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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sobriety Rings for Men Inscribed with the Serenity Prayer

Choose from These Men's Sobriety Rings
If you've ever journeyed through the pit of addiction with a loved one, you know how profound, and deeply consuming it is. There isn't very much in this life that compares to this kind of hurt.
The pain of this plight, this horrible plight, can only be understood when you've personally held the crushed and broken soul of someone you love raining mountains of tears as they wonder how they can ever, IF they can ever, fight this all consuming demon.
This men's sobriety ring is inscribed with the well known Serenity Prayer: God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.
I can't think of a more appropriate gift for the brave, the very brave, who have fought, and are still fighting for their lives. Wearing this prayer holds more power than a quote in a wallet or a quote displayed on the wall. There's a common saying we've all heard, 'we are what we think'. Certainly a sobriety ring inscribed with the serenity prayer gracefully reminds the bearer that these powerful words are worth repeating multiple times a day, each and every day.
  • One single ring (photo shows two stacked on each other so you can see much of the inscription around the ring)
  • Can be For Men or Women
  • Comes in Many Size Choices
  • Sobriety Ring Inscribed with the Serenity Prayer
Sobriety jewelry, is jewelry like no other; it holds a forever meaning and like taking that first step, represents the ongoing battle with self.
I would like to take a minute and dedicate this song to those who cried, hoped and held the heart of a loved one suffering from addiction. The moment I heard it, I broke down in my parked car, screaming inside for God to help me help my loved one. The words say it all, "I'm just trying to reach you, 'cause I don't want to lose you, why won't you let me get close to you, 'cause there's nothing I wouldn't do". 
Blessings to all of you trying to reach someone you love. Stay with it, persistence gets you closer every day.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Customized Clocks Make Great Gifts

Design a Personalized Clock for a Special Person  

Loving Parrots Clock

Most of us find ourselves occasionally needing a gift for someone who seems to have everything. Why not design a wall clock as that gift? Whether a person needs to read the time on the wall or not, everyone loves something personal decorating the wall in the room where they spend the most time. Everyone has an interest and appreciates wall decor that recognizes that special interest.

The clock above would be appropriate for that friend who collects anything related to parrots, who has a parrot, or who has a special interest in tropical birds. But using the method below, you could substitute a photo of your friend's own parrot or other bird for the one in this design. You could do the same for a friend with a cat, dog, horse, donkey, or any other animal. And there are always children and grandchildren that are wonderful to see every time you look at the clock. 

Here's How Design Your Own Custom Wall Clock from Scratch On Zazzle

Prepare an image of about 3225 pixels square and 300 dpi resolution and save it where you can find it easily.  . Square Clock Template
Square Clock Template Check out more Wall Clocks

To design your own clock, follow these easy steps. Be sure to have the artwork or photo you want to use as your clock face image handy. Here's how I created the clock below.

  1.  Pick a shape and size 
  2.  Click the customize button under the image.
  3.  Click "add image." 
  4.  Upload the image from your computer or file on Zazzle. 
  5. Add your numbers. In the clock below I did each number as a separate text element so I could make them irregular. If you prefer not to have numbers, don't add them. 
  6.  For each text element you can use the edit dropdown menus to change text size, style, and color. I used the "arrange" dropdown to rotate some of the numbers. I also dragged some numbers around to mix them up by clicking the text box of the number to make the box for it appear on the screen, and then I dragged the box to where I wanted it to go. Be sure to use a very large image at 300 dpi resolution. My editor lets me edit by inches, and the large square and round clocks need to have an image 10.75 inches square or in diameter. Small round clocks have an eight inch diameter. When you finish your creation, double check your spelling and make sure everything is as you intended. 
  7.  Put the item in your cart.  If you want a similar "Who cares" clock with an image of your favorite place or activity, follow the link to this clock, click "customize," and click the box containing the name of the image already on the product. Then click "change image." You will be able to select the image you want to use and upload it, and it will replace the image that's there. Repeat with any of the text boxes listed under the edit menus. Maybe you don't want to change the numbers, because that's a lot of work, but you might want to change the "Who Cares?" text to something else.
    Square "Who Cares?" Wall Clock

Square "Who Cares?" Wall Clock

 Below is another variation on the square clock. (The images I had available seemed to look better on a square clock than a round one.) For this clock I chose an interest -- baking. I just happened to have a picture for it. You could customize by clicking the link to this clock and using your own picture of a lovely cake or pie of loaf of bread to replace my date bars. Or maybe you prefer making soup and you have a steaming pot of soup image. You can replace my date bars with your soup, and then change my text to "It's always time to make soup." Since that's longer, you might need to make the type size smaller to fit it in. If sports or games interest you more than kitchen activities, use an appropriate picture and then change the text to one of these or your own idea.

