Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review of a Twin Bed King Connector

Twin Bed King Connector
Twin Bed King Connector - How to turn Twin Beds into a King Bed
This is an affordable and practical solution for a teen who has outgrown twin beds or for a guest room where it's necessary to occasionally alternate between twin beds and a large single bed.
If you've ever pushed two twin beds together, you know exactly what the problem is; the gap in the middle. Without this twin bed king converter, we've gotten around this problem by putting several toppers on the mattresses. However, for those who tend to move around a lot when they sleep, the gap was still an issue as the two mattresses would tend to slowly split apart during the night.
So being the creative sort, I tried another solution; I put non-skid padding under the mattresses to help them stay in place. Although that was an affordable way to address the movement of the mattresses, it really didn't solve the dip in the middle.
That's where the twin bed king converter comes in: This particular one has straps that wrap around the beds making it a more solid solution than just using a system that offers the padding alone. You may still feel a bit of a dip or gap, however, if you put mattress covers and other toppers on before you put your fitted sheet, it should be barely noticeable.
Overall this is a much more affordable solution to transitioning a kids room to a teens room than having to get rid of existing twin beds and then purchasing a new larger bed. Most teens want a bigger bed, and if their room is already furnished with twin beds, this is a viable solution.
If the room you're making over isn't going to be switched back and forth between twin and king, then it's easy to dress up the bed so it looks like it's always been a king bed.
  • If you have two headboards as shown in the picture and you're able to remove them, then you could either go with an improvised headboard attached to the wall that's the width of both mattresses, or elect to skip a headboard altogether and simply deck the bed out with many pillows.
  • If you opt for pillows as the backdrop, without a headboard, you can use a bolster at the head of the bed so the pillows don't appear to be resting directly on the wall. I've done this myself, and it looks really nice.
  • Use a king sized bed skirt. With one skirt going around both beds. Without the appearance of two headboards, nobody will notice the beds were once twin beds.
  • I can't stress enough how padding the mattress with various covers makes a difference; I've used a mattress cover as well as a thick foam mattress pad and it really gives the bed that one piece feel.
Two twin beds, especially with extra padding on top, is a little bigger than a standard king size bed; not much bigger, but enough of an issue that you'll need over sized or deep pocket king sized bed sheets.
We love Jersey Knit Bed Sheets because they're stretchable, and they'll work nicely to solve this problem. However, if you're not a fan of Jersey Knit Sheets, then be sure to get king sized bed sheets with deep pockets.
The Non-Slip Padding Mentioned Above
Non-Slip Padding
Above I talk about the non-slip padding I put between the box spring and mattress ... well I actually used ones designed to hold area rugs in place. 
For us they worked perfectly. This one measures 4 feet by 6 feet, so I just bought a couple for each twin bed, and positioned them on the box spring so as to cover a good portion. I would position them to go over the gap in the bed as well.
Mattress Pad Cover
Mattress Pad Cover
Here's an example of a king sized mattress pad cover that you can put over the twin bed king connector and mattress. 
This one has 20 inch deep pockets as well, so if you want to put a layer of foam underneath (for added comfort) you should have a enough room.
I would say, if you had to choose between the non-slip pads above and this, choose this. It's the best way to pull the mattresses together after you've used the twin connector.

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    1. Thanks Dawn, it sure makes for a nice big bed too

  2. Never knew there was a way to convert two twin beds into one large bed besides just pushing them together. Interesting information.

    1. Pat, and to think I figured all of this out quite by accident lol

  3. This is such a wonderful idea! King mattresses are so expensive and if you already have 2 twin mattresses, it makes great economical sense to use the twins and purchase the connector and recommended paddings. Sure would provide the same comfort of a king size mattress without the expenses. I also loved the idea of using a lot of pillows instead of a headboard. So often you can see the headboard for the bed dressings anyway, so why no!

  4. I did this, using two twins and covering it with a mattress protector that zipped kept it all together. awesome idea thanks so much