmade Slippers by DawnRaeCrochet

Handmade Crocheted Slippers by DawnRaeCrochet Reviewed
My slippers are shades of blue, which is perfect for me since blue is my favorite color.  The color is beautiful and the rolls of stitches are even and tight, the thread ends are well hidden.  All of these qualities, starting with the color combination choices, are proof they were made by an experienced crocheter that also happens to be a perfectionist. 

In the world of sales and marketing, presentation is critical.  I was very impressed by the way DawnRaeCrochet packaged and shipped the slippers.  They even had a "thank you" business card tied to them with a ribbon that won't damage the stitches.  The card doesn't look like a traditional business card either since "thank you" is the prominent text.  Just another personal touch that stands out in this world of mass production!

The Gift of Handmade Crocheted Slippers

You could also give the gift of handmade crocheted slippers, even if you don't crochet.  Or treat yourself to the gift of beauty and warmth.  

DawnRaeCrochet currently has slippers available in her Etsy shoppe.  She also offers crocheted hats and blankets.  All are beautiful ways to stay warm this winter!

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Slipper Socks Review

Crocheted slipper socks are amazing. I have crocheted many pairs of slipper socks over the years, customizing the colors for friends and family. This year I bought yarn with the intention of again making slipper socks as gifts. Sadly, I have not yet found the time to crochet those gifts. But fortunately, I have found my beloved slippers socks for sale on Etsy and will review the reasons these are a favorite item with people I know.

Crocheted Slipper Socks

I have made these slipper socks off and on for many years. And I have a few friends who hint at wanting a new pair in a new color every time we see a scrap of yarn anywhere. 

Today I was looking for the online pattern as I may have some time to do some crochet work.  It was during that search that I found the finished slippers for sale in Etsy shops!  

Why These Slipper Socks Are Recommended

I have made these slippers for a woman who often gives handmade things to her friends and family as gifts. It was intimidating to make a handmade gift for her, but I did. I gifted her with a pair of these slipper socks that I had made, and she loved them. She wore them daily and is the only person I know of that has worn a pair threadbare.  She told me that was only because she wore them daily - including the daily walk down her paved driveway and to her mailbox! That is a high review if I've ever heard one. 

Blue Green Slipper Socks
I am able to recommend the slippers in this Etsy shop because I am familiar with the pattern. It is an excellent pattern - one that fits well. WiseAcreBoutique also offers customized sizes with your foot measurements. I am aware that this pattern is easy to adjust to unusually long, narrow, or wide fit because of the ease of adjusting the pattern. 

A few reasons these slippers are socks are recommended and requested by friends: 

  • they are made with worsted weight acrylic yarn
  • made with two strands of yarn - increasing warmth and softness
  • I have always tossed mine into the washer and dryer with no problems
  • the pattern creates a "heel" that is not bulky, fits well, and keeps the slipper sock in place
  • it seems the ridges under the heel would be uncomfortable when in fact, they provide cushioning
  • easy to pack in a suitcase for travel
  • can be made in solid and variegated yarns 
  • the "cuff" can remain upright or be folded down - I like to fold mine down. My friends keep theirs up for added coverage
  • the fit is reliable - in similar size ranges as socks. 
  • the pattern can be adjusted to fit a variety of feet 

Slipper Socks at WiseAcreBoutique 

There is a good chance I will soon make the time to crochet the gifts I've been planning for my friends. Those same friends who have hinted and outright asked for a new pair. The yarn is already purchased and waiting in my closet. But it is still unlikely that I will make the time to crochet a pair for myself. Because of this, it is good to know where I can purchase a pair of these awesome slipper socks for myself. 

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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