  • It's always time for Wi 
  • Chess stops the clock 
  • Never enough time to play golf 
You will have some great ideas. My example below is just that an example. In this product, I included a template for adding your image and text.
Wall Clock Date Bars "ALWAYS TIME TO BAKE"
Wall Clock Date Bars "ALWAYS TIME TO BAKE"

To test my instructions, I just made this new design in a few minutes. I as amazed at how quick and easy it was to do.

The Quality of Zazzle Clocks

The clocks you can order from Zazzle are made by the Acrylic Idea Factory in Tuscon, Arizona. Out of the 314 customers who reviewed the clocks they received, the average rating they gave their clocks was 4.7 out of a possible 5. (293 people gave 4-5 star ratings and only 21 gave lower ones.) Many satisified customers don't bother to write reviews, but the unsatisfied customers are very likely to sound off. Most reviewers liked the quality of the clock bodies and were surprised at how sturdy they were.  They expected them to hold up for years of use. Most people were also very happy with the print quality. Many commented on how easy the clocks were to set up and use and on how simple it was to insert and change the AA battery (not included).

In most cases, those who were not happy were disappointed because they had not read the descriptions properly. One person thought she would be getting a clock with real forks and spoons on it instead of an image. Another person complained because the images were very small in the picture on the website and she didn't realize the clock she ordered for children with little fairy figures on the edge was intended for adults. If a figure is too small for you to see the details clearly, most browsers have a zoom feature that allows you magnify the entire page. I know Chrome has this. So if you are in doubt, zoom in and get a good look at the design before you order.

When customizing your clocks with your own images, remember that the quality of the image you upload will determine the how your finished clock will look. Some of the complaints were really due to customers uploading images that did not contrast enough with the clock hands. The clock hands are black, and will look best when they will not be on a very dark background.

A couple of people expected the clock hands to be heavier than they were and were upset because they can bend. But heavier hands would not move as easily and there is a reason to keep them light. It's best to put the clocks high enough on the wall to be out of reach of small children who might try to play with the hands.

To make sure you are one of the happy customers, read all descriptions carefully, zoom in to see image details, and make sure your image is large enough, has high resolution, and will contrast well and not be covered by the clock hands on important image parts.

Keep Calm And Carry On Round Wall Clocks
Keep Calm And Carry On Round Wall Clocks Find other Keep calm Wall Clocks at

Sometimes Seeing Clocks Others Have Designed Will Give You Ideas for Your Own
You can personalize any of these with text or use as is.

I'm hoping some of these will give you ideas for creating your own clocks by customizing or personalizing one of these designs. There is everything here from abstract art to animal, sports, occupational, literary, travel, and children's literature designs. If you can think of it, someone has designed a clock for it. One of the clocks you discover is sure to inspire your own ideas, since when we see what someone else has done, we can think of ways to rework it for someone we know. 

I got a lot of fresh designing prompts from browsing these designs of others. When you click the links here, they will lead you on a merry journey of browsing even more interesting clocks. The imaginations of these artists are limitless.

The clock below is perfect for a cyclist. The bottom link will lead you to other appropriate designs with wheels. You will know which will resonate with your friend or loved one. So often I wondered what a teen-aged boy might want, and a sports related clock might be just the thing he would love and not outgrow.
Bicycle Wheel clock with numbers
Bicycle Wheel clock with numbers
View other Wheel Wall Clocks at

What child would not love a special clock in their room with their own name on it? Zazzle has an amazing variety of designs pertaining to almost any child's interest. Find the clock and change the name. Shopping done! Unless you find yourself wanting to buy for more than one child when you see all those fabulous choices. Just be sure you choose a clock with numbers for children who may not be used to knowing where the numbers should be. 

