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Review - The Most Comfortable Women's Shoes

Dr Scholls Jennie Fashion Sneaker
Are you tired of uncomfortable shoes? Or shoes that are comfortable but ugly? Would you often rather be barefoot because shoes are hot, tight, or they pinch? In my opinion, Dr. Scholl's Jennie fashion sneakers are the most comfortable shoes ever made.

Why I Love My Jennie Fashion Sneakers.

I just can't stop recommending these shoes to friends and family.  I love my Jennie shoes and wish I had a pair of each color. I will try to summarize why these are my favorite shoes:

  • the "Free Step minimalist construction" is lightweight and comfortable. I feel almost as though I'm barefoot.
  • "Energy Wave" insole provides a surprising amount of comfort and padding
  • There is enough give and take in these shoes that they fit my feet - despite my feet being two different sizes (one foot is larger than the other by about a 1/2 size).
  • The ADORABLE barefoot-like design in the tread
  • while they come complete with laces, I wear mine easily as slip-ons due to the elasticized top. 
  • Breathable. I wear mine with or without socks and my feet are comfortable either way.
  • Durable. I had expected these lightweight and flexible little shoes to wear out immediately. They did not. They lasted through almost daily wearing for a long period of time. In fact, had the puppy not chewed them I would still wear that original pair today.
  • Didn't have to break them in. I purchased my shoes at a local store without doing any research. As soon as I tried a pair on, I immediately wanted to wear them out of the store and wear them home. 

Video Review Dr. Scholl's Jennie Sneakers

I was thrilled to find this video review of my very favorite pair of shoes. 

A Large Variety of Colors and a Name We Trust

Dr. Scholl's Jamie
In addition to the Jennie style, Dr. Scholl's also offers the Jamie, which is similar. If you would like, you could have a different pair for every summer outfit. The colors range from a Natural tan Jennie, to the red Jamie, with many shades of browns, blacks, blues and greys in between.

Dr. Scholl's is a name we know we can trust. With the Jennie they combined form and function beautifully. If you are looking for a comfortable, cute, and durable pair of summer shoes, these are it. 

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  1. I wear 'sneakers' (or tennis shoes as some call them) pretty much all the time now that I'm retired and am always looking for really comfortable ones. I will definitely try out these Dr. Scholl's Jennie Fashion Sneakers after reading your description.

    1. Elf, you will have to let me know if you get them...and if you like them. I can't hardly wear anything else anymore!

  2. I purchased the Dr. Scholl's Jennie shoes in blue (of course) chambray when you first recommended the for me last summer. I love them! They really are comfortable without socks, which is the biggest reason I wanted them. They are also really cute. So cute, I hate the idea of getting them dirty :) Excellent review of some really great shoes!

    1. I am so glad you like your Jennie's as much as I like mine. Truly, I want one of each color.

  3. I am always looking for a comfortable pair of shoes. I will check these out.

  4. Mary Beth, if you get a pair, I hope they work as well for you as they do for me. They are fantastic.

  5. These sound like they're up my alley! Love the look of them too - I'll be checking these out

    1. Barbara, You'll have to let me know if you get a pair and let me know what you think.

  6. I'm due for more shoes soon. Would these hold up on dirt trails? How about rocking in rocky places? A lot of my walking takes place outside and off the street or sidewalk, and I need good support. Are the soles well constructed so they don't have pieces falling out? I had some really comfortable shoes once but I didn't notice the soles were like waffles. Little squares just fell out leaving empty spaces in the sole. That's when I discovered I couldn't walk over the large decorative rocks between the porch and the patio. These shoes do sound really comfortable. I'd love to try them.

    1. Barbara, excellent questions. They are extremely durable. There will be no pieces falling out. The material on the bottom of the shoe really takes a beating. I wear mine everywhere...beach, trails, etc. I'm not sure how to answer your question about support. The soles are more flexible. You can feel the edges of big rocks or, in the case of the one trail i walk, the huge tree roots. But while the sole is flexible, there is a bit of a feeling of arch and support. They clearly do not provide the kind of support that trail boots or shoes like my New Balance do. Even so, I almost always choose my Jennie's for the trails... unless it's extremely muddy.

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