Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Review of Spring Cleaning Tips


Especially Useful Tips for People with Kids


Funny Spring Cleaning Saying

Whether you need a way to help de-clutter or clean kids toys, or tips for getting your kids involved in Spring Cleaning, the Review This blog has a few suggestions.

One of the best ways to be successful with big cleaning chores such as Spring Cleaning is to get the whole family involved.  Kids can clean, whether they believe it or not!  One good hint, for major cleaning or just daily cleaning, is to get a small kitchen timer and have the kids 'clean their room' until the buzzer goes off.  They (and you) will be amazed at how much they can accomplish working against the clock. It becomes a game for them.

Toy Clutter Control

A collection of toy blocks
Source: Pixabay

On the Tips From a Typical Mom blog, Annette has a wonderful article of 10 Tips to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids.

Toy Hammocks Save Space

Toy hammocks are wonderful space-saving ways to store toys off the floor, and a quick way to 'pick-up' and 'put-away' those toys.

Handmade Crochet Hammock for Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Toy Hammack in handmade crochet

Lula, a crochet crafter, crochets toy hammocks for all those cute stuffed animals your children collect and keep forever.  Hang it next to their bed, so their special stuffed animals are still close but don't take up the space in their bed any more.  

The hammocks come in several sizes and 50 color choices.   Hammocks are awesome because they help you free up floor space while displaying your child’s most treasured stuffed animals on the wall, keeping your home organized while doubling as a unique decor item!

Lula makes these hammocks in crochet for her Etsy Store Lula Bill Boutique. 

Green Cleaning Ideas

Illustration of 4 green waste paper baskets
Source: Pixabay

For those of you who prefer cleaning with environmentally-safe products, HubPages author Chen has an article on Green Spring Cleaning Tips using handy products such as baking soda and white vinegar. Products such as these are safe for even children to use while helping mom clean.

More Simple Cleaning Tips from the Contributors here on Review This!

  • And Bev has also found a telescoping corner broom which is terrific for cleaning those hard to reach those high ceilings and corners. 


House Cleaning Tips all in one Place

For all of us who live a busy life, house cleaning at any time is a chore.  This book of House Cleaning Tips and Tricks from Amazon has helpful hints and time-saving tips all in one place.  

Getting organized has never been easier.

Spring has arrived!

Putting off Spring Cleaning funny sign

Hopefully, this collection of tips and hints will give you a head start with your Spring Cleaning.  Or... you can enjoy putting it off until next year!

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  1. Is putting it off until next year an option? I like that idea a lot! roflol These are all wonderful ideas and suggestions. I wish I had thought to use the dishwasher for my children's toys. I used to wash them in the sink, like dishes. We did have the hammocks for the toys and we certainly had lots of stackable boxes and baskets. I was just looking at the bathroom grout yesterday and wondering if I was ready to play there yet. Ever since I read Barbara's articles, I have been itching to make it white again.

    1. I used to use baskets for toys too, Mouse. And if I'd had a dishwasher when my kids were little, it would have been handy to wash all those plastic and rubber toys! Regarding SPRING cleaning, I'm a procrastinator -- maybe SUMMER cleaning is more like

  2. Those are some really good ideas! I use vinegar for so many cleaning chores, but using it in the dishwasher to clean toys is a great idea that I hadn't heard of before.

  3. This almost makes me miss tripping over Lego's in the middle of the night. Kidding! Great tips for keeping those toys picked up. Over time I have been making a slow transition to cleaning with vinegar. I really do prefer it.

    1. Dawn, I think vinegar (mixed with water) is the #1 best cleaner for windows. I agree it is a handy product to have around. That, and baking soda.

  4. When I was first married I had a cleaning business. I learned quickly from others what not to do, but didn't always have good advice of what I should do. Having tips like this back then would have helped, especially for cleaning floors with grout. I did learn to use the dishwasher for glass items such as figurines. Before I did that I soaked them in the tub. Vinegar is surely a cleaning friend.

    1. Favored1, after I retired, I spent two summers working for a friend on Tybee Island, Georgia cleaning rental beach houses. I learned a whole lot what products work best doing that. :) Vinegar definitely is a cleaning friend.

  5. great idea to put toys in the dishwasher, hadn't thought of that one. When the kids were little, I did use the toy hammock though - great tips here

  6. My days with kids are long gone, and I never had really little ones -- my youngest came at age 5. I did finally use hammocks for stuffed animals. I don't don't remember what we did with Legos. Probably had them in their boxes. The little cars were in buckets or boxes. I've also used vinegar for cleaning glass and in laundry. I"m not worried about being green, but I do hate the smell of chemical cleaners.

  7. This blog gives accurate and precise information, Thanks for sharing this spring cleaning tips.

  8. Post is excellent with plenty of practical advice. Thanks man! your tips are important and we appreciate your efforts for sharing this great information.

  9. Thanks for including my tips, Elf! You just can't have too many tips to make housework easier.


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