Personalized pink rainbow clock for girls.
Personalized pink rainbow clock for girls
Look at other Kids Wall Clocks at

Is there a musician on your list? The clock below will fit either a vocalist or someone who plays an instrument. Clocks are also available featuring almost any instrument you can think of, and you can find colors to fit any decor. Great for dorm rooms or music studios. 

Black and white music notes clock with numbers
Black and white music notes clock with numbers

Is there an animal lover on your list? How better to customize than with a picture of their pet or pets on a clock they will see every day. Many people add "Remember to feed the cat (or dog) " on the clock showing their pet. If a pet has crossed the rainbow bridge, one could add text similar this: "Remember the good times." Just be sure to find a photo that won't have an important part of the face covered with the hands mechanism. 

Beagle Baby Dog Square Wall Clock
Beagle Baby Dog Square Wall Clock
Browse Animal Wall Clocks online at

Penguin lovers will be happy to have so many choices in colors and designs on clocks featuring penguins. There are artsy designs, superb photos, and even cartoon characters. 
Penguin Clock

What I have showed you above only scratches the surface of the thousands of wall clock designs you can find on Zazzle. To find just the perfect gift, use search terms that focus on occupations, interests, age-related humor, and anything else that comes to mind with regard to that person. In closing, here are more of my own personal favorites. 

Colorful Abstraction Wall Clock
Colorful Abstraction Wall Clock
Shop for more Wall Clocks at
Nurses Call The Shots Clocks
Nurses Call The Shots Clocks
View other Nurse Wall Clocks at
Pink Floral Teacup Personalize Wallclocks
Pink Floral Teacup Personalize Wallclocks
Browse another Wall Clock at Zazzle

I hope you will now be inspired to go right to Zazzle and make a clock. Or if you don't feel quite up to that, I hope you'll want to do a little window shopping in the Zazzle clock department. Enjoy.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Customized Toys and Games

Are you looking for a really unique gift for someone who loves sports or games?  Zazzle has some fun items that can be customized for your recipient.  These special gifts will show the time and thought you put into finding the perfect gift.

Toys and Games on Zazzle

  • Playing Cards
  • Puzzles
  • Ping Pong Paddles
  • Dartboards
  • Ping Pong Balls
  • Poker Chips
  • Cribbage Boards

Playing Cards

The playing cards on Zazzle are Bicyle brand poker size playing cards.  They are made of a durable semi-gloss material.  These make great gifts.  You can customize them with photos of favorite hobbies or you can add a text message to the back of the cards.  Here is a set that I made as a gift for my son-in-law with a Monkey Bar logo on it.

Monkey Bar-Atlanta Bicycle Card Deck
Monkey Bar-Atlanta Bicycle Card Deck by mbgphoto
Look at additional Playing Cards at Zazzle


Dartboards are regulation size 18 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick.  They come with 6 brass darts and are finished with an aluminum frame and hanging hook.  This dartboard I made has a photo I took of Round Island lighthouse in Michigan. This lighthouse is found just off of Mackinac Island.  i took the photograph from the ferry going over to the island. This dartboard would be great for a recreation room with a lighthouse and coastal thee.

Look at other Round island lighthouse Dartboards at


Zazzle puzzles come in two different sizes 8x10 and 10x 14.   These puzzles are made of sturdy cardboard and are mounted on clipboard.  I can see one of the puzzles with a favorite photo of a child or grandchildren as a great gift for a grandparent.  They also make great mementos from trips.   Here is one I made of a photo I took of the US Capitol  building in Washington DC.  We got there early on a Sunday morning and I was able to capture the photo without a lot of people in the picture.  The partly cloudy morning worked well to capture the reflection in the water in front of the capitol.
Reflections- US Capitol Jigsaw Puzzle
Reflections- US Capitol Jigsaw Puzzle by mbgphoto
Create unique custom jigsaw puzzles at

Review This Staffers Design Zazzle Games

Coletta has a beautiful design on this deck of cards.
Cynthia's panda is charming on this puzzle.
Here is a Philadelphia deck of cards.
Philadelphia Sunset Bicycle Playing Cards
Philadelphia Sunset Bicycle Playing Cards by Sylvestermouse
See other Philadelphia Playing Cards
Heather has some beautiful angel designs for her playing cards.

Angel of the Dawn Playing Cards
Angel of the Dawn Playing Cards by Heather426
View other Angels Classic Playing Cards at